Bloggers Galore - Part One!
Capes way ahead of time

Bloggers Galore - Part Two!

Hey lovelies! I just looked at my stats and I'm exactly 100 comments away from ten thousand comments, WOW! I've never promoted my blog or left a 'please check out my blog!' note on the end of a comment, and didn't actually get any for about the first four months of writing posts, so every one is like an unexpected gift and I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who's ever commented! I know Typepad blogs aren't as social as blogspot so I really appreciate when people take the time to leave a note. Who will be the lucky 10,000th commenter? I would run a giveaway or something but that only benefits one reader and knowing my luck it would probably be spam! I'll just try my best to keep making as many posts as possible!!:):)

Funnily enough, comments came up at the meet up last week that I wrote about yesterday! It might seem like you'd go through every detail of blogging with other actual bloggers but I always walk away thinking of loads of things I should have brought up and the conversation topics tend to be very wide, not just tech stuff! Our opinions differed from being quite happy to blog without comments to totally loving them. It's unfortunate that the bigger the blog, the more trolls there are, and nowadays I have to delete so many comments that are random things from fake designer bag or trainer sellers. We also talked about bloggers we love and would love to meet (I still haven't met Susie Bubble!!) and etiquette of dealing with (or 99% of the time turning down) companies who want to use your blog for promotion. If you're a blogger, please remember that if you're accepting freebies, consider all the environmental impact that has gone into the manufacture of the item, from crop growing, manufacturing, chemical treatments, labour, and transport, for something that you wouldn't have purchased in the first place. Consider making it a policy to see if the brand is aware of their responsibility to the environment! If you wouldn't have spent your own cash on it in the first place, will you get the use out of the item to justify its creation? Just some food for thought!


Kylie and Kristabel in action!

After a few hours and many cupcakes later (I so had two and most ended up on my face/in my lap haha! Ask one of the bloggers seriously, cupcakes are actually quite hard to eat IMO!), we moved onto the V&A. When I travelled around a bit this past year, museums weren't my priority at all and in fact when I went to Stockholm with my friends, they went to a museum of a boat wreckage and I went shopping! Sometimes shops are like sights themselves if they're native to the country (Hello Monki and Weekday! I miss you so!), but the V&A boasts some incredible fashion and pop culture exhibitions that leave you inspired to the max. They remind you that fashion is not just in the box of this year's high street offerings and that things being 'in' and 'out' of fashion is a clouded view. Once you look to the past you realise it is a possibility to wear other things and once upon a time it was deemed totally normal. It gives you the confidence to dress in something a bit different as it's still just part of the way society has dressed, maybe just not under today's 'norm.'

First though we took some snaps! Here was where a big divide showed because we stood around a bit sheepishly at first but Kylie had no fear and was jumping on benches and posing in a red phone box, she is what old Tyra would call fierceeee!! If you know her blog, you'll know the girl can strike a pose! Then it was Rebecca's turn and I swear it was like stepping into one of her blog posts because she is so photogenic and was pulling her perfect signature poses that I've seen so many times on her blog! Us Brits were a little more hesitant, myself because I am not photogenic and have no idea how to pull a good pose! When I stood in front of the camera I couldn't stop grinning like a bit of a loon because it was so funny! If you check out the posts from the other girls they have group shots and some funny examples of typical blogger poses, haha! See hereherehere and here. 


So onto the V&A, where we all abused the no photos rule! Whenever I read magazines, I fold over the corners of pages to remember or reference later, but I never do! I'd like to think they somehow influence me though and I think museums are like that, in the way that you absorb what you see on some level and it will be released as creativity somewhere else!


I think the bag was Tracy Emin and contrasted with the antique dress, they make quite a pair! I need some vintage patchwork in my life! Pity summer is almost over as a vintage table cloth dress would be great on a sunny day.


We had a right laugh at this archived velour Juicy Couture tracksuit! Actually Wildfox have some amazing slouchy hoodies but they're too damn expensive!


The fashion archives hosted just about the perfect items from each era, but you have to ask yourself if one of your own genuine vintage items could be displayed this way, if you own such things? I have a really, really old heavily beaded cocktail dress I got really cheap on eBay years ago that's probably worth a lot. I posted about it here in 2007 (!!!!!!!)! I just had a look at some old posts and it makes me a little bit sad as I was much happier in myself back then! Or maybe just in different ways. The internet is definitely bad for showing you loads of different looks and people, and it's easy to compare yourself against them. I need to stop looking at American girls on Tumblr and feel content in myself more! People you see online are so far away, you have to create that style and inspiration in your own real life!


The museum also gave me a few ideas in the accessories department. Hugely provocative costume jewellery is really appealing at the moment and I'm seriously lusting after a crystal ring. If I want to graduate uni overdraft-free, I need to stop spending though! 


This rings must have been for the fat fingers of huge Kings!


Jewellery doesn't have enough pictures on anymore! The most you'll get nowadays really is a cameo.


Haha this is the bottom of a dress!


I'd SO wear this, seriously without a doubt.


This was one of my favourites pieces, it's an exact replica of Kylie Minogue's dressing room on her Showgirl tour!


I didn't get a good picture of the whole thing but it was a room filled to the brim with clothes and gifts, looking messy and thoroughly authentic, like she'd come off-stage into it at any moment!


Really wanting some sort of crown!!!


There was a small Alice in Wonderland themed display which included this iconic Vogue shoot.


And lastly check out Kylie's belt/bag that matched her dress perfectly! How cool is that?! I have a dress JUST like hers too, I just need to take it up! Maybe we should go around London like twins haha!


After all that awing and ahhhing, we hit Oxford Street and had some scrumptious dinner, before sadly the day was over and eventually it was Winnie and me gossiping all the way home! What a fantastic meet with some amazing ladies xxxx

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