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A Lil Catch Up

Hi guys! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a week, there hasn't been a gap like that in a while! I've worked a lot and things have happened every day, and yesterday I just had to go to sleep at 6pm and didn't wake up until 2am! It's been a really weird week and hopefully next will be better as it's my 21st birthday, arghhh.


Last Friday my Mom, Chloe and I went to the theatre with my Nan for her birthday to see The Sound of Music, the one where Maria was found on the TV show? I didn't watch it but it was a really great show, especially all the children in sailor outfits! We had a box because my Nan isn't great at sitting for too long and you can't actually see all of the stage too well, but at one point some nazis had to stand in the boxes closest to the stage next to ours just to look a bit scary and set the scene, and when we noticed the dude in the opposite box we had a peek round the wall of ours and there was this huuuge nazi man in full uniform with a gun glaring at us look round! Haha he was so creepy and we were really giggly!

These are my nails at the moment, I followed some gradient tutorials on YouTube where you use a makeup sponge, and stuck on some gems I got in Poundland while a clear topcoat was still tacky. If I'm on the cash desk at work loads of people comment on them and I get so distracted explaining how they're done!


I'm really wanting a new coat for Autumn and Winter and have been stalking everything camel coloured, but a really nice faux fur coat just came into the store I work at and I might have to buy it! The only problem is that it would have to sit pretty for two months and so many other nice coats could be in shops by then! I did buy these River Island boots though because they were in the sale from last season and no one was buying them even though they went down to £15, but they must have been the wisest buy in the shop because shearling will be everywhere in a month and they're brown and sooo comfy! I'll wear these all the time, wearing heels in the day time makes you feel so much more confident I feel. I actually love to dress up when I go to the library, and I mean dress up as in not just go in any old thing and no makeup like you could because it's n0t essential to spend time getting ready to study, but I find if you feel good that day, you get more done and want to spend more time in there! Also my friends and I might just sit ourselves in the science sections because it is a known fact that medics are hot. You can see my cat poking out here!


Another reason that I haven't felt like posting towards the end of the week was that when I woke up for a meeting on Thursday morning our neighbour was in our living room because she'd just saw one of our cats had been knocked down by a car. My Mom had brought her in and she was so so perfect apart from one cut on her leg and because I was just getting a cup of tea as I'd just woke up, it was so surreal and just like a dream as that cat was the more lively one and was always nudging you to stroke her and jumping all round my room and now she's not here anymore. I'm so sad and we are all really upset; our cats were now only three year old sisters and from a sanctuary so she was lucky to have a really lovely life and it breaks my heart that the other cat is now so sad and lonely.


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