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sun is in the sky oh why oh why

I'm loving all the Glastonbury outfits. Lily in the jumpsuit, Florence in roses (thanks to Topshop), lovely! Makes me a bit sad I'm not doing any festivals after four years of 'em but but hopefully there will be something better instead! Exam results soon argh! But I stopped here to tell you that I went to London last week. If you don't live in London (or maybe if you do!) you will know that it's a treat to just walk around and soak up some of the capital's atmosphere!

There's a few things you can pinpoint that makes London so great, mainly being the people. It could be the amount of people or the pace of the crowds but it feels like there are a million new faces and outfits about to pass you, which can make you feel a little bit more anonymous. It feels like everyone's in a hurry to go and do something very important. Maybe it takes more to be an individual so that's why everyone seems to really consider their style? Or just because there are so many amazing shops!

I really went to have a chat about blogging with a company who had done a talk at uni. It's totally different and refreshing to chat to someone about blogs! This left me with loads of questions popping in my mind all day about our place in the blogging world and all the things that have happened to fashion bloggers. It was also pretty cool to see a really contemporary and sometimes quite elaborate office space!

My Mom booked the day off work so we decided to stick around Oxford Street as I had an errand to run!  This was all aided by Susie Bubble's shopping map, thanks Susie it really helped!! My rough hand drawn copy left much to be desired but we somehow managed to visit all of the shops picked out, most by accidentally passing by when looking for somewhere else!

I think it was still half term as Oxford Street was rammed and we did all the flagship stores. This shirt is the one from the H&M lookbook a few posts down! It's seriously gorgeous but they didn't have it in my size or any of my fallback sizes. I'll look out for it in stores here but I think it was £50 so I'll have to think of a great time when I'll really need or want to wear a shirt! It reminds me too much of my Viktor  Rolf x H&M shirt though, but it's still gorgeous.

The other lucky incentive of going to London was to take my Miu Miu teacup shoes back... to get fixed! Thanks to J who commented on a post where I said a bit had snapped off one of the curls on the back, who said the shop may repair them. I rang in advance and had trouble describing exactly which shoes they are to the Italian lady, even though they are officially called the tea cup shoes, but she said bring them in and most of the time they are fixable! It's a bit nervy bringing them all the way to London as they're quite special shoes. But the curls on the back are made of plastic and both were wobbly before wearing. I'm sure others had similar problems and I would have been a little peeved if I'd paid the full £350 price! Designer stores are quite intimidating but I got them out and they said they could send them off! So they are somewhere between England and Italy, I hope they're OK! If they are unable to fix them I ticked a box that said I'd rather have them back than get a credit note, but maybe they would have gave the original value back...? Hmmmm I'd rather not take the chance and keep the shoes, broken curl or not! A least that way I could subject them to some wear and tear, because if I get a second chance at a perfect pair I'm certainly not going to be inclined to wearing them just about ever! Also no payment was discussed so I hope I don't need to cough up double their price when I get them back!

A shoe bow lighter, we then went to Luella! It surprised me that a store for such a prominent brand is so small, but I guess they only have limited stock so don't need so much space. The shop was absolute heaven! I'm glad they were stocking the SS09 range because everything was pink, orange and purple. I also didn't realised most of the purple tweeds were glittery! There was a full on glitter coat in the second room where most of the range was reduced, it was wonderful. The shoes were gorgeous and the sales assistants were wearing Luella too- major envy!

I can reveal now another example of my scatty self as I'd snagged my polka dot tights on the train and I do always bring spare pairs of tights, but only had an opaque lilac pair. And I was wearing a red dress. Oh well! Red and lilac was a clashing theme that felt quite right in the Luella shop (unlike everywhere else!). The hair bows caught my eye straight away in a bowl near the front. I wrote about these absolutely ages ago, in fact I just found the post here and it's from April 2008! I'm assuming the style is the signature Luella style, released in colours to match the collection. There were head bands as well as the bow clips, and you must know how I'm a hair bow addict, can't go a day without one! I've always worn hair accessories and hair bows are so common now, they just feel in the same league as a necklace or a ring. I couldn't decide between the dark purple and lilac colour but the lovely SA pointed that the lilac matched my accidental tights so it seemed right. He was wearing a bright orange cardigan, it was great! The ribbon bow was £30 but the price tag says £59 so I think they were in the sale! A fine price for the ultimate hair bow I feel! I was equally excited about the Luella bag and heart sticker. And that's the only thing I bought! I was tempted by the laptop necklace above in Dahlia but I'm already geeky enough! 

