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leave the supreme

Before you think I am flashing, this is actually a crop top! In a few days this won't be my crop top though because it's going back to River Island, as I have established I am not a River Island girl. I was in there because we had to do a Retailing presentation on their selling environment and my crop top kick took me to this cute little striped tee, which later turned out to have 'supreme' on the side in fluro green and some kind of animal, and a row of red stitching.

I love River Island's emails and their whole ethos but like I found when checking out the new Lipsy store, I am not a Lipsy girl and I am not a typical River Island girl. The little extra detail on this top just made my nose wrinkle a bit, despite being small. I'm all fussy at the moment, probably due to looming deadlines and exams! Many people say they go shopping when they feel bad and it makes them feel better, but when I go if I've had a stressful week, I'm just distracted and nothing feels right. I have so many things to blog and no time, it's so annoying! I've broken my rule right now of posting before going through my blogroll which feels really strange. I have to tell you all about Girls Aloud too! Something I'd rather keep short and simple is that I wore the Miu Mius which were amazing, but a bit of one of the curls at the back broke off one! This isn't because I wasn't careful all night long, there isn't the tiniest mark on the patent cream, but the curls are in fact plastic and you can just pull them out, and one must have got knocked somehow. It'snot at all noticeable to someone looking down at the shoes but if I'd paid full price I would surely be upset! It feels like the whole world is stressed at the moment, I hope some of you out there are feeling OK right now!

so little time, so many polka dots

Did you ever watch So Little Time with the teenage Olsens? Also did you think their book was a little too much about their icons and too little them- the whole reason you bought the book? Anyway, I'm back from holidays so am back with the tripod YAY and have a bit of time to blog. A lot of bloggers get sad when they don't fit in time to blog and I used to feel rubbish when I couldn't blog, but genuinely sometimes there aren't enough hours in the day to do everything you have to! I hate any hiatus but on the plus side I have a lot to post! There's still work and presentations and exams but oh well, all might be perfect because I might be seeing Girls Aloud on Friday!! I say might because I scored some original price tickets on an ebay auction with a badly keyworded title (i.e. didn't have the city/arena name in it) and we just collected them from a friendly-ish man, but may have just been sold pieces of paper! Hmmmmm paranoid because there might be nothing better right now than Cheryl in the flesh!!!! I'm praying the small chance that they are not legit is not true!

OK crazy girl talk over, here is a new top I got off ebay while searching for crop tops! It's obvs Moschino and is 'gently used' and may be some kind of swimwear but hello polka dots, it's fab! Not the most practical of items but one of those one-of-a-kind things where you find yourself bidding high because nothing like it will come around again in a while!  I was going to photograph it with normal things but I'll just save that for when I probably end up wearing it in the summer for real, maybe I need to acquire a photographer boyfriend. I'll look into it. Anyway, Henry Holland has infiltrated my brain and somehow his most recent collections quite tickle my fancy. I wanted an overdose of polka dots. This time last year I did not appreciate colours and prints, right now I am a print magpie.

H&M skirt, rag market tights, eBay shoes, Primarni hair bow, Love Hearts and Crosses Disney bow necklace

Ah don't worry I haven't forgot about the LH&C competition!! Infact I have been gathering a few things to add to the packages and will do the draw VERY soon. Possibly tomorrow. I looove this necklace and might just keep it, it's so chunky, like a big slab of plastic. And it's glittery! No I still haven't got over this barbie phase.


Self-made red skirt, can't remember the brand white socks (will investigate memory), Office wedges (which have gone down to £20 in their sale, shocking!)

