Copenhagen Fashion Week Day Two
London Fashion Week- Day One and Only! Part One...

A Picture an Hour: Borås (to Munich) to Birmingham

I'm home, wahoooo! It's so good to be chilling in my own house! Insanely good. Today I went to the Bullring shopping centre, it was still glorious and I only went to H&M! I documented the day of travelling again at each hour...



Late to bed, early to rise- always the way! I was quite at a loss with what to pack this time because I should really start bringing things home but didn't have much room left and didn't want to eliminate anything! I got these furry hand warmer things as a goodie bag freebie from the Gudrun Gudrun show in Copenhagen and they came in handy when pulling heavy cases that make your hands sore! I reckon they were made from leftover fabric.



On the airport bus very awake and superbly exciting to be visiting home! Usually I have a little snooze time but I was just thinking of all the things I could do and all the people I could see this week!



I had three hours to wait for the first flight so I mooched around the Gothenburg international airport for a bit, obviously loving the HK pez! I did actually buy some spray from Clinique which is basically like water and you can spray it on your face throughout the day, almost like washing and hydrating your face but not moving your makeup! It is so good!



I typed an article for the Manchester student paper and checked out the start of NYFW; I'm incredibly behind on blogs and shows this week, my google reader must be 3000+ posts now argh! I read an interesting article on blogging on but I'm getting really fed up with this blogging hysteria concentrating on blogs with headline grabbing gimmicks. Whatever happened to the content? You rarely read an article that says 'real girls go home and write interesting things other girls want to read!!', it's just about the super rich or super young. Not that there's anything wrong with that but it gives the wrong impression of the fashion blogging world as a whole to outsiders who are just hearing of the phenomenon. It annoys me that some bloggers too have no time or limited content now on their blogs because they have to maintain different sides of their blogs, like dealing with media attention. It's like a catch-22, if your blog is popular you end up having no time for it! I think a motto should be to put your content first, as that's what people return to your blog for, and not just check it out once because they read a scandalous article. But hey, that's just my opinion! Maybe it's different because I've never pushed out my blog, I just let it run it's natural course. I didn't have a comment for about the first six months and I didn't care, it was just fun to blog! The media articles make blogs sound like they're only good for the experiences the blogger can get and you need an amazing life to be popular, but really it's all about dedication and simply enjoying writing; being popular isn't the priority or a measure of a successful blog, I know my favourites haven't been hitting front rows recently (apart from Style Bubble, my eternal favourite!) and I'm more than happy with the content! Thank you for the kind comments on the Copenhagen post; whenever I read about bloggers going to fashion shows I don't care about the review- sure I want to hear the trends and interesting bits (like how Susie writes), but I'd MUCH rather hear about the actual week. You can't go from blogging from your little town to hitting a real life show- what's it like?! Aren't you scared? I was so intimidated and lost and starstruck just in Copenhagen! Hmmm OK an off-course essay there but blogging is so in your face right now, and the majority of blogs that make the blogging world such a success are the ones that are never featured in the media! I might have to do my own post on my favourite blogs because none get the recognition they deserve too!



On the way to Germany! No special reason other than flying to Birmingham makes a huge difference to getting off the plane in London after the tiring flights and having to go underground with cases and keep travelling north. Usually I fly to Copenhagen but there happened to be some cheaper flights via Munich this time so why not! I still haven't posted the evidence of incredibly snowy Sweden- apparently there's the most snow for fifteen years?! It's just not cool now!



My first plane meal of the year, half a sandwich! I'd already ate one but a girl needs her strength. There was a man opposite me who was tapping away on his laptop SO HARD! Like he'd go 'tap tap tap TAP... tap tap tap TAP', bouncing his finger off the enter key about ten feet in the air! I was like please stop pleeeeeease! But inside my head of course.



Munich airport was veeery nice, with a super tempting MAC, Bobby Brown and Kiehls. I had a little look but held back on the impulsing, although I liked this sign! Skeleton boyfriends are underrated.



Maybe I'm a bit weird or sheltered but I thought a shoe shining booth was really strange! It made me a bit uncomfortable to see a suited man on the phone up high while another man was on his knees shining his shoes- can't you shine them yourself Mr! I guess this is a totally normal thing but I thought is looked so odd!



