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Arcadia AW10 - Topshop

Arcadia AW10 - Evans

Home for the summer wooooooooo!! I've been storing these photos for far too long though, and is it just me or has all this hot weather brought on Autumn thinking? I'm not planning on buying any more summery things because I've already got loads and I'm not lucky enough to have any holidays abroad booked. It also feels like the countdown to going back up to Manchester for my final year which judging by all the news from my friends completing their degrees, it's just about the worst year ever! But what with the growth of blogs and general competition in the fashion and retail industry, next year needs to be super focused and fashionable. Time to start planning!

So when I hit the Arcadia AW10 press day, I didn't pass up the Evans area; of course I had a mooch everywhere and I wasn't just there to look for myself but to share. And it definitely exceeded every expectation I had. I'm signed up to every store newsletter including Evans so I knew they create some on-trend stuff and I bloody love Crystal Renn, but I wasn't expecting so many great things one after the other, making for a seriously strong collection.

I've never been the biggest maxi dress fan before and now I've got three; I'm sure maxis are insanely good this year. All the Arcadia brands had winter maxis and I'll be wearing mine this autumn I hope. They look the best with jackets rather than coats and Evans had an amazing shearling jacket that you can see poking out in this photo, but the single photo didn't turn out. The head designer told me they modeled it on an air fighter pilot jacket found at a flea market in America, which is pretty cool for a plus-size retailer.

They had a load of lingerie but I'm just not much of a lingerie buyer? I don't need to invest in expensive bras and prefer cute stuff anyway so lace and satin makes me glaze over. However I did like the little tee that was almost like secret lounging around, slob wear but hot!


I have no idea how the first collection went down in terms of sales but they've officially got Beth Ditto back on board to design another collection. 


These are examples of key things that I didn't think Evans were quite fashion forward enough to stock, but considering they're the sister of Topshop, Miss Selfridges and Dorothy Perkins, it's no wonder.


I really liked the boots, especially the knee high pair. Some I got in Sweden are almost the same but the laces are at the back.


This coat was very inviting as it was dusty purple, especially soft, and the fur was even twirled into roses. Every time I see these pics it gets more and more attractive, and if this was stocked in Topshop you'd probably think twice. Come winter I might take a closer look at a small size.


The coat on the left is actually a rich navy blue with bright red buttons, and you can just see the sleeve in the bottom corner in the true colours. Loved it!

Was also eyeing up the duffel coat in plaid as there's so many woodstock and hippy vibes all around. I need to invest in some hair tongs for some huge waves pronto!

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