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my not so miu miu nails

I might have to rethink my local nail salon because as much as I like the lovely technicians, things are not looking so good. I know most of their clientèle particularly favourite nails with white tips and playboy bunnies, but today I took in a picture of the amazing Miu Miu-inspired nails doing the rounds on lots of blogs by Stop It Right Now (sorry I can't find her name anywhere!). They're black swallows on a pink background and I thought the salon might be able to do some freestyle but they could only find a stencil of doves, and then painted the base black. I would have stopped them but I was in there for nearly three hours as I got my gel nails removed and redone, and I wasn't watching intently the whole time! When the lady took out some black polish I thought it was for the birds, and once one nail was painted I just thought ah why not just see how it turns out this way. The birds ended up being white though and it does not look anything like how I wanted. Oh well!

I have work tomorrow and think I'm out after so I can't decide whether to paint them or have this design for a few days. Seems a terrible waste of a good polish to take it all off hours after doing it. I'll just have to make up for it with nice rings; I just got this sparkly skull ring in the post and love it! It's sold on Tanya Burr's website, an amazing makeup artist and vlogger with a huge YouTube channel. I'm doing a post on my favourite YouTubers soon but Tanya has fantastic tutorials and really useful haul and info videos, plus some really funny and entertaining daily life videos or tags with her boyfriend and family on her vlog channel. She's one of the few makeup artists on YouTube too who actually have favourite products and mention those often, rather than switching always and reviewing products sent for free even if they are not relevant or widely available.

The rings are sold out now but she gets new stock regularly and the skull rings are incredibly sparkly and the actual skull has little teeth and rounded cheekbones, it's actually kinda cute! I couldn't capture the Swarovski sparkles in the picture but sometimes it's hard to look at because it catches the light so much! Loads of customers asked about it when I wore it on Thursday and sadly two little crystals have fallen out. I was on the cash desk all afternoon so I'd probably save this for a less abrasive activity but I would wear it all the time otherwise.

I'm going to make a video possibly tomorrow on gel nails so I'll post it here too! If you bite your nails, they're the only way to go.

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