This is too lolita for day time but like I said, this was just outfit fun. I think this is just the right amount of flesh to show with a crop top for your middle section. In one of my lecturers with the Fashion Retailing course there was a girl in a crop top! There must be about 150 girls and a few guys in my biggest lectures but I only have a few style crushes, one is this very petite girl who wore the Topshop Eiffel tower crop top with seriously tight high waist jeans that looked like leggings. There's also a girl with amazing hair, quite like Cheryl Cole hair, but I think it's actually natural, and lots of Chinese girls who wear head to toe labels, swoon! There's a Chinese girl in my bra hanger group (we had to create a product in New Product Development (duh) and we made a bra hanger, don't ask!) and she has a hello kitty obsession, we are like kindred spirits! She calls everyone darling too and I had a hello kitty notepad and she was like 'omggg darling where did you get this!!'. When another girl went to her flat to make the hanger apparently eeeverything was hello kitty, haha fab! Can you guess what her english name is? Ah she is too cool.

H&M trousers, Primarni flats.

I felt a bit insane with the outfits so tried out some of my least high waisted trousers but I think this is too much on show for daytime, even with the flats. Ohhh and before anyone says anything, yes I had my hair cut, yes they cut way too much off and yes this is very upsetting! Seriously have you ever heard someone come out of a hairdressers and say 'oooh I'm so upset, they didn't cut enough off, I look so ugly!' No!!! When I said I wanted the ends off I didn't mean half my hair! Boo! It's all fine when you walk out of the salon and it's blowdried well, but right now I have no idea what to do with it, when I curl it it's just a wavy bob, which is a major shock to the system considering before it had just hit the stage where I could sit on it. Oh well I was going to be upset but told myself to man up, hair grows back, it's not even short, just shorter. This week I've had to curl it and then straighten half of it, argh! Also I just realised all the clothes in this post are cheap bargains. I guess you can't complain at that! What's your gossip? Do tell! P.S. Can you tell it's 2am?

London Fashion Week fw09

Onto London Fashion Week, woo finally! Everything is too original, it's hard to find any similarities between collections so I just saved the little deets that I liked. It's such a shame that any sign of autumn is so many months away, the spring shows are still pretty exciting though.


I possibly have creeper fever, which is the kind of shoe that might be the total opposite to anything I own but the likes of Miss Woo (who shares an Ashley Stymest love, nice taste!) and Lulu and now Susie just look so great in their pairs, I don't know what I'd wear them with though... I'm still not part of the whole bandage dress during the day club, I don't look laid back enough! But aren't these the best hammer pants?


I'd love to experiment with something a bit more deconstructed, unexpected shapes and crazy cut outs. I remember when it was cool to wear dresses over jeans, circa 2003. How about long skirts over cropped trousers? Also it seems all the cheapie shops are making AA u-neck style dresses which have sooo much potential for zipper and cut out and stud DIYs.


For about three seasons I've been wanting sheer trousers but still haven't come anywhere near finding or even making some. I'm thinking maybe some sheer leggings first that are slightly rouched, so not necessarily tights but not hugely baggy.


These leopard print booties simply just caught my eye! Faaabulous.


This reminds me of Zac Posen a few seasons ago with the minnie mouse ears and red lips, and I do like a good hair do! I'm thinking this is a signal to bring back victory rolls.


I said in the New York post, I love black and white together in a non-mod way. I'm looking for a white babydoll dress to wear with black opaques!


I love these cute Icelandic vibes, I got a white furry hat that I didn't get chance to wear before it started to get warmer so I'm thinking baby florals with white tights and mittens.


A lot of people said they didn't like the TS collection much, that it was too nu rave, but I liked it a lot! It's not so much my style but I liked the execution with the plaited hair and lace up boots with the coloured laces. A huge neon scarf would be cool and I'm all for more jumpsuits. I've never really looked at them before but I'm seriously into prints at the moment and omg flying saucer prints?!?! Not only so relevant but also super cool. Metallic were all over the catwalks so shiny leggings can keep coming for another season.


I loved the hair at Vivienne Westwood Red Label, a chic side ponytail is the way to go! I also have a now not so secret desire for tartan trousers after seeing a girl who I think was in the year above me wearing some really low slung, tight but rouched up, tartan trousers with a studded belt.


