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H&M = Hot much?

the bird says cheap cheap!

If you're up for some weekend browsing you might want to check out a little online store that I posted about on Catwalk Queen. Did you know I do a few posts for Catwalk Queen? Last week I posted about an Irish store called NV which has some seriously cute dresses at really low prices. What's not to love! You can get high street rivals for much less and really I know a lot of us won't be seeing a student loan for at least three months! I got a little haul of some very floral dresses meaning a great end of exams treat and a welcome colour injection. All this hot weather has come around quite quickly and for the British summer you just have to throw yourself into bright clothes.

Here's only the one dress though, which is named as a vest dress on the site but I am not afraid of short hemlines when opaque coloured tights are involved! I am about 5'5 though and got the dress in two colours which will be great as tops too! Just the right amount of stretch to be fitting but very comfy for these hot, muggy days. I recommend! If you have younger sisters (or maybe brothers?) you may know the peculiar nature of borrowing or hand-me-downs. I left a few things at home this year, like a dress covered in neon numbers and some bright yellow high waisted shorts, just really random things that I was quite sure I wouldn't be wearing during the term, and somehow my sister finds some way to love them. She will wear just about anything that is technically free, i.e. mine! So she helped me unpack about four suitcases of clothes last week and walked away with a heap of stuff to try on. I'll post the rest of the things I got off NV later as she's walked off with a few things for the moment, most likely to beg, borrow or steal!

Also check out the birdie headband from Jazz! Lots of bloggers who have these are right, it feels fab to have a little cutie in your hair. My cat is a fan too!

EDIT:The lovely Cathy from NV saw my CQ post and has created a discount for you guys! Put in FLYINGSAUCERDISCOUNT at the check out and get 10% off! Thanks Cathy!

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