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oh make me over

'Hi! So I went shopping... oh wait, I need to revise, bye.' Story of my life! At least for these weeks, it's revision central, work headquarters, library lock-in, etc, etc. You know the drill. Still I must take the chance to tell you about the things that have been top priority on the 'must post about this' list, which is now ten miles long. Ah the best thing happened about the pink and blue trousers too! Will share another time. Time is revision! 

BUT I know some of you are lucky enough to have no exams or have finished and will be thinking 'gosh, now I am free from the depths of revision hell, how am I going to do my makeup for all the celebratory nights out?!?!' Well my friends, I am always here to help and it's about time that I shared some of my absolute favourite youtube make-up artists. I used to kohl on some eyeliner and attempt spot cover-up when going out before, and then dipped into more cer-azy colours, but I basically had no clue what suited me or really how to apply anything. Not that I have much more of a clue now but at least there is some direction out there! A major pointer was the two MAC makeovers I've had which show you the optimum tricks and colours specifically for you and I cannot recommend them ENOUGH! For £25 you get a full face in whatever style you want (but I just let them do whatever they thought best) and walk away with £25 worth of products! Bargain!

Yet nowadays when my housemates make the rounds to see who is ready (how am I always one of the last), I'm sitting there in front of my mirror with my laptop there trying to mimic a random look. These tutorials are the best things EVER! Seriously, I am lost without some easy instructions on how, in about ten minutes, you can pick and choose any makeup look you want and be shown exactly how to do it by pros! Next time you go out, please pick out a video and create a really striking but easy look. The videos below are for complete beginners right up to pros but these are my favourites! I cannot stress how much I love makeup tutorials, they make you feel great!

First is the most successful Youtube make-up teacher, Lauren Luke, who has had millions of hits and is now a Guardian columnist. Also a company heard her story and now she has created her own makeup range available to buy?! Her looks are most themed by colours, singers, stars, events, everything really, but they're best if you are totally clueless with makeup as she goes through slowly and clearly and uses lots of high street products. She's also so lovely and includes loads of details about her little town up North and her pugs and the general ride of fame. It's a classic story that many bloggers can relate to, of accessing the world from your little corner of the globe and ending up a worldwide success. She was quite shy at first but now has became a roaring success, much deserved!

My absolute favourites for a while have been two make-up artists called Sam and Nic who are relatively new to youtube but have received much press attention already! They've been professionals for years so they provide a real realm of expert knowledge and the thing about their celebrity- and vintage-star inspired looks is that at the end of the videos, they've actually transformed their faces and really look like their inspiration! It's insane! They do looks based on colours and new products too, and sometimesuse other models to create looks. Of course because they are professionals, they are super skilled, but they still explain every technique and the skill behind it. Also they use products from the high street way up to the expensive, designer brands, but they describe the benefits of each as they go along and are just so helpful. They've created some seriously amazing looks and after watching you can't help but want to try. A bonus is that Sam creates catwalk inspired looks just for fun! The most popular seem to be the star inspired looks though, such as Kim Kardashian (who?) and classic stars like Bridget Bardot and Sophia Loren.

Recently I hit the jackpot when I discovered Bethany who creates the most INSANE looks! Seriously, I'm talking cartoon inspired such as My Little Pony and Rugrats, 90's inspired such as Toy Story and Care Bears, and even video game inspired so there's a Nintendo inspired look, ahhhh! Her face is like a work of art, she creates the eyes and then goes into a realm of sequins and flowers and creates these amazing looks. I stop at the eyes, which are fabulous but wearable for night time, but the complete looks are just gorgeous to see. She also has a trick of using sellotape around your eye to stop fallout. My favourite is the Raggedy Ann look but I love this Strawberry Shortcake one too!

Please do browse all the videos from these ladies, they really are a dream to watch and gives you so much confidence in the makeup you wear! No excuses if you don't have a clue with makeup, they are so helpful and you will be looking too fab. This end of term is going to be such a rush and God knows how I'll fit a year's wardrobe into a car when we move out but exams will be over soon and I will be able to blog! I hope you understand that it's a painful case of being not that I have nothing to post, there is just no free time! I miss you all.

hello tattoos

I don't plan on ever getting a tattoo but am slowly but surely finding myself going back to my old ways after a stressful year and trying out loony ideas. I started this blog because I suddenly have urges to buy/wear something that seems highly attractive and will make life just that little bit more fabulous. I think I was trapseing round Birmingham when I spotted some Hello Kitty tattoos in a newsagents but only had pennies for Ribena (my favourite revision tipple atm). When back in the area I picked up a pack and wow these things are cute. I've been wracking my brains for a blogger who had HK transfer tattoos before and finally remember it was Elisabeth from Thrills and Frills, a favourite blog of mine for being quite dreamy and effortless but very, very cool! Therefore transfer tattoos are officially having a come back, yes you heard it here second. I took a pack out when I went to Snobs in the holidays and plastered my friends. A few killed me because they lasted much longer than the night but I feel that's a sign of good quality! The kitties come out white so they work on black skin too and for the tattoo-shy are just cute little extras, plus a lot of people do question 'erm, are they real?' with their eyebrow raised, to which you reply 'yes, of course' and dance off. Still not sure why this photo came out pink though.

