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coats that came and went

I'm getting a little panicky. The perfect suits everything, wearable with camel, not too scary, fresh new coat has not appeared. Really I want something to go with longer skirts so maybe I should start looking at jackets? That way it will be cheaper and wearable right away. I went into town on Thursday (after work, hence the jeans) to run some errands and check out coats. I walked in one side of Topshop and walked straight out the other because I wouldn't get a coat from there as I don't think the quality is great for the price and I'd worry someone else would probably have it. I attend lectures with about 150 girls and guaranteed they all shop in Topshop! I find things from there stand out so much that they're harder to camouflage into your own style. I checked out H&M and saw that cape I posted below, but as someone commented, it is really orange in real life and very thin. I tried on one of the androgynous over-sized camel coats but they don't suit me at all!

I made a beeline for River Island because of my discount and saw this coat I'd spotted online. For some reason it's not there anymore though and I can't imagine it sold out! There was almost one of every size in store. I really love this coat as it has a sort of Icelandic feel which reminds me of Scandinavia and it has the best flared skirt but is still short. Also I LOVE pom poms!! But if the whole point was getting a coat to wear over 50's style high waisted thick skirts and maxi dresses, this wouldn't be a good investment and I'd be back to square one! Also it's a little bit too different and thus attention grabbing so I wouldn't be totally comfortable wearing this every day. There's some styles like child's dresses and 70's wear and sailor stuff that feels so natural that I don't think twice about wearing them at all, but if it were a day when I just wanted to go about my business quickly or didn't feel great, I wouldn't pick out this coat for that day. The same thing is with my purple Reiss coat but because that's such amazing quality, I try to remind myself it's just the colour that some days makes it feel a bit too noticeable, and a colour is a colour, no big deal!


I think I'd get that coat if it wasn't totally different to what I'm looking for. I had an incredible coat from Zara a few years ago and wore it for two winters, and would wear it again! It's 60's A-line with a peter pan collar and cropped sleeves, in a subtle black brocade print which has now seen better days. The lining is ripped to shreds! Back then in about 2006 it was only £89 but I tried on this creased, plain coat that day in Zara and it was £99!? I really liked the sleeves and the huge belt at the back but the creases made it seem such bad quality for the price. I also realised I won't be getting a camel coloured coat. The main reason is because I think it's too many of the same tones with my hair already being an orangey/tan colour! In some ways it could work but I'd rather be able to buy a few camel coloured things, and I already have a camel coloured bag.

Ah the search continues, not cool! Maybe I'll start scouting jackets.

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