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I couldn't help but notice that Aldo have a superbly cute campaign for spring 2010. Jessica Stam hasn't been around for ages, maybe because she apparently put on 5 pounds, shock horror! Maybe she discovered Ballerina biscuits?! Well of course she looks unbelievably stunning and her feline face lends so well to the kitschy pictures shot by Terry Richardson; or the guy with the glasses as I tend to remember!

By the way, as with all posts, this content isn't sponsored, I just really love the campaign! I also love/hate how at the beginning of spring you make all these plans of how you will dress during the summer. Sometimes this is great because, if you have a vision, you end up buying things you really love and impulsing. But as I found last summer, I just didn''t have enough cool places to wear my planned outfits! Things tend to fall into a super casual meet ups with friends or a night out, I never seem to have the inbetween daytime events that daily-outfit-photo bloggers flounce around in heels for. Then again it seems some girls wear 5 inches to the supermarket! This isn't really the norm around my little high street but in the summer I do get a lot wear out of vintage dresses. And I realised why I go off vintage in the winter; because a vintage dress is light and airy but I don't want to be snuggled into something that's thick with the second hand smell. Do you feel the same? Thankfully eBay is inundated with cute 60's, 70's and 80's summer dresses; Brits should utilise the US site!


But back to Jessica, these shots are totally things I want to wear for summer. There's nothing especially new but the hair is very cute and it's a reason why I don't wear accessories ever. I've tried but it's so weird to have something gangling around! The vibe here is uncluttered and carefree. I also like the way the polka dot cardigan is belted and put with little shorts and ankle socks. We all own a cardigan right?

This isn't even all the pictures! I've chose the most retro ones, but check out the video above for more and the Swedish Glamour magazine site for them all. The sandals worn with the ankle socks aren't really that mary-jane inspired, but maybe that's better because they're much more versatile? Although you do feel like you need some summery heels, but then when it's hot and sunny, I never want to clomp around in uncomfortable heels!

From excessive watching of The Hills (funny research for fashion job interviews, haha remember Stephanie's for People's Rev. in The Hills?), I'm a bit obsessed with bare legs for summer. I always wear sheer black patterned tights if I go on a night out, mostly heart or bow print at the moment. But I feel like you can wear even more makeup and have even bigger hair if you cut down your outfit, so just a dress and amazing shoes would be very cool. My go-to Topshop platform heels bit the dust a while ago and I only have the bright pink pair I randomly got from Dorothy Perkins, which aren't always practical. So while browsing the Aldo site I saw they'd made some trend sections and one was for nude shoes. Ah how great would fabulous makeup and big hair and a fierce but cute dress be with nude heels and bare legs? Hopefully would look totally cool but in a very effortless way, like you've just put on such a plain pair of heels but they're actually very cool. And I always read in magazines that nude heels are really flattering as they lengthen your legs.

The Aldo pairs are £70 each and seem quite high, but the shape is faultless. On a totally different wavelength, how about fabulous makeup, big hair, a fierce but cute dress, and some statement shoes? The Irregular Choice shoes on the right are on the  Schuh site right now but wouldn't the bows drag on the floor? If you had to remove them it would be such a shame! But I found the shoes on the left in the Irregular Choice webshop and they look hottt! The peep toes is a worry for incoming stilettos of other dancing girls but I love a chunky heel with a platform.


I just had to show you this pair I also found while browsing, hahaha! Imagine if you were on a bus or something and someone got on with these. Undoubtedly fabulous but I think these could be too much on the kooky side for me! I thought the white part of the wedge was cut-out at first!



Disaster struck on Saturday night when my laptop suddenly went to battery power so the power cable seems to have broken. Or at least I hope it's only the cable! Therefore I have no internet access, no way to call home, no way to do work, no way to listen to music or watch films/TV, nada! I'm utilising the school computers all day for school work but for the past few nights I've had literally nothing to do... nothing! Like I've got about three books here and one is a Swedish tour guide, I've reread all my magazines, and there's no more to buy despite them being about a fiver each too! I'm flying hope in under 2 weeks now so there's not long to wait. It's not the end of the world! Or at least that's what I'm trying to tell myself... now I've been sat at this library computer for four hours and must take a break, but I can't go all the way home and come all the way back again. But we must always look on the bright side, so at least this is a way I can check out all the cute Swedish students for the final time! The boys here have the best complexions and cheekbones. Have a nice week!

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