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Bloggers Galore - Part Two!

Bloggers Galore - Part One!


Sorry for not being around recently, it hasn't been a very good few weeks and rather than the usual reasons of being busy or tired, I just haven't felt like being enthusiastic about anything. But a total exception to this was a fantastic day in London on Monday for a meet up with some fabulous bloggers! Blog meet ups aren't really about meeting just because you have a website, it's about meeting people with whom you've developed a friendship with online and really want to have a real conversation with! Also you want to have a real impression rather than a 2D image on a screen and a voice rather than a font. I'm sure if you're reading this, you've most likely read the blog of at least one of the lovely ladies at the day and they all have much better photos (see here, here, here and here!). I have no photos of myself on my camera but there are many in their posts, including a fun poke at some classic blogger poses and a jumping gif! It was a cloudy but stuffy day and London is stuffy most of the time so it was hard to know what to wear, but I've found that when going to blog meets it's best not to make any extra effort at all! It might be different if you were going to an organised event where there were people you didn't know but if the blogger you will see is a good online friend and reader, they already know your style! Wear something comfortable and really others are focusing on your personality because they've never seen it before! Maybe that's easy for me to say though because all the bloggers I've met looked beauuutiful! I wore my favourite ever vintage dress which is probably about three years old! I knew I'd be comfortable in it all day and wouldn't need to think about it, but I did have semi-fake tan dramas and wore tights so I wouldn't need to deal! 

I got the train to London with Winnie of Diamond Canopy as we've met a few times before and we're both Birmingham bloggers! We were chatting all day about the possibility of a Birmingham meet or visit to the Forever 21 opening, which we'll have to discuss more as an open meet is a bit more of a networking, introduction thing. I do read a lot of blogs (subscribed to 328 at this very moment in time!) but there must be a gazillion more out there, and that's not including some that I can't subscribe to on googlereader and have to check when I remember! Anyway, if you've ever had the pleasure of meeting Winnie or can call her a friend then you are very, very lucky because she is the definition of kind-hearted and lovely. She also has one of my favourite blogs. In fact everyone at this meet has one of my favourite blogs! It was a pleasure to travel with Winnie, her style is a great example of being accessible by mere mortals (quite uncommon in the blogosphere!) but she has loads of quirky bits from other countries or unique brands. Meeting people you don't necessarily know in real life means you discuss things rather than just gossip!

Soon we were in London and we hopped on the tube to South Kensington and saw Kristabel of I Want You To Know in the station distance. Winnie and I both had met Kristabel before for some cupcake and shopping action and her blog is a really rich read because she has just spent a term interning in New York! I'm so impressed by her knitting skills as that's her degree field and throughout the day she was noting cool fabric patterns and techniques. Kristabel is a pleasure to be with as she's full of chatter and positivity totally radiates from her! Could this be due to her gorgeous skin? Possibly! Getting fabulous glowing skin is my current obsession.

The meet came about because infamous Rebecca of The Clothes Horse (omg, I feel like that should be in capitals or something because it's The Clothes Horse!!!) is visiting Europe this summer with her sister and she contacted us about a meet. I've been reading TCH almost from the very beginning and remember when outfit shots were in dorms rather than forests! But what an amazing opportunity to meet a blogger that creates posts that make you go woooow every single day! Unlike many of us, Rebecca goes into detail about her fashion and art loves on her blog but will not natter about random things, so meeting her felt really special because I didn't totally know what to expect!  We came out the station and were right away all face to face, which is surreal for a few minutes but soon seems very normal! Rebecca is every bit as sweet, eloquent and warm-hearted as you'd expect from her lovely blog posts, and it was really cool to heard about some of her amazing trips. The American blogging world has evolved in different ways than here in the UK and it was interesting to discuss and debate comments and freebies and endorsements.

We decided on the Hummingbird Bakery as the perfect place to sample cupcakes and chat, and were very shortly joined by Kylie of Nice and Shiny! Kylie is in London for some time all the way from Canada to live the London life for a while, how cool is that! We discussed meeting last summer when she first came so when this opportunity arose she had to be there! She's one of my nicest commenters and we have loads of random things in common, like her cool and quirky love of British pop music and my childish love of British pop music! Haha OK we all know Girls Aloud and The Saturdays are the best but she was a fellow teen McFly fan and she has an amazing confidence to pull the fiercest poses and wear the coolest clothes. So pleased we met! She inspires me so much!

OK this is already a super epic post and I haven't even got into what we did all day! Rather than continuing this tomorrow, I'll post this up now and do part two tomorrow! There are loads more photos and details xx

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