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Just as I make my first vlog, Youtube goes down. Maybe that's a sign!? I didn't know how to feel when I met bloggers at London Fashion Week who had business cards and dotcoms and yet only started up last week, whereas this grandma blog has been running strong for over three years! Things seemed to have just sailed along in the past years but not so much the past months, so slowly but surely I've got things in order and I'm back to posting at least every other day most of the time. I've also sorted out my Twitter and placed a link in the side bar to the left (some may recognise it as my old header picture) <<<<< but as I use my full name as my Twitter name, I seem to be getting more Facebook friend requests. Most of my friends are in all different places and even countries so I prefer to keep Facebook to people I've met in real life or else I would never see what my friends are up to! Plus maybe it's a bit too much information to put out there; I do get some funny emails sometimes, and not funny in the good way! So I made a very narcissistic feeling fan page and will set up a link so statuses are posted when new posts go up here, so you'll know right away if you're a fan!

And if that wasn't enough, I decided to make a new Youtube channel and start vlogging! This isn't a rash decision as I've watched Youtube videos religiously for years and I've been preparing for a while. Most are makeup channels but recently I've started watching beauty vloggers who chat about beauty products and makeup, and review their favourites, talk about hauls (a bunch of new stuff), do tags, but generally it's like reading a blog because they slip in things about their own lives and you find yourself becoming a regular watcher. I've been meaning to do a post on my favourite Youtubers but I want to showcase my favourites and do them justice, so I've been waiting for the perfect moment when I can organise the post well enough. Tell me what you think, and this may be a horrible video but it's trial and error! Tomorrow I'll do one that's more beauty based, as writing about beauty products and makeup is really hard on a blog because they're all about the reviews, and I find spoken reviews are better than written reviews. I don't reveal too much on here about the amount of makeup I buy and how many products I have, but tomorrow I'll make another video on the products I can't take home with me so won't be able to talk about again. I promise I won't fidget as much! Any thoughts or requests or criticism would be very helpful! P.S. I'm still a blog addict at heart, always will be!

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