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I have to clear out my old room in the basement because my littlest brother wants it and apparently I don't live here anymore! Believe me I would rather not live with brothers who inhale the fridge and have garage parties all night! All this teen angst is coming back at just the right time. I have boxes and boxes of magazines though and can't possibly throw them away even if they are from before 2004. Every summer I used to buy the Mizz summer special and try out every hairstyle, every DIY face mask, every trick to talk to boys! But then I spent my teenage years consuming magazines non-stop; Sugar, CosmoGirl, Elle Girl, Teen Vogue, I read them all! This was before the internet, or when I was allowed 1 hour a day on AOL where my Mom even had a timer set that logged you off! My favourite magazine was Bliss though and I even had a letter published in there! It satisfied my need for Busted posters and sk8r boy-catching tips but I was still delighted when Bliss said they wanted to include Flying Saucer as part of a feature! First appearance in a magazine, how exciting! Hopefully it will inspire more people to start blogging. I also read the whole magazine too, the likes of Elle and Glamour really should include more quizzes and embarrassing moments!

The article is formed from some questions I answered, I think I said everyone on my course wants to be a buyer but I wouldn't mind any retail job right now! You can click the picture to read it in full.


Another major pro of teenzines is that they come with posters! Funny how this issue came with an Ed Westwick poster! Thank to Louise and the Bliss team, you've really brightened up my walls!

p.s. Remember the NV code is available for a week! I'm wearing the other rose vest here, I got S/Ms and they would fit someone size 8/10/12 perfectly. Also wearing a Primark skirt (the last buy from there I'm thinking!) and Topshop tights.

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