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My post on longer lengths wasn't in vain and like I said, I've been searching for the perfect autumn maxi dress. I settled on this ASOS jersey dress because it was long sleeved and high necked, which both minimises shoulders and makes the dress more 90's than beachy! It's also flared so it's easy to walk in and it's seamed, which I think makes it look a bit more expensive, or at least of better quality. This would be perfect if it wasn't grey, but it's much darker than in the website photos. Light grey does nothing for my skin tone or hair colour but this colour could be fine as it's more charcoal. I'll still research dyes when I get home though, I've been sitting on (not literally) this dress for must be over a month now and am itching (again, not literally, haha) to wear it! I might make it black though. They also do it in navy fyi.


Finally some outfit photos, so happy! I'm trying to grow my eyebrows out so I can have them shaped at home. Here is like £15 to get them done?! They're really annoying me though so I penciled them out and covered them with concealer. If you watched this season's ANTM, there was great bleached eyebrow inspiration on some girls. Funnily enough I think a bleached eyebrow would be way better than no eyebrow, even if they have the same effect from afar! I've also found wearing a nude lipstick under MAC's creamsheen black lipstick from the Style Black collection creates a much more even coverage, as it is very sheer but doesn't blend with your normal lip colour of course, so it can look patchy. How good would this dress be with a washed-out lilac or pink hair streak? Sadly I'm not sure that would be right in my hair but if I was a brunette I would so be sporting spray-in colour right now. Maybe I will anyway!

The problem is what type of coat or jacket to wear? In my inspiration post all of the pictures had a short jacket. A long coat really would make it seriously grungy. Depending on how cold England is now, I would wear mine with the over-sized hoodie I got from Monki on the Jimmy Choo day. I've never bought a hoodie in my life! It has pompoms on the hood strings!

I thought Manchester was known for rain but here it pours non-stop for hours and hours and hours. And it's dark by 3, it's so strange! I've had an essay so I've stayed inside all week. Some of my friends here have finished their placements and gone home now so it's very quiet. After Christmas I will be the only girl left on our floor! I hope the new people are nice. And a maxi dress is a great investment because once you have one, you don't exactly need another as they are so distinctive! That's much more ethical. Can you tell what my essay topic was about?

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