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"this footwear will not withstand wear and tear as normal outdoor footwear"

Ahh doesn't it suck when you buy something you can't wear? That contradiction is strangely common because some things are just too unwearable! I just got these pink platforms from Dorothy Perkins of all places and they came with a little note advising you not to wear them. They're not real suede either so are there protectors you can use? I did think when I bought them that I wouldn't wear them to the majority of places I go because somehow you come out of clubs with your shoes covered in marks. Do you ever try to remember when you put your shoe in a drink or something because I don't know how they get like that! But the sad truth is that you just cannot wear nice shoes to clubs. Maybe Swedish clubs are a bit less hectic but in England I would not wear these to ring in the new year. It made me wonder if it's worth just braving it and letting them get a bit disheveled and scuffed up, or to keep things as pristine as possible? Remember my tea cup Miu Mius that I cannot wear because they broke the first time? Is it worth them sitting in a wardrobe looking pretty to no one?

It's not very sustainable to collect things you don't use but I cannot buy black heels forever more. I'll pack them ready in my case for when I go back to the glamourous Swedish club in the town. Whenever I go shopping I wonder who buys the cream or nude dresses? Maybe I worry too much and consider every option possible but hey, it might be better than when some lad spills his lager over your new white dress! But maybe more spills = more fun. It might be my new year's resolution.

Just Christmas Cheer Here


I was just going to write a last minute letter to Santa but seems a Christmas miracle is not needed. Net-A-Porter has restocked the Christian Louboutin Barbies! I am very tempted to spend all my Christmas money on one for no apparent reason other than it is just the coolest thing everrr!

First Newt from Hollyoaks lost his wig and eyebrows (whaaat), then we see Dan used to have a curly mop, and now I find out Taylor Momsen was Cindy Lou in The Grinch?! OMGEE

barbie goes wild

I love the Barbie lookbook for WildFox's Spring/Summer collection! It's kind of an advanced hipster style, but I like the Lady Gaga blonde fringes and the pale, porcelain skin with hot pink lips! It's all about super brights all mashed up and shiny, shiny plastic shoes. I've never bought any of their tees but the vampire ones really tempt me, despite not being a Twi-hard fan at all. I just saw a Facebook group called 'Why doesn't Bella get attacked when she's on her period?' hahaha! I just got some bright pink heels, but I've been lusting after everything doll inspired forever and everything pink and sickly sweet for the year. You can take winter inspiration from these pictures by wearing pink lipstick, super high acid heels and pastel knee highs over woolly tights!

(Pics from Shelley's blog at Radar Magazine)

Polka dots in Paris!

Sadly I couldn't go to any press days this month to check out all the fresh Spring clothes as I was in Sweeeden. But I was kindly invited to the New Look press day in Paris when I got home! And Winnie from Diamond Canopy was going too! New Look has a great ethical stance and more sustainable practices than most on the high street so I couldn't miss it! The premise was to have a sneak peak at the fresh lines and film an episode of New Look TV from the store in the Parisian mall Les Halles. On the day I wasn't sure what to expect but there was a camera crew and a stunning new presenter coming too, and lovely New Look people and our gorgeous guide Brooke. Even Isabelle from the old Catwalk Queen! And seems as Winnie is from Birmingham too, it is a crime we had never met before because she is super pretty and wonderful! We felt a bit like celebrities when we were filmed 'walking' into St Pancreas together, and then hopped on the Eurostar for a gossip about blogs and shops. It's a very strange feeling to leave London in the dark and emerge in France!

We did some more filming and hopped in taxis to La Cour Du Marais where the press day was held. There was more filming outside where Winnie and I pretended to casually walk along the street and chat naturally, and stumble upon a New Look press day! Inside was super cool, possibly because everything in Paris felt unbelievably chic, but the white space was filled with cut out trees and curved rails full of clothesss!

When we walked in the first rail I went to had an army print maxi dress. Whaaat? Army print? I remember back to my Spice Girl days and they seem SO long ago. But does that mean a come back is due? After all this 90s revival has to reach the limit before it falls!

I was pleased to see other maxi dresses though, but forgot all about them when I turned to a rail of farmyard, candycane hotness! That's not what the collection was called but that's what I was thinking, alongside 'yes I need to buy this now!'.

The gingham dress on first look is made for the beach, but really couldn't you just about wear it everywhere! Gingham will be the summer print for sure. There were also high waisted shorts and a lot of denim, perfect for last year's Luella-loving floral copies to evolve into cute farm girls, kind of Christopher Kane mixed with barnyard Chanel.

The denim continued, mixed with lace, crochet and eyelets. Can we go from so much black right now to a spring with white? I hardly remember that colour...! Ruffles and washed denim will take serious getting used to.