I was also tempted by a straw boater in Beyond Retro but will wait for a cheaper one online, and this necklace in Topshop was the best thing ever. It was HUGE! Everyone who walked by was lifting it up and laughing, it weighed a tonne! Serious neck pain would be free with that thing! 

things that i do

I lost my camera in a club. But I got it back! So blogging can resume. It highlights how either I only blog about myself or that I am always a bit hesitant to post unoriginal things- most of the time because another blogger can blog it better! It also highlights how favourite-yet-about-to-fall-apart bags are not the best idea, but some clubbers or cleaners are very kind.  

Another example of things that make me want to kick myself was yesterday, when I carefully applied some lashes despite being very poor sighted in one eye. I don't need glasses for daily life as I can cope with having blurry vision in only one eye, but this poses many makeup related problems, especially when false eyelashes are concerned. It's very tricky to apply them to an open eye that already has the obligatory liner and mascara. Don't sometimes you wish you could remove your head while doing your hair and face and sit it in front of you? Of course that defeats the point if your eyes stay in your head, but I'm sure you know what I mean!

Somehow I apply lashes in the safety that I will never see the poor attempt for my left eye when it is closed and I am just looking out my blurry right eye. A major issue is that you can use lashes a few times after the first wear, but they become a bit misshapen, gunky and weak. I cannot use a £5 pair of lashes every time I wear them and just throw them away, so I babywipe as much as possible and they can scrub up pretty well.

Enter my stupid self after I clomped over to my friends- platforms teamed with mini playsuit shorts do make for clompy steps! I'd threw a last minute pair of spare tights and a little tube of lash glue into my bag just in case of mishaps- no match for my industrial strength MAC lash glue but OK for a handbag. One corner was rustled in the breeze though and was poking me in the eye, so I poked it back for about half an hour until making a last minute dab with a little bit of the glue that came with some lashes. This didn't work at all, the glue was way too thin and clear and it didn't feel like any was going on, so I kept adding more and just accepted the wonky lash fate. As soon as we were in the club, the whole strip was peeling off and just one step away from spidereye nightmares so I dabbed on more glue, then put two and two together and realised I was putting 'take-off' solution on my eyes. The Eyelure Girls Aloud lashes come with removal liquid as well as a little tube of glue, OOPS. So I was basically voluntarily taking the lashes that I'd painstakingly put on, off. So then sadly I had to peel the other perfect one off and if you wear lashes, you will know that when you take them off they remove youreyeliner too. So in conclusion, makeup disaster!!! Lesson learnt! That certainly is a way to feel rough all night. We tried a club that wasn't very good anyway so it was no lost night. It was lost lashes though, the sight of them crumpled up and stuck to a random receipt meant they had to be binned.

The picture above is a testimony of why this isn't a 'what i wore today' blog. If I'm not going anywhere special, I do not wear my best things. By 'best' I mean any thing that I'd rather not subject to wear and tear! So if I'm going to say my Nan's house, I will throw on anydamn thing to hand. But I don't own trackies or hoodies or anything-ies (except maybe onesies?). Hence the pink and red clown fest above. I still have no bedroom so am living in a world of balancing piles, also reflecting that I don't know what I'm doing in September so just have to sit in limbo for a few weeks. Limbo certainly sucks.

