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Hiatus Update

Hello! Anyone still out there? Apologies x a million, the place I'm staying at in London didn't have internet access so I've been stranded all week. No email, YT, blog, anything! Of course there are internet cafes but it takes about an hour to go through emails, two+ to go through blogs, and then about two to actually blog myself, so sitting in a cafe wasn't really possible! I'm on the computer at work atm and will abuse McDonald's wifi tomorrow as I can't last much longer, one week is enough! I'll be staying somewhere different next week but for now I'll write posts before and then go to a wifi spot to publish them. Last week was OK because I could focus on work experience and sort myself out in London, but my GoogleReader may explode at any minute and I have a bulging email account. Miss blogging so much! Speak to you all soon.
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