H&M have reduced all their long skirts in the sale which I might go and hmmm over tomorrow as in winter surely they will be great with all these crop tops from the summer? Speaking of crop tops (again), I just splurged on a polka dot Moschino one from eBay and officially aren't allowed to buy any more!


How amazing is this corset? Vintage lace ones are pretty cheap on eBay and it might be easy to do a naughty DIY with some gold ribbon to get this effect?


Mmm Luella, at first I was like nooo, what? But once I watched the video it all made more sense. Utility and military is fine once you break it down to the hook and eye fastenings, zips, long gloves and pinafores. Plus there's been glittery, shimmery fabrics in other collections too and as always, tights are the best way to try a trend. I like these sheer stripes too!


More lush prints, but my favourites are the floral boots. Ankles boots are all over the place, and floral boots with floral dresses sounds great, I love the full length trousers and clashing prints. hem lines are coming down! Empire waists are looking good too.


These mineral/crystal prints are insane, it might be a challenge to the high street to come up with great prints on cheaper fabrics as they are best full length!


Love the trousers, love the lace and love the shoulders! See metallics everywhere, and with lace they look fab, the silver is sort of futuristic/sci-fi too.


Ah yes here's the shimmery fabrics! I like the purple, but sometimes glittery tights look good in the packet and then when you put them on it's like 'woooah glitter!'.

I'm not a HoH fan particularly (mainly because I'm not especially an Agyness fan) but something appeals with this collection that looks like paint colour charts, I think it's the tights! Or that I'm less wary of colour nowadays! God, I am a slave to consumerism!

cream of the crop

In a total 180, I just returned the H&M pink trousers from a few posts ago. I even wrote that they fit kind of strangely and really they were awfully unflattering on me, especially the huge pockets at the back which had an outline through the thin, creasy fabric and an overly puffy waistband which then went tight across my hips. Do you need to see a photo? Ah OK... see even Eeyore is super sad.

A painful return! In a stroke of luck though, I took them back just as the shop was closing after a looong day in the library (which is now full of Easter break kids who chat a LOT, great!) and finally spotted the polka dot 50s bikinis from the lookbook! The Manchester SAs said they kept selling out but there were a few left on the rack in Birmingham, a bit messed up but still with a range of sizes. Btw this was the Bullring if anyone's also after them! The super sad thing is that I have no plans for a beach holiday at all! I'm looking at the top now trying to ration it as some kind of possible crop top but alas it's too tiny.

I don't have a very big suitcase so brought only my favourite, most stand-out things in my wardrobe home and now I'm just sick of everything. This might have been the first winter where I've worn everything I own about a million times, or maybe just have thought about what to wear over and over. Either way, crop tops are the only things that feel kind of fresh at the moment. I've been searching all over the place for a decent jacket without any luck so I'm wearing my blazer from last year, which I like but just feels old and worn a thousand times. I dry cleaned it but the lining has gone a funny colour, would have been nice if they mentioned it before I paid and went off home but hey I guess they didn't mean to turn all the seams and edges a crazy orange colour!! Oops! I think the appeal of crop tops is that all my skirts are high waisted and I've been wearing round neck tops with low cut backs with them for months. Also showing some skin feels summery as there's still a lot of black around.


Also the likes of Gala  and Chlo√© SS09 (via make them look so easy to wear. I rolled up a strapless top under my Monki lace top on Saturday which worked OK so I'm wondering if the little lace bandeaus from Urban Outfitters might be too short, but with a cardigan over the top and high waisted trews they might be great?

The minnie mouse top is also on my love chart but there's quite a few vintage versions on ebay that you could cut shorter or already come in kids sizes. The best I've spotted so far is this 50's top from ASOS, which also has a matching full skirt- that would be the best summer outfit! If only it came in other colours though, yellow is the last colour I could put with things or that suits me. It looks so good with the trousers though, maybe it's worth a dye job?


I also picked up this bracelet in H&M for no reason other than it was cute!