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help! can't accessorise!

I'm really, really bad at accessorising. I just can't do accessories! I don't really understand how you accessorise well. If Coco Chanel said you should remove one piece of jewellery before you leave the house, I would be wearing -1. All my clothes are so different and an accessory like a necklace, for example, seems to need to be the right length and style to go with each single top or dress, and how can you own an accessory for everything?! I may be generalising but if I put a certain necklace with 95% of my wardrobe, it won't look great, and then there may be one outfit that it suits. I just can't accessorise!


When I shop I always have something in mind and it's hard to aim for an accessory because they're all so different. When browsing the accessory section of a store, everything seems so fancy in it's own right that nothing jumps out as something I could continuously wear. The high street often only seems to offer bronzed, boho or retro, plastic stuff, which I can't imagine wearing. When I put together an outfit, to me it looks fine without accessories because all the elements are enough for me, but I can see how amazing jewellery can make or break one. I do think really eye-catching pieces boost an outfit into a really well thought-out and cleverly styled area and I can see they're like the cherry on the cake. Jen Brill's wrist bling totally makes the outfit above by adding a lux and glamourous element to an otherwise edgy outfit. I love overly girly, pimped out styles with loads of makeup and big hair and bright heels for going out at night, and I would love to wear some fab extras to make an outfit more fun. 


Models don't really wear accessories in photo shoots and on the runway unless it's a highly edited piece that the outfit wouldn't be without, and I'm trying to get my head around how I can emulate that. Often you see major statement pieces out there, especially by Freedom jewellery which I always check out in Selfridges as the concession in much bigger there than in Topshop, with a better sale too! You know the humongous necklaces you see out there in every collection? They're something I'd never buy because it feels like the outfit built around requires a delicate balance. I always forget the accessories I own and it's a bit time consuming to check everything out and untangle chains. I'm going to hunt on eBay for a ring box like the one above! Belts and scarfs? Forget it! In my mind it's an impossible task to comb stores for the perfect belt. Maybe it's because clothes are generally unique when you buy something original and exciting, but every shop has tonnes of accessories and I'd feel I'd have to check it allll out before buying one thing. I used to impulse on cheap jewellery when I used to shop in Primark but I don't anymore and the novelty of my buys wore off so quickly that I'd hardly every go to wear them.


It's my aim to get better at all this and it won't be hard in the next few months as I have to wear a uniform t-shirt with jeans for work and so have free reign over shoes and jewellery. To tempt myself I'm going to try and wear rings all the time. The more mis-matching, the better with rings it seems! I hate things jangling around and basically hitting me when I walk like giant pendants but I can do a few bangles easily enough, and maybe some earrings? It's my summer resolution! I picked up these rings in the sale today and may injure myself with this major knuckle duster bling but nothing makes you feel more elaborate and even delicate than a huge ring. I'd love an over-sized, misshapen crystal ring but they all seem quite pricey online, but the amber heart is one step in the direction. The bracelet wasn't in the sale but it matches Lady Gaga's Viva Glam MAC lipstick perfectly, and like my friend Ellie said, wearing it makes you feel cool by association! The triple ring is a little big but I just thought of getting a teeny, clear plastic hair tie and wrapping it just above the ring on a finger a couple of times to create a barrier? Hopefully by the end of the summer accessorising will be more natural as 95% of the time I leave the house with NO jewellery at all, even when going out at night! Do you find it easy to wear accessories? Do you pick them at random and throw them on and go, or spend time selecting the best ones to suit your outfit?


Pics from To Love With Studs, Dirty Little Style Whore, Jewellery from River Island.

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