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my kinda bling

As a blogger or reader of blogs, it is fair to say that there's a known norm of studs galore and ripped clothes and chains and bandage dresses and all that jazz. Encase you didn't notice I could never pull this off in a million years. I cannot look like I have just thrown something on and just ended up looking super cool, because I can't just throw things and and I'm not particularly cool! Soooo I do not have arm candy worthy of Kate Lanphear. But I congratulated myself for growing my nails by buying a gobstopper sized ring from Topshop, and then picked up a little bow ring in Accessorize and the cream one in the Dorothy Perkins sale for £2. Sadly I lost the bow ring so replaced it with another from H&M. I don't think I could be without nail varnish now and am sad it's taken this long to kick a nail nibbling habit! I couldn't decide between blue or pink so went with both. A few bloggers have posted about different coloured nails and I'm all for it. In conclusion, I can be tacky but I can't be cool, oh well!

By the way, they are Barry M shades, which now makes it seem like I'm advertising for them or something, but I'm not! I just like the colours!

London travels and italian lovers

Thank you for your kind comments about the Paris trip! Sadly I don't live in London of course so I stayed in a hotel for the weekend. do these mystery hotel deals where they're super cheap for a more expensive hotel, but you don't know the name until you book. So I booked a 4 star hotel for as much as most B&Bs and felt super posh! I stayed near Euston and got a train to Marylebone, but it broke down or there was a strike or something- earphones are maybe not so good at these times! So I changed a few times and ended up nearer Oxford Street, so I just went straight there! Yes I booked a much earlier train on Friday to fit in some London browsing, and I hit all the larger shops for a look around.

My first errand was to spend an American Apparel voucher that I've annoyingly had for ages, but it was a classic case of strangely having to buy something, and so nothing takes your fancy. I tried on a low backed nylon tank dress that a few bloggers have but it was just a dress in swimming costume material. Same with the one with mesh along the top. Plus that only comes in XS/S and M/L, which is a bit crazy. What if you are S/M?! So I didn't want to be predictable but I got another u-neck dress but in a neon, almost coral pink. Too much of a good thing maybe! But it's great like the rest and they make you feel super fabulous, even when breathing in all night. I'm not sure if the colour is a little too coral though and I have a light pink dye lying around. Have any of you ever dyed an AA dress?

I wore a cropped white tee and a high waist H&M polka dot skirt with handy pockets. Have any of you who have worn crop tops found that everyone's eyes just go straight to your stomach? Or at least the bit you are showing. I was really tempted to try this pink H&M dress on though and flounce around in that, ohhh looked marvy!

Here's some other things I bought. I went all around Topshop as I just couldn't find the shoes!! It was a busy Friday afternoon and I was wondering round so many floors in the crowds like, seriously where are the shoes?! Two floors down I found them! I bought some makeup though, all pink. Then I wandered into Urban Outfitters and saw a bowl of the floral heart purses on gold chains. I picked one up to admire it and it was like a crazy jewellery box because the chains of about six bags were all tangled. A poor sales assistant tried to get them apart but someone must have had a heart bag death wish as they were together for good! So they kindly got one from the store room and I felt like I had to buy it, but I returned it on the Sunday because it barely fits my phone inside, let alone my camera, money, cards, ID, makeup, spare tights, etc, etc! Also sometimes those chains get caught in your hair and pull strands out, which isn't great! Still, check it out guys, it's very pretty.


I also took a wrong turn in H&M and ended up in the kid's department, where I found accessories heaven! Flowers and bows galore. They had a huge range of bands and clips and badges. Even if you're not a girly bow fan, they have some fab stuff that you could cut off and stick somewhere else for a smaller price. Also Hello Kitty clips! And Powerpuff Girl stuff too, but I've never been a fan, though can't deny the cuteness! They also have these great ears for £2 each that are all fleecy and are a fab addition to a normal night out. I do not kid! Well it's my birthday soon and they will accompany a badge very well. It's cool to have friends who don't mind looking really silly.


