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Saying goodbye to Sweden


Hi guys! It feels like a long time since my last post but it's only been a few days! So much has happened, I've moved back home to Birmingham in England from Sweden and have hopefully finished the main part of my Erasmus year. What a year! I hope you've enjoyed the posts from there, from rare but detailed shopping trips to Gothenburg, to gossip filled trips to Scandinavia and beyond. It's been so useful to have a recorded log of all my times and feelings, and so thank you for being there to share it with! It's all a bit up in the air at the moment as I did leave earlier than normal, but Swedish Unis have four terms and I completed my credits in the first three. As there's not a lot to do in the winter months, I couldn't face staying indoors doing nothing for two more months and I'd spend the time instead travelling to see other Erasmus friends, so I might as well go from home! Saying goodbyes was very hard though as all the people I've met live in different countries and continents, so it was the last time I'll probably see them again. Despite being a Leo, I did not want a huge hoo-ha and managed to say a quiet goodbye to all of the special people I've met and most of the faces I've know for this term or the year. 


The day was especially strange as it was the first sunny day literally since about September. The weather looked exactly like it did the very first day I arrived in August and from my window the clear sky stretches out forever. It took so long to clear out all my things and I left behind over 20 Elles, Glamours, and various others like a Pop and a stack of Looks. I also had a humongous box of toiletries as it was impossible to time everything so I used the last drop of shampoo on the last day or the last squeeze of face wash. I was so ruthless with my clothes and shoes and didn't bring back any towels or my hairdryer or sheets or basically anything that I could buy again. And still my cases wouldn't get under the 30kg mark and I paid £80 excess baggage fees!!!!!!! Painful!!! But by the time I'd carried over 40kgs, that included the excess and hand luggage, to Gothenburg and then on to the airport, I just accepted I had to pay; I'd whittled everything down so much!


I did however stress I would wear as much as I could to the airport and my good friend Chi documented it for me. I left half my wardrobe and text books with him so he'd better come visit me in England this summer! He kindly documented what I wore, which I chose as my heaviest items or things I could layer easily. First I had on a H&M ballerina style dress with stiff tulle underskirts and a Topshop purple long cardigan. Over the top I put my ASOS long-sleeved maxi dress but tied it at the waist in a big knot so I wasn't dragging it on the floor and getting caught in my case wheels! I also wore alll my necklaces and some thick shiny nylon/spandex leggings by Chelsea Rebelle with bows on the back and knee high Topshop wool socks over the top.


I put my red skater skirt underneath that I made as a fresher and a heavy Topshop 50's style cherry dress over, which I couldn't do all the way up by now!


Then I put my Monki sweater over the top of everything, which made me look pregnant and insane.


Then my Monki hoodie with pompoms went over and eventually my New Look swing coat, that by this time couldn't actually do up! From every angle I was bulked out and generally looked like a crazy bag lady. The sunny day turned out to be bad as I was very hot all the way to the airport, which took three hours, but never fear, I was quite comfy on the plane!

I came home to a big surprise that I'll share with you tomorrow, and I'll made a video too! I also want to do a big post wrapping up all the things I bought in Sweden and maybe all the things I've done if you're interested, but I can just keep it to the clothes! I do have plans in the next months hopefully but I'm putting all my efforts into great blog content and creating up-to-date posts always.

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