On the plane to Birmingham with Cosmo. I've never read the magazine until one of the Warwick girls in Sweden leant me a copy and I realised it was finally a magazine geared to girls around my age. And the issue was dedicated to girly friendships which was great, I don't understand girls who say they don't like girls and guys are much better to be friends with. Sure I have fab guy friends but I couldn't live without my girlie mates! I liked the playsuit in the top corner by PPQ for Very, but just looking at their website they've used Portia Freeman as the model and after watching her in a random TV documentary there's something about her I'm just not taken with. Same with Daisy Lowe, they seem a bit like they follow the London crowd? I don't know, I don't like slagging off girls I don't know but I do like the playsuit, although I'd have to try it on to see if that shape suited me!



This looks like a what's the object quiz! It was in fact my third sandwich of the day, another twin from the one offered earlier. I had no other options though so it was another plastic wrapped snack fest!



Whenever I pack I always make a reserve pile for the things I can live without taking, but would if I had spare room. The red skirt was one of them and I thought I might as well wear it instead, so I ended up in velvet leggings, my Monki over sized sweater, a tutu skirt and the red skirt underneath. I thought I'd be keeping my coat on but forgot you have to remove it when you go through security checks and it was getting warmer the further I travelled. So I looked a little bag lady crazy, a little kooky, but I was past caring! On this flight there was a bunch of excited school girls who must have been on a German school trip, and for the whole flight they were singing and giggling at the plane noises and screeching, I was like aaargh! When we landed they all applauded and the teacher kept shushing them, although they are forgiven because I was totally an annoying school girl once. I remember one trip to a giant choir concert where my friends and I got lost on purpose just to be naughty! Our designated safety friend told on us though!



Nearly home! I got the train to Birmingham centre and my Mom picked me up. To add to the crazy bag lady look, I had this bright pink shiny case from New Look and to top it off, my main case was this battered fake Burberry affair that my Dad ever so kindly leant me once. I'm not really snobby about things like gadgets or luggage but I wasn't too proud hauling my case off the luggage conveyor belt!



Home finally!! My Mom sometimes writes a cute note on my door and left this postcard reading 'You can never spend too much on ebay.' What a genius statement! She's a rather cool lady but is doing a challenge to not buy any new clothes for the whole year. This means she buys me and my sister things instead though! If you're wondering why my bedroom has a door number, it's not actually my official room, it's just a spare room after I gave my basement room to my brother. And if you're wondering why the spare room has a number, our house was once a guest-house that my Mom ran and the upstairs was for the guests!



I had an insane amount of post for some reason! I finally had the Office velvet platforms delivered to my Grandma in the end and my Mom got me some tights and a book, and then there's another book I got sent to review, a £2.20 fur coat from ebay (yes another one), a new phone so I've actually joined the 21st century and I've totally blinged up, and some London Fashion Week invites!! More on that later...



Chilling on the sofa with my kitty cats, who I still forget we have until I walk in the front door and see them. That's after like three years or something! They don't actually have names still because we couldn't decide. There's just the fat one and the skinny one and then there's the huge, beasty white one from next door that sometimes makes an appearance to chomp some of their food while they just watch on!



I miss 4od and iPlayer so much! Do you have Come Dine With Me anywhere else but the UK? I'm pretty sure I've seen an advert for the Swedish version but my svenska isn't up to much! I can get a few English programmes like Skins online but am missing Friends reruns and the new Snog Marry Avoid season!

Speaking of SMA, I went out in London on Friday with a girl who was on the show!!! One of my friend's housemate's friends and she was totally fab and revealed lots about Pod and the show and everything she owned was all blinged up and fabulous. I'm here for about ten full days and funnily enough (or not hehe) my dates coincided with London Fashion Week, where I went on Friday! It was an incredibly different experience to Copenhagen but in unexpected ways and as usual there were lots of gossip worthy happenings I will write all about asap!! I saw my idol, met incredible bloggers, suffered immense pain, and got shot by loads of random people that I can't find online at all! If you see any photos of a red curly girl in stupidly high shoes, send them my way!

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