I shopped 'til I dropped and had a lovely night in the hotel just enjoying the free time by myself! Sadly there was a 4.30am wakeup call for Paris so the plan was to tire myself out by walking round and round London, which worked well!

If you check out the previous post you get Saturday...and by Saturday night I was packing my bag ready to go home. I was going to dry my hair straighter but that takes ages and I just wanted to shower and fall asleep, so I twisted it the way I used to last year in loads of ringlets. I had quite a bit of stuff, plus the shopping, so I lugged it round for a few hours before my train as I had a second errand that tied in nicely with the Paris trip. Remember the Miu Miu tea cup shoes? And how the bottom of one of the curls snapped off at the Girls Aloud concert? Thanks to a fabby commenter, I found out I could take them back and last time I posted about how I took them to the Bond Street Miu Miu store and they sent them back to Italy. I got a call a few weeks ago saying they'd fixed them!

 I'm totally not trusting the post at the moment as the keys to my student house this year got lost so I had to pay for all the lock to be changed, heartbreaking! The day after I found out about that was when I got the call from Miu Miu so I said I'd pick them up myself to avoid anymore crazy mail mishaps. I trekked to the store and it was empty apart from one lady trying out bags, and one of the sales people popped into the back with my shoe receipt, then out the shop front door which I thought was a bit strange! Another sales lady kept smiling at me as they do in a quiet, awkward little shop and then another ladycame out without a uniform in Prada shoes and smiled at me. Then the first came over and said 'hello, would you like a job here?'. Well kill me right now and sell my soul to Prada because it was the best moment of my life! Haha I was like umm what?! and the lady said ah you look so great, you should work here! Do you need a job? And then the other lady came back with my shoes fixed! They are perfect! I was so pleased with the shoes but said that sadly I don't live in London! Believe me, I'll be moving as soon as I can and rushing straight back to Miu Miu, even though 99% of the time I look a bit grubby so they may take that back. I think it was because, although this is my favourite dress EVER as it fits perfectly and feels so comfortable and natural, it's a bit like a doll dress? Maybe with floral tights and ringletty hair and pink lipstick it's even more so. The lady who got my shoes said she remembered me bringing them in and the first lady asked if I was a designer or anything, which is very funny because I can't design for toffee (for use of a better word!). So basically if you want a job at Miu Miu, dress like a child!

I'm trying to remember when I first bought this dress and I know it was from eBay US and I didn't even love it that much before it arrived, I might have to go through the archives of this blog to find out. I must have been sometime early last year.

So by now, I had about ten bags and managed to hit another H&M before dropping onto the train platform to wait with a Heat magazine. This is where this photo was taken, where I tried on some black sequin leggings, which I bought! I'd returned the heart bag to Urban Outfitters and was in the mood for something fabulous. What are your thoughts on wearing leggings as pants/trousers when they are sequinned?

P.S. The bloggers on the weekend convinced me to get Twitter! Still not sure of the whole talk about your life thing, but you can follow me here.

P.P.S. I answered some questions over at Hi Fashion! Check out the interview here.

A Little fashion break to paris...


A week ago I was invited on a day trip to Paris! The lovely people at Eurostar and We Are Social organized to take a group of bloggers under the sea and whisk us around the city of lurve. How insane! I have never been to France so it was not only an incredible first visit to Paris, but also a great excuse to meet some fashion bloggers! And you might have realised, these photos are not mine! They are by the talented and gorgeous Leila from We Are Social. I took some but these are much better, you can see the rest here on flickr. Hope you don't mind the chance to show them off Leila!

Sooo I stayed in London at a mystery hotel, but I'll explain all that in another post! We met bright and early at St Pancras where I joined a group of gorgeous bloggers and first had a chat to the super sweet Claire from Young Shields and met Disneyrollergirl; great to put a face to a blog, a lovely one too! We all hopped on the Eurostar in Business Class and I sat with the fabulous Amna from Disco Nap, the charming Carl from Inspire the Starling (who has the coolest job ever!), and the amazingly cool Audrey from Frassy, whose blog I can't believe I haven't stumbled across before because it's just the kind I love! We chatted over breakfast about blogs (of course), shoulder pads, crop tops, everything! The others had a little zzzzzz and Audrey and I chatted about uni style, and before we knew it we were pulling into Paris!

