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When's the date, mr leopard?

I'm trying to curb my spending as I've got far enough clothes to sustain me for a few years before they literally start falling off my back! And you have to ask yourself, do you need more than that? So if there's something especially attractive that I keep thinking about, I know it's worth buying as I'll actually wear it. One such thing are some leopard print lace-up wedges from Weekday. I should never have formed an undying love with Swedish shops because I have to love them and leave them so soon, but Elisabeth of Thrills and Frills posted the Weekday SS10 lookbook and the shoes jumped out straight away. I'm not really a shoe person but these would transcend seasons to come and look good with everything. Gothenburg is far away so I rang up the two stores on Skype to find if the shoes have arrived yet. This was last week and I've been ringing ever since, so hopefully they're not too annoyed by the girl that starts with 'Hiii, um, can you speak English, is that OK??? I need shoes!' Well it's not quite like that, but that's the gist. They have deliveries each day so I'm hoping they'll come in soon! I'll be straight down there when they do, the last wedge boots sold out so fast! These are very Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony right?

I think I'll save them for England though because the blanket of snow has now become the blanket of ice; my tail bone has never seen so much ground! So embarrassing! I went to a Mexican party in flats and we were contemplating how to get up an ice hill when a random passer-by suggested walking across the snow instead of the path. I ended up knee deep! 

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