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Still on major hiatus but continuously trying to find a pad that has internet access. Right now I'm in an internet cafe complete with babies and dogs, and a girl crying on Skype in a different language behind me. By far I'd love to be at a blog meet up happening in a cupcake shop today but I have no life, let alone clothes, right now and so I'm sorry to all the girls I could have met!

But you might have seen a few bloggers taking part in the show Frock Me on T4, and I'm one of them! Tune into Channel at 13.25 tomorrow where I'll be guest judging the Birmingham Frock Off. Frock Me is less Gok Wan and his waist belts, more super cool runway fashion with Alexa Chung, Henry Holland and the lady I got to meet, Gemma Cairney. When I was asked I immediately thought 'eek argh no I'd love to not have my mug on national TV', but you can't turn something like this down just because you are shy of looking like an idiot! So I said yesyesyes and found myself at the Bullring, Birmingham's major shopping centre, on a cloudy Saturday surrounded by crowds of shoppers. These crowds were certainly not for me of course, the amazing Gemma was doing shots in front of the entrance and many nosey people of the Midlands were hovering and asking what was going on. They probably would have stopped anyway because Gemma looked so eye catching and gorgeous in a little babydoll dress, tight high black stocks, and chunky red heels. I'd never really thought about presenting before until I was part of the New Look YouTube programme at the Paris press day, and saw the many, many takes and repeats. But Gemma had to stand there in the freezing, windy weather with people making faces at the camera and staring at her, and perform links to the camera like there was no one there! She even got on the bull statue, which if you haven't seen it, it's huge and climbing is generally banned due to many drunken injuries previously caused!

The team were exceptionally nice and had so many things to contend with, and I was chatting with the MAC makeup artist Naomi when girls were asking for Gemma's autograph. Thankfully she had a huge knitted, vintage coat to throw on as soon as the filming of each take stopped and she was lovely to all the teenage girls crowded around. Naomi gave them loads of makeup artist advise too, she was seriously cool and kindly sent me the face charts for the looks she did on Gemma. I should have asked what she was wearing as predictably she had amazing makeup, and a really cool top or jacket with a black lace hood.

For the Birmingham show (and any MAC obsessives out there), she used Smolder, Quarry and Contrast shadows on the eyes, Coygirl on the cheeks, Faux lipstick and a Smile dazzleglass. I heard they were filming since 8am and I only saw the lipstick being touched up once after a cheesy Wotsits break!

For the Bristol show she used Coral Crepe paint pot, Rule and Embark shadows, Dainty blush, and Vegas Volt on the lips.

I got to watch the filming for a while and meet the two girls who were doing the 'Frock Off'. They were given the theme Americana and £100, and had to beg, borrow and steal an outfit to catwalk at the end of the show. It was my job to judge the winner, eeek! I am the least competitive person ever and get more joy out of the other person winning than thinking they would feel defeated and sad if I won something, so ideally I would not have done this job! But both girls were lovely and got to keep the outfits, but it was still really hard to pick. I'm not sure how they'll edit the show but both had picked up some great stuff and had a different take on the trend.

In the other shows they don't feature the bloggers too much (yay!) but I had to casually walk past the Bullring a few times and stage a little blogging on one of the stone seats, not that I ever blog outside my house! I had a chat with Gemma to give my opinion on the trend, and while trying to speak normally and look subtly happy and cool, all you can think is 'actnaturalactnaturalactnaturalactnatural', and so I most likely looked a bit freaky deeky. We did it in one take too, so I guess they're stuck with my ramblings; oh well, all in the name of fun! The judging was done in loads of takes and both girls were so great, I felt really bad deciding the winner! But I'm sure the show will be great as the team were amazing and worked so hard ALL day long. I wore an ASOS maxi dress and my lace H&M jacket with wedges, and of course a hair bow! You can get more news on the Facebook fan page and check out the teaser video before. To international readers, I'll try to get the clips online somehow! Don't scroll down as the picture below reveals the winner, save the suspense until tomorrow!

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