We regrouped and got on the metro, then soaked up the sun on the way to Colette! It was insanely contemporary and cool. I was way too scared to even touch the mannequins dressed in the most extravagant and expensive clothes! I lusted all over the shop before Audrey, Claire, the beautiful Reena from Fashion Daydreams, the acclaimed and lovely photographer Kit from Style Slicker, and I went off to wander the shops, observe a pigeon who looked like he was wearing a little pigeon coat, and watch a band murdering an English song!

Shoe porn! Disneyrollergirl.

Tights porn! Audrey from Frassy.

I was on the hunt for some French fashion bloggers or some classic French style, maybe some baguettes or onions (haha), but it was a very busy Saturday in the gorgeous sunshine so there were many tourists! We walked to the very classy restaurant B4 for a three course lunch with lots of champagne, where Marion Cointot presented her collection. She is the most stunning designer, who previously worked for Christian Lacroix. It must have been so nerve-racking to present to so many people and she was lovely. It's interesting to hear first-hand the reasons behind a collection and why each colour and fabric is chosen.

After lunch we walked to Le Musee de Belles Arts Decoratifs, along the way chatting with Reena and Vanessa Jackman, a wonderful streetstyle photographer who took some beautiful photos of Marion Cointot, check them out on her site! At the museum we were guided round an exhibit on the designer who caused a stir in the'30s and '40s, Madeleine Vionnet. Her almost mathematical haute couture designs were beautiful to see up close, and the tour guide was such a passionate lady, we were all sad to leave!

Not too sad though because we ended the day with a champagne cruise down the Seine. I had a lovely chat with Lorraine from Beauty and the Dirt who has a very cool job! Reena and I had been hunting for a Pierre or Claude all day so we dubbed the champagne server Claude, even though that er wasn't actually his name... He told us champagne facts and had a few glasses himself, what a cool job too! 

We ended the day with huge ice-creams by the Eiffel Tower, where I found out Sam from My Fashion Life went to Manchester uni so we had a gossip about there! It was then time to board the 'Star, where we had dinner during the sunset and most people took advantage of the free bar!

Overall it was a marvy day with so many lovely people, and we were all looked after so well by the fab We Are Social ladies- Sarah, Leila, Sandrine and Camille. Thank you!! You can go to Paris for your own little fashion break and return for £59 atm too, bargain!

do they know we know?

The Max mascara from Rimmel

After a few makeup advert scandals, do you too search for the small print that says 'enhanced in post production' or 'used with lash inserts'? Seriously I find myself looking to the bottom of the screen or in the corner of the page in every advert now. I think it was after a L'oreal advert that laws were made to be truthful about products used. Especially in this Rimmel advert with Lily Cole, it is totally unbelievable to imagine these are actually her real lashes! I would however like to say that I think the pink eyeshadow is supercool. And especially how the eyeliner is quite pointy. I shall badger youtube makeup artists to do a tutorial. I will not however be buying this mascara, as it must have had no use in this advert!

An advert I do like however, and can actually find on youtube, is the new Barry M one. It's cheap and cheerful but makes me really want to buy every Dazzle Dust shade. I have about ten but I think there are about 100! Their nail varnish is hot too. I'mon a makeup craze and wore about seven different eyeshadows to the nearby pound shop to buy hairspray today. Bought some more fake eyelashes too, but don't worry I am seeking help for this addiction. But right now there seems to be no reason, especially with great youtube tutorials, not to try out new makeup. I don't really accessorise ever, so going way out with lashes and shadow, etc, is a marvy alternative for nights out.