I just bought some more packs because I have a weakness for stocking up on things, especially tights, and also got some My Little Pony transfers! I eBayed them from here and here. I don't really appreciate how they're called children's tattoos though!

the top of the summer

I could browse ASOS for HOURS. Literally, like eBay, why search through the first few pages when the best thing could be on the last?! So I usually save it up for a hardcore browsing sesh once in a while but have been keeping tabs on the crop tops recently as they've been bringing out some pretty damn good ones. They restocked the Alexa Chung style stripy crop top a few weeks ago after selling out and I whipped out my card asap, it sold out so fast last time! For the crop-wary out there, this one is perfection as a) it has longer sleeves, thus showing less skin and toning it down, b) it's fitted quite close rather than aslouchy 80s cut so avoids any Fame connotations, and it's not too short/not too low-cut so hits just at the right place. Remember the no belly button rule and you are sorted! I've never bought anything significant from ASOS before, in fact I don't think I've bought any clothes at all! I usually stick to my habit of buying one-off stuff for going out in and tend to use shopping trips for things I wear daily, so ASOS sort of hits the inbetween mark of being solely online so doesn't have the mainstream chance that everyone will be wearing the same item, but then again it's hugely popular. But I'm liking this top a looot, especially since it's made of a really light cotton, I hate chunky cotton things or worse, stretchy cotton t-shirts. It's worth noting though that the bottom white stripes of the centre and sleeves are actually ribbed. When I opened the package I thought 'eeek, it's going to be tight on my waist and then the rest will be baggy like a batwing top!' but it's cut straight so the top is almost weighted down by it- meaning it pulls in at the waist rather than just hanging off your boobs, if you see what I mean with crop tops! I got an 8, but if you're worried you don't have a smallish waist for your normal size, I'd go up just encase; ASOS stuff is usually cut quite small anyway.

And thank you for doing the poll!! Can't deny that most prefered the blue, but I still like the pink!! See I'm not exactly in the market for bright blue trousers, I have no real reason to have blue trousers! But I have been banging on about pink trousers for a while so I might just keep the pink. I know the blue fit better but when you really like an item, itbeing totally flattering isn't a top priority! I haven't had time to return them yet as I've just completed my second year and a million presentations, ahhhh! It's just been those few months where you always have a deadline so can't afford to have a few hours doing nothing. I'm into exam revision now but a few of my friends finish really early so my house will still be going out. Is it bad to go out over the exam period? Hmmm it's a bit daunting when people are actuallyliving in the libraries, I'm talking sleeping bags and all, but realistically you can't revise 24hours a day for a month. I need to get a decent average for study abroad which I am on the programme for!!! Not getting hopes up though guys, I worry about everything that can go wrong so I will wait until about August for results before waving the Swedish flags! Also two of my housemates have recently bought crop tops, I am so proud! I'm about to go through a huge load of posts in my google reader, and I've had to have the latest Elle sitting in my room unread for about two weeks- that's insane!

pink or blue, nothing inbetween!

TS floral corset and trews, Monki lace top, eBay and Office shoes

I did a teensy bit of shopping on Monday, as in I went absolutely everywhere. My thinking was that in order to avoid going past the library during these sorry revision times I should just exhaust the high street, thus resist the urge to check out what's in the shops for at least a few weeks! I'm not normally much of a sale shopper but I got some Office sale shoes, the ones with the laces above, and a skirt in the Topshop sale as well as these trousers. I also got a cheapie Primark/Primarni dress too and had the same problem- blue or pink?! See you might remember the lovely pink trousers H&M brought out that I snapped up straight away in that great neon pink. But in the end they were high waisted but didn't fit on the waist, so they were just baggy, and also had huge pockets at the back which were no so flattering. So at £30 I was OK with returning them, and just so happened to come across these tapered pairs in the TS sale. I tried on ten things in a mad 10am spree while the shop was nice and empty and couldn't decide between the trews.