It's not the end of shoulders though, especially with this sweater that could go with everything. I'm mentally pairing it with a black maxi skirt.

There will be a plethora of nudes too, faintly embellished and very wearable. Wearing nude is an easy and comfortable way to break out of black and white habits.

The favourite collection of Winnie's and mine was definitely 'Cupcake'! At first I was transported back to the 90s again, when baby pink and black and white polka dots were everywhere, but in the form of kitten heels and 60's a-line coats. But this is different!

Heart mesh!! Heart mesh!!

The best Chanel style jacket I've seen.


And polka dot trousers! I can't wait until these hit the store! As we were browsing we had to record some thoughts on camera and I remember sheepishly holding these up and saying some strange things, so the New Look TV episode is going to be pretty interesting, and possibly very cringey!


We were told the shoes and accessories were upstairs, so we rushed up and swooned over everything.

I don't know how anyone can wear sandals or open-toed shoes to clubs and leave with all toes intact, so closed shoes with amazing ankle details get my vote!

Despite what I just said, these shoes were gorgeous. Pink suede and just the right amount of tarnished, dull bling. And ankle straps and a wedge? Gorgeous!

Cute sandals too.

Winnie and I also checked out the kids room, where we were pretty impressed and quite jealous! We agree to nab the teenage sizes of the cutest things next season.

There was an extensive guys collection, with geek glasses still churning out.

We did some more filming and then went off to join some French bloggers for lunch! Check out the blogs Punky B, La Revue de Kenza, Mademoiz'ELLE, Be Snob and Cookies! Gosh the French girls are stunning.  They are so natural but so chic and beautiful! I kept thinking wow, how can they wear so little makeup! Not fair! Despite language barriers they were all so charming.


Heart-shaped windows!

After a decadent lunch of what I could describe as a selection of delicate vegetable purees (very French haha), we hit the mall (dude)! It's quite strange to be in such a familiar shop yet notice very subtle differences in the shoppers and even the atmosphere.


Here there was the famous style wars challenge! I totally shyed away from this right away and brave Winnie took on Typhanie from Cookies. You should be able to see the challenge when the episode goes live soon. It was pretty cool to see all the filming that goes into the tiny episodes, like shots from so many different angles, and then Winnie and Typhanie had to repeat each take loads, like running into the shop about five times!

Winnie did so well, here she is with a huge armful of clothes, all grabbed in five minutes! I did wonder if contestants secretly got extra time, but it was definitely only five!

Here are a few images from the lookbook, the cat top below is even from the kid's section! And so is the red dress, even if it is a Luella rip. What a day!! Do you like the look of the new things?


The Twinkle In Your Eye

Yay I'm home! I've never appreciated Superdrug so much. SO MUCH! For all these Christmas dos and new year outings I'm just not out to buy new outfits. If you have different events or friendship groups or work dos then guaranteed you haven't worn the same things twice for everyone. And hopefully everything you buy makes you want to wear it a million times! I swear I'm still rotating the same outfits I wore this time last year. But that's another post. Right now I'm thinking it's all about makeup and lashes of course! Maybe pink.

In my little Swedish town there's actually quite a good makeup store. That's actually called Make Up Store. Oooh! It's very similar to MAC so it's strange to have a posh makeup shop and not a shop that sells lots of different makeup, only H&M. Anyway I popped into the Make Up Store shop a lot over the past term as there weren't many places to go and it had cool products that I couldn't quite translate. I bought a blusher that sadly cracked in transit and is now just a powder explosion every time I open it, and two brushes that come in clear resealable tubes that are super handy.

But funnily enough on the last night that my English friends were there, we went to the only club and there was a strange set on the stage and no DJ. At about midnight a random fashion show started! It was for the Make Up Store, even though there was no hope of seeing the makeup from the stage, but I thought the line of gorgeous Swedish girls in huge ball gowns was fabulous! I don't think many other people quite agree but a lot of the boys liked it! The best part was the end of the night where I spotted someone with a gift bag and was very excited for all the girls to get one! There were a few samples and a blue eye shadow which I gave away as I don't wear blue but it was super cool. I stole this picture from my friend, hi Emma!

The best part was a free in store magazine though which is AMAZING! It cements how you can do so many totally different and obscure things with makeup, even though in the stop it all looks so static. I love the 'Babydoll' collection and am thinking gems are the new coloured hair? The best thing is you could take the picture to a different makeup counter here and book a makeover to get the look! I bought the nail varnish above after seeing it in the magazine in the picture below on the guy. The rainbow sparkles photograph better there! They seem to have stores in many places, even the US, but sadly not the UK yet. But lucky for you, you can access the magazine online and all the past issues! And they're in super high quality and you can zoom in. AND it's in English! Here are some of my favourite pictures from the latest issue.