Does anyone else find the perfume advert with Sienna Miller amazingly ANNOYING too? I would post it but it is just shocking and I don't understand who she is or why she is simpering infront of a camera, argh!!!

the way you wear it

It is a miracle I managed to get on a plane after a crazy night in Ireland with my cousin! Haha she showed me a good time! I haven't been out since a few weeks ago when I came back at about 4 to my brother's after-prom party in our garden and hung out with a load of 16 year olds until 7am. From the second night, we stayed in the scariest 14th century hotel ever. Seriously, stuffed animals everywhere!! Creepy furniture and suitcases and mirrors and statues, it was basically a stately home and it was so scary!

I also do some flyering for a club to get people in there, which basically means I say 'all drinks are £2' for four hours. In heels. OK, I choose to wear heels but standing in flats is way less comfortable. In the mean time, I have been plotting and wondering how I'll get from airport to accommodation in Sweden. I might have to find a Sven or Bjorn to aid my travels.

Anyways, that's where I've been!  I should really start selling all my things on eBay to end up with a nice suitcase -sized amount, but that is pain I cannot endure. My sister finally gets back off holiday tomorrow so I have a bunch of vintage dresses to sell anyway. I will have to add again how mentally insane I am going while living at home again. I love home but I do feel a little bit nuts in the chaos. The wireless just doesn't work so I have to sit in the kitchen at all times. I was going to delete all this ramble but I like rambly blogs as much as the next person. My agenda was to post these superb videos from Elle TV. I posted about's street style videos a while ago, and they've added much more since, but Elle's are pretty good! What is it that is so cool when you learn about other people's quirky little items? I love the way the girls get their things from really random places and people, and a lot of the time have little stories and meanings behind everything they wear. These are my favourites, there aren't many on the site, only seven from London and two from New York. Check out the secondwith Pixie Geldof in it; I think she sounds quite cool!

pleats, ruffles, look books!

After posting the H&M look book for this Autumn, Helen from their press office emailed to ask if I wanted to be added to the press list. Of course I said yes please that would be marvy! But I didn't know they would send me a real look book! In a hard black folder are glossy prints of the coming looks, along with a list of the inspirations, colours, material and patterns explained.

To pick out some favourites, I still like the 'New tailoring' collection with 'dramatic and elaborate new shapes and contrasting proportions.' Also 'Power' which is described as 'sharp and sculptural with square shoulders and narrow waists, this trend for body conscious power people is all about black. Clean cut tailoring team up with super stretch 80's nostalgic pieces and statement accessories.' The rustic 'Woodland' collection is way off what I usually wear, inspired by fairy tales and forests. When did we last see greens? I do like the look of the chunky, textured knits though in greys and burgundies.

Materials I'm also liking are velvet, faux furs, mohair and corduroy. Yes, corduroy is totally making a come back! When I say comeback, I mean since the last time I wore it as dungarees about ten years ago? There's also a list of key pieces, of which I'll be hunting for mid-length and maxi skirts, all-in-ones (of course!), granddad trousers, fine and chunky knits, and all things ballet inspired. The new-ness this season seems all about fabric and textures, playing around with longer and bigger shapes than before. I always tend to wear shorter skirts in the winter, so I'll be taking notes from the H&M look book by wearing over-the-knee leg warmers over knit tights. Layering leg-wear is the way forward!

But a big surprise was that a H&M bag was in the package and in the note, Helen said they'd sent the press sample of the blouse I've been lusting after! You know the one I saw in the window in London but they didn't have any sizes left? Then saw already in the look book online? It's gorgeous!!! The photos below haven't come out very well so look at the closer picture above for the details; the sleeves are insanely puffy with little pleats all the way up and around them. Then the cuffs even have some detailed ends and there's a sample at the collar too. I'll try to find somewhere to get a better shot, it's very soft cotton and so lovely!! There's a even a ruffle along the buttons as well as some pleating! Thank you so much Holly and H&M!!