blissed up

I have to clear out my old room in the basement because my littlest brother wants it and apparently I don't live here anymore! Believe me I would rather not live with brothers who inhale the fridge and have garage parties all night! All this teen angst is coming back at just the right time. I have boxes and boxes of magazines though and can't possibly throw them away even if they are from before 2004. Every summer I used to buy the Mizz summer special and try out every hairstyle, every DIY face mask, every trick to talk to boys! But then I spent my teenage years consuming magazines non-stop; Sugar, CosmoGirl, Elle Girl, Teen Vogue, I read them all! This was before the internet, or when I was allowed 1 hour a day on AOL where my Mom even had a timer set that logged you off! My favourite magazine was Bliss though and I even had a letter published in there! It satisfied my need for Busted posters and sk8r boy-catching tips but I was still delighted when Bliss said they wanted to include Flying Saucer as part of a feature! First appearance in a magazine, how exciting! Hopefully it will inspire more people to start blogging. I also read the whole magazine too, the likes of Elle and Glamour really should include more quizzes and embarrassing moments!

The article is formed from some questions I answered, I think I said everyone on my course wants to be a buyer but I wouldn't mind any retail job right now! You can click the picture to read it in full.


Another major pro of teenzines is that they come with posters! Funny how this issue came with an Ed Westwick poster! Thank to Louise and the Bliss team, you've really brightened up my walls!

p.s. Remember the NV code is available for a week! I'm wearing the other rose vest here, I got S/Ms and they would fit someone size 8/10/12 perfectly. Also wearing a Primark skirt (the last buy from there I'm thinking!) and Topshop tights.

H&M = Hot much?

I love the H&M lookbooks! I've posted them for the last few seasons and was very excited when the Fall/Winter 09 book was revealed on Nitrolicious. Also SO JEALOUS Wendy got to meet Ed Westwick!! He is looking super fine in the pictures, he is my igoogle page! Annnyway you might have already seen the Divided collection they'll bring out in the Autumn with a few special pieces, some of which are featured in the lookbook pictures, and might have heard that there's a collab with Jimmy Choo! There's something really reliable about H&M. Guaranteed you'll go in and find something you like, it will be affordable and decent quality. And they have a frequent turn over and if you are looking for something, you will almost always find it.

But by now you can pick out the items and imagine them instore, as often the lookbook does make them look a trillion times better. H&M clothes always stand as basics or staple pieces rather than say a full on spangly outfit you might get in Topshop. Here's a few of my favourite looks...


The first dress is the velvet one with the cocoon sleeves in the Autumn Divided collection right? A lot of the outfits in the lookbook were belted with this thick peplum belt and it looks so great with the tight dress and high sleeves. Seems everything is black or beige/nude/cream. I'm liking the skinny trousers and the belts but Ialways go back to skirts in Winter. However, this blouse was in the Oxford Street H&M on Thursday! They only had 12s though but I'll stalk the Birmingham branch in hope of trying it on. It really is something else up close. Is it a crop top in the last picture? Not sure but this Summer's crop tops will be great with that really high waisted skirt and lace tights.

Chunky knits? Hmmm in my mind there's room for coats and cardigans but chunky knits? Still not sure I'm a fan! I love these looks though, especially the trousers tucked inside the boots in both looks. The third picture I just liked the hair! Big hair = love.


I liked this first picture because I have a (faux) fur shawl I found in a charity shop which I think was from Whistles or another high street store and I really like it tucked under a belt inside a coat. This season's lookbook has been less about wanting to imitate whole looks andI'm preferring little elements. Does the last look have socks over jeans? Legwarmers over tights? Not sure but it looks really easy to replicate and looks great topped with a huge scarf wrapped round rather than dangling. I think I've found why I don't accessorize most of the time- I don't like things jangling about and rattling and jiggling off me!

Here are a few items that hopefully will come into store soon if they have already been produced! I've never been a fan of the Rodarte copies that have surfaced but something about the way the H&M go seems so sheer  and light and very long, it looks perfect! Also was really drawn to the sheer but almost metallic looking vest. Looking forward to Autumn already!

the bird says cheap cheap!

