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Arcadia AW10 - Miss Selfridge


Onto Miss Selfridge! As I said before, I was lucky enough to attend the Arcadia AW10 press day and it was superbly fancy and fabulous. I probably walked in some crazy directions as I visited each brand more than once and veered off the track straight away to check out Miss Selfridge. Their section of the room was a sublime forest, you totally forgot you were in a fancy white hall and felt like it was autumn rather than spring. It must have taken a long time and a very creative team to put up the trees, shrubs, and leaf-covered double bed in the centre. As the area was dark and spotlighted, some photos are a little more blurry than I'd like but hopefully you can see the new stock!


So all of the Miss Selfridge stuff was displayed on mannequins, so it really did feel quite special to wander around and gaze at the scenery rather than thumb through a rail. As you first walked in though, you encountered this questionable peachy/coral embellished dress, floor length with a cut out cleavage. This dress stood so sorely out from the realm of 70's fur and black that I was a bit surprised, but as these clothes will all make perfect sense in six months, you have to take a step back and think forward. Hmmm I'm not planning on wearing a stretchy coral dress just yet, but it definitely stuck in my mind and woke me up. 


The outfit on the left is an example of what should become the norm come winter- fur gillets or jackets. Fur still has a stigma of belonging to divas or lux wannabes, or at least I feel like a diva when I wear fur! I've only ever see fur on older ladies who strut around or vintage fur on younger people. But hopefully it will be more wearable next season and become a boy-friendly fashion i.e. become so mainstream that fashion confused boyfriends won't bat an eyelid. I often rate items on a scale of boy-friendliness. If shaggy fur becomes really mainstream, it leaves room to be really creative and wear it in different cuts, colours, and textures.


Fur bags again popped up in each store and this MS one was my favourite shape and colour, apart from the thin gold chain. A bit chunkier and less bling would be perfect.


The main focus of MS was maxi dresses in winter. MS seem to make their trade off key items, so they'll be throwing out long dresses as staples. I never impulse in there or buy little things, it always seems too expensive! Like clogs, if you buy a maxi dress this season that isn't only fit for over a bikini on the beach, you'll be good to go all year. They're bringing out a heavy 70's vibe with floral and native prints in purple, blue, brown, burgundy and orange. I love the 70's and will totally be wearing my flared high waisted jeans with fur jackets, and possibly some maxi dresses too. Once you find one at the right length, you will be an addict. I filmed for the T4 show Frock Me on Saturday (blog post to come, it was so cool!) and wore my ASOS maxi dress for the second time, and they feel so great! Not only do you feel tall and slim, but they're so comfortable because they hide so much and feel really relaxed. 


MS fuzzed up their clogs but added studs for an even more rustic, folk feel. Still don't know how you walk in them but maybe practice makes perfect! Next pair I see, I'm trying on.


If clogs aren't your thing, how about fluffy booties? It's really bugging me but I think in an old musical a girl is given a pair of slippers with fur around and they look really teeny and she puts them on and clicks her feet together like yaaay. Argh so annoying, what film is it?! I had a google and it just struck me, this is a bit weird but remember in The Little Princess and Becky is given some shoes with fur around? They reminded me of that! 

I lingered around these platforms for a looong time because I am a total mary jane girl, and I remember a time about four years ago when they didn't sell shoes like this in shops. Seriously! And I remember five years ago when they didn't sell ballet shoes or flats, and my friend got a gold pair and it was like, 'woah, you have flat little shoes in the shape of ballet pumps, insanity!'. Wow I sound old!


MS always has a great accessories range (and an even better sale at the end of the season!) so it wasn't surprising to see a chandelier of pearls and feathers  This is leading onto the next collection but I'd just like to point out the shearling jacket! You can't avoid them, they are coming for you! Warmed up to them yet?


Like Dorothy Perkins, MS has a gothic, Twilight-themed collection, with lots of little black dresses with velvet, lace and pearls. Sorry for the bad picture but I thought best to include this cute dress with the heart cut-out at the back with beaded fringing. Remember my post below on how far designers can take the Luella rip-off heart cut-out? I think this is a great example of being inspired but totally twisting the look on it's head and creating something new. Good work!


I loved this pearl collar too, reminded me of Carrie of WishWishWish!


As you rounded the displays, you went into a more lux version of the folk trend. The green, shiny dress shows things really will be earth toned and rich this autumn. Have you noticed there's nothing bright, kitschy, or printed yet? Say good bye to your retro, girly things of this spring because the direction in autumn will be so different! In fact in each collection at the presentation I didn't see anything flirty or in a funny print, so start contemplating that to save money later. Of course you wear what pleases you most but when the shops stop bringing out cute things and head off somewhere else, it's easier to consider it now and plan ahead than feel stuck with all the things you bought now that don't fit in with the new things you can buy.


It really is all about the dress and the coat, with this fur collared and cuffed jacket being one of my favourites. It's not a swamping coat that would hide your outfit but it's still warm enough to last through winter. Also loved this poofy prom dress, would love to have an excuse to wear this! 


Sitting on the bed was a mannequin in a heart printed hat, the only cute print I saw. And still all coats were furred up, so at least we will be warm in winter!

A main attraction was this maxi dress, which I couldn't photograph very well but it has a sheer, detailed back falling onto the sleeves too. This would be amazing for evening but so easily covered up during the day. A very 'Miss Selfridge' coat was this twee, ruffled one. This stuck out of the collection but it goes with the usual MS vibes or being quite Gossip Girl-y. They threw on a fur scarf but it still stands out! And as you can see from the first picture, where will be cute, little coats with double buttons. Overall, they've really homed in on the themes they wanted to follow and have a huge variation of the folk trend, but not forgetting their signature mini dresses and cute detailing.

I'll be posting Evans, Wallis, Burton, Topman and Topshop throughout the week, including accessories for all stores and a peek at Topshop makeup! I'm heading to London for the month tomorrow and I am really quite scared as I'm going to some very important places but I'll try my best to have the most amazing experience possible! Wardrobe planning is a nightmare though, why do all my things just make me look about 12?!?!

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