Theblue are actually smaller than the pink but they both fit fine and are infact really, really long but I like them rolled up. See I'm in a pink craze at the moment but somehow the bright blue called to me and so I just bought them both but still can't decide! Please help, dearest readers!It took me about a million years to find how to actually make a poll! As I was shopping I bought loads of nick nacks like Paperchase stickers from their 25p sale and revision notebooks and hair bands so had my arms full of bags, and maybe it was the time of day but people were giving me some strange looks! I was struggling a bit though, maybe it looked like a sad Confessions of a Shopaholic scene, the only good thing in that film being Isla's hair. Ahh also I was street style spotted! Not for a blog but still it's the first time anyone's ever asked to take my picture, especially as when I trawl round the Arndale I look like a bit of a lost street urchin, but I think it was because I was wearing flowery tights, I got quite a few strange looks which is pretty sad when they're only from Topshop! The pic was for here and I look super cheesy! By the way the trousers were both reduced to £15, but I can only keep one pair!

Also here's a video announcing the winners of the Love Hearts and Crosses Competition! Can you tell I am going a bit loony from all this work. I just did a group project for ten hours.

lash domination

I have an official fake eyelash obsession. It's come to the point where I feels wrong going out without them. I wrote a post hereabout how to put them on and how you can buy reeeally cheap pairs if you get decent glue. But I have to tell all of you that you must buy some Girls Aloud lashes! The concert was amaaazing! We were really high up but I just spent the whole time being like 'omg that's actually Cheryl Cole down there!' DON'T read on if you are going to see them........but the best part was when they were all on this raised platform and then it suddenly started moving across the crowd and traveled right to the other end of the seats on the floor where they got on a mini stage and did a few songs there. Also they sang Womanizer, ohh it was fab! A lot of people just sat all the way through though but we danced even in the support acts. I wore the purple AA u-neck dress which eeer is always a bit eventful! It's the junk in the trunk, some random poster seller believed I was a quarter Jamaican and I got us free posters?! He was Jamaican himself too?

Anyway it was really great, they all sang live and it was so worth it. I bought some Girls Aloud eyelashes as soon as they came out, deciding on Cheryl and Nadine and Nicola's because they flick out at the ends. I've worn Nicola's and Nadine's so far and my friends have worn some of the others and I can totally say that they are REALLY good lashes. They're great quality and don't look as much in the box but these are LONG! Nicola's are really wide and full, I'm definitely stocking up! Eyelashes really make the different with your makeup, they take practice but once you try then you won't go back! My best advice is to actually wait at leeeast 30 seconds for the glue to try, use a hair grip or cotton bud to put on a thing line rather than pile on the glue, and once you place them on your own lashes, leave them to stick for a few seconds before re-adjusting. I use MAC glue and generally buy Poundland lashes. although I wore them to a club called Snobs in easter and saw a guy I met on my birthday and he said 'you're so much prettier than you were before!', I was like 'gee thanks?!' honestly, some boys just don't have a clue!

As you can see the lash collection is getting a liiiittle out of control. And I wasn't going to but here are some fb photos of us on the night, where we took advantage of wearing our tartiest, sparkliest stuff basically! And met a very tall fire eating man.

Didn't anyone tell you N? Be careful what you wish for

Prepare for the extreme in barbie-ness. Things have reached a whole new level, supported by the fact that I caaan't really type right about now. I got some hideously fabulous pink nails! Here's a photo just to show exactly how much of a nail biter I was before, I've never had long nails for my whole entire life. Once last year I managed to grow a few but that's where it ends, and especially my grandma has always nagged me to stop but it's impossible! Tried everything.

So I've been thinking about trying gel nails for ages and on Thursday just happened to notice that some had managed to grow a teeny bit. Now or never! I went to a little place in Withington and probably showed them the shortest nails they've ever seen but the lady was fantastic and really precise and I chose the hottest pink they had of course! I don't know what I've been missing all these years, having bright nails is awesome! I mean awesome in a totally rich-girl 90210-esque way, which by the way is the funniest programme ever, my friends and I call each other bitchlips non-stop, who writes those lines?! Yeah OK I only watched one episode... but anyway it is super fab to have hot pink around you all the time. I got them cut down really short but I still can't do any zips, makeup, buttons, chopping or hairstyling. My the way I know they are amazingly tacky but that's the attraction!

I'll have to get them off before exams though as there's no way I can scrawl an essay! I've done three presentations this week so only have one to go. It's for market research and my friend and I have spent way too many days going round the food court in the Arndale asking people to do questionnaires; not the funnest thing in the world! I'm on a train right now typing this as I'm going home for a friend's birthday at Subculture (groan). They just rang me asking to bring rave paint, oh god.  Ohhh and I just watched Twilight, like the teen girl that I am soon not to be, and thought it was pretty shoddy like the book BUT Edward fan club here I come! Without a doubt, top of the hottest guy list right now (still Bass love though!).