If you're up for some weekend browsing you might want to check out a little online store that I posted about on Catwalk Queen. Did you know I do a few posts for Catwalk Queen? Last week I posted about an Irish store called NV which has some seriously cute dresses at really low prices. What's not to love! You can get high street rivals for much less and really I know a lot of us won't be seeing a student loan for at least three months! I got a little haul of some very floral dresses meaning a great end of exams treat and a welcome colour injection. All this hot weather has come around quite quickly and for the British summer you just have to throw yourself into bright clothes.

Here's only the one dress though, which is named as a vest dress on the site but I am not afraid of short hemlines when opaque coloured tights are involved! I am about 5'5 though and got the dress in two colours which will be great as tops too! Just the right amount of stretch to be fitting but very comfy for these hot, muggy days. I recommend! If you have younger sisters (or maybe brothers?) you may know the peculiar nature of borrowing or hand-me-downs. I left a few things at home this year, like a dress covered in neon numbers and some bright yellow high waisted shorts, just really random things that I was quite sure I wouldn't be wearing during the term, and somehow my sister finds some way to love them. She will wear just about anything that is technically free, i.e. mine! So she helped me unpack about four suitcases of clothes last week and walked away with a heap of stuff to try on. I'll post the rest of the things I got off NV later as she's walked off with a few things for the moment, most likely to beg, borrow or steal!

Also check out the birdie headband from Jazz! Lots of bloggers who have these are right, it feels fab to have a little cutie in your hair. My cat is a fan too!

EDIT:The lovely Cathy from NV saw my CQ post and has created a discount for you guys! Put in FLYINGSAUCERDISCOUNT at the check out and get 10% off! Thanks Cathy!

back to pink


Remember the pink and blue trousers? Well I couldn't sacrifice my love and need for pink trousers and little need for blue trousers. The blue were a better size but the difference was not enough persuasion! I was content with the amount of pink votes on the poll, thanks for voting everyone! It was one of those fashion fate moments though when I went to take the blue trews back to Topshop because there on the last, bare sale rack was a pink pair in the smaller size! So I exchanged them and for a little while had two pairs. That was one crazy receipt.

But pink trousers really are quite heavenly. Although I can't help wanting to team them with circus-worthy wears. I'm thinking in winter they will be great with chunky black knits and boots but for now might be more fit to a Caribbean cruise or a giant hat made of fruit.

I think I've found a half decent place to take photos in my house too! I said goodbye to our second year student digs a few days ago after a great week of goodbyes, don't even ask why I ended up in lazerquest! I also have to express how overwhelmed and inspired I was by the replies to the post below. I was very wary that it was not a signature fashion blog post but hopefully it raised an issue that we can all be a bit more brave about. I can be feisty enough when needed and all your comments and emails made it all feel much better, I'm in the process of replying to all comments so do check back if you left one!

Back to normal blogging times though as there are a few things I want to chat and blog about, first is a beautiful box of little delights from Jazz, an art student at Central Saint Martins who used to run a stall on Brick Lane. She is insanely lovely and just wanted to share some crafty love! Best of all, hair bow love! I've been wearing these a lot, they will end up featuring around here soon! Do check out her sweet blog, especially a recent illustration of Susie Bubble! Thank you again Jazz!

I have so much to blog about! I'll finish up what is the start of a summer of much posting with a tag I was given ages ago by musician and blogger Frankie Ward who I had the pleasure of meeting once! Another lover of hair accessories! 7 things you need never know about me...

1. Chuck Bass is my iGoogle homepage, along with a Gossip Girl quiz, quotes and picture of the day.

2. I am a closet Hills fan. Oh the shame! I love the gossip but also the look into where they work in fashion and how awful their interviews go. I like Whitney!

3. It just took me three days to go through my google reader after exams, phew. I do need to reduce the amount of blogs I read if I want to ever leave the house!

4. I have 15 pairs of false eye lashes at the moment.

5. I used the line 'are you a library book, 'coz I wanna check you out!' about a week ago. It was a dare I promise!

6. I take blusher out with me all the time and across the course of the night my cheeks get pinker and pinker!

7. Despite writing a blog I don't really like writing all about my personal self as I don't think people really care too much, hence why I don't have a Twitter!

Stripy H&M corset, TS trousers and shoes