H&M blouse and lace skirt, random heart print tights (eBay), Topshop fringed boots

Here's a reminder of the blouse in the look book. it seems like the buttons are in the middle rather than off-centre, maybe it was a design change! They've teamed it with leather trousers, which of course I don't own but will be checking out in store, maybe I'm a bit bored of little skirts?

p.s. I'm going to Ireland on Thursday for a little family trip to see relatives, wondered if anyone lives in/knows Londonderry/Derry? Still not sure which is the appropriate name! Any recommendations for the town? I'll still be posting, I get exams results hopefully on Friday too, I'm terrified, everything rests on them!

feel the florals and do it anyway

There aren't many blogs that will ever think they wouldn't wear something  because it was too much or a bit too out there.It's almost taboo to say that you would be too 'scared' to wear something. Scared of being stared at, whispered about, judged? This might be affected by where you live, who you work or are friends with, what the 'norm' is. I've been thinking about this because I have some crazy favourites but often when choosing an outfit and you're in a rush or time is ticking, I'll plump for safe things that I've worn before and won't stand out too much.  But then when you're out and about, you feel drab and bored. Being a fashion blogger, I often think if I ever ran into a reader again and was wearing one of those fall-back outfits I'd be quite embarrassed.

Also if I get something new I usually make outfits and play around with it, but some are just for fun. I tried to figure out why I wouldn't wear these out and the only answer would be because what would people think of me, would it make my day any different? What if I ran into someone and they thought woah, why is she wearing that?! But that's silly! What's the point in caring what people think, and who says they would think anything anyway?

Can you wear something you love for any crazy, random reason, or something that's straight from the runway, and not look nice? There are somethings you just couldn't wear for outside reasons, for instance the bloggers who live in the hottest American states who can wear towering heels with minute dresses in the day time. Here that's not practical or functional as it's never that hot, and even like today when it is, what would happen? It would gain attention? Maybe it's a bit like evolution- British style hasn't needed to adapt style like that because it's never needed. But the UK is a fashion destination. London is a fashion capital.

So what's the problem? Do you ever read magazines where there is an interview with guys and they trash fashion trends and ask why girls wear some 'crazy' things? Often these seem to involve super high heels, loads of makeup and full on boho or 80's looks. But fashion doesn't make people ugly! Whatever you wear, it's you that shines through. When someone looks at you, they don't just see clothes. Of course clothes give off vibes and create assumptions, but it's the way you walk, the way you act, and whether the clothes wear you rather than you wearing the clothes. It's easy to assume people look at things in a negative way but people aren't always critiquing and judging you.

I was thinking about just going out in an outfit rather than just clothes. I mean something that is a key piece in your wardrobe for whatever reason, not just the selection of items you've worn loads of times and like, but don't feel like your ultimate self in. My lectures in uni are about 95% girls and sometimes it feels like outfits are safe in the blogging world but if I wore even heels to a lecture, would people whisper or talk? But I know if I ever see anyone in anything different I think 'ooo that girl is so cool/oooh that girl has the best hair everrr/ she can wear those so well!' it's your own thoughts that are ridiculing yourself, not those of others. You can't predict what people will think. Does it matter if they think anything at all? Should you flatter yourself by believing people will care what you wear anyway?!

Yesterday I was meeting one of my besties for lunch on her break in town and then had a few places to visit (namely to buy six pairs of tights!). It's absolutely boiling and I thought, why not wear the floral jumpsuit! I've been meaning to forget any voice in my head saying 'don't wear that! who walks round in a floral babygro?!' My sister was like 'you're wearing that?...' which didn't help! But I wore it to do the test anyway! And it was fine! Some business man said to his friend 'that's ridiculous' when we went for lunch in a pub but hey, who cares! Who is he? I don't know! Five girls asked where it was from. I'd rather listen to their opinions than the people I caught nudging their friends. And even if they were, maybe they weren't assuming I was weird? I'd rather show people I will wear whatever I want and please myself than listen to that voice that says 'conform! just wear something normal and have a normal day!'. Goodbye little voice!