H! look at me!
help! can't accessorise!

no more nibbling!

If you're a long time reader, you may remember aaaages ago (well, one year), I finally kicked my nail biting habit when I got gel nails. I'd bit my nails for a whole decade and there was no way I would ever naturally stop biting them, unless I never wanted to read a book again or get stressed! But gel nails work great on even the teeniest nails and your natural nails grow perfectly underneath. At the nail salon they do expect you to wear them very long and even when I requested them to keep being cut down, I still found it really weird to have them and after about a week they started snapping or cracking one by one, either due to chopping food or knocking them. But they managed to grow and I've been painting them obsessively ever since, and am now an official Barry M loon.

But in the past few weeks when I was just sorting out the end of the year, I wasn't changing my polish as it would have been a waste, and a couple of nails broke. I've been staying at my Nan's loads and as she doesn't have the internet, I've been reading loads, and that's when I don't even notice I've bitten off all my nails! So they were looking a sorry state when I was about to go for a job interview last week and so, during an England match, I popped to a local salon and has more gel saviours! Sadly they turned out a little unexpected.


The nail artists were all from Vietnam and not only did I leave with a few sayings, I also left with some superbly chav-tastic creations! I got powder gel this time and they are so strong and thick that there is no way they would EVER snap off. You have to be careful not to catch them on anything encase they pull up the nail they are stuck to, ouch! But it is amazing to have absolutely perfect nails and they paint like a dream. I didn't request any colours but the lady brought over a fluorescent green and a pink polish and alarm bells started ringing! Hot green and pink thick nails? That's not going to impress a high street fashion store if I'm repping some fantastic plastic! I didn't want to boss anyone around and things were getting lost in translation anyway so I suggested pink and blue, but it turned out the plan was for white tips with streaks and glitter. Really not me at all!!


Thankfully the designs just came straight off and I went for a Barry M lilac for the interview, where I saw all the girls have long nails anyway (can you guess the store?)! It's been a funny day today though where it's suddenly the middle of the evening and I was feeling pretty unproductive after spending hours trying to catch up with my google reader, to no avail. Then I remembered one of the fantastic Tuesday Tips from gorgeous Gem of Gem Fatale, an amazingly thrifty and creative blog, and it has actual English student-type references! I think I've been brainwashed by all the blog posts I've read today but it is truly nice to read fashion gossip that's actually understandable and accessible. I'm subscribed to too many blogs that are all five-billion-pound-camera shots and daily 5inch designer heels. Also I've been reading Gem Fatale for ages! Truly one of my favourite blogs.

One of Gem's previous Tuesday Tips was how to DIY some Wah inspired leopard print nails, including a very funny video! It was very easy to follow and now I've got one hand of marvy nails for work tomorrow, which might make up for having to wear jeans for the time being. Haven't worn skinny jeans in years arghhh!


I used NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel 108A Polyester Pink Creme (GREAT pink but quite streaky at first), Barry M Nail Paints in 279 Bright Pink and 47 Black, and Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base and Top Coat.

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