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i'll be back soon!

Hi guys! Just a quick update to say I haven't stopped blogging and I'll be back soon! I'm back in Manchester but our internet won't be here still for another WHOLE WEEK!!!!! All the new freshers are really cute but the Uni is rammed and our new house has a million problems. I don't have a wardrobe or desk yet!?! As you can imagine, that has made things really annoying for me as my room is teeny anyway so I keep loosing everything and have to dig through suitcases and bags all the time. Not to mention the kitchen and bathroom don't really work, we had no gas at first, the draws I do have in my bedroom are broken, and last night we gained a pet slug! That pet certainly was not for life and we're going to start the new year all stressed now, especially since I'm a little bit nervous for lectures as all my friends graduated last year! The week has been a blur of forced microwave meals and nights out where it seems just about no one is actually a fresher! I'm going home this weekend for an exciting event and to collect my work uniform as I transferred to a store up here. I also bought some Topshop jeggings, what is going on!? Anyway I'm in the library right now and I'm going to meet my friends in town for more shopping; we all did the study abroad year and didn't shop very much so our wardrobes are really bare. Hope you're all good and have started the year on a better note! Is there anyone out there starting at Manchester? Again, sorry for the sudden hiatus, do not worry, I won't do a Style Bytes!xxx

twinkle twinkle

I still absolutely love my main title image by the wonderful Emily Mews, she has such a beautiful talent. I'd love to be able to draw or sing or do something creative like that! I danced ballet and modern for about eight years and absolutely loved the costumes, I remember once I was about to go into an exam and suddenly realised I had some random nail polish on my tiny ten year old's nails so ran off crying! There's no way you could have chipped or even any polish in a ballet exam. And there was an examiner who was always lovely called Linda Locket, what a cool name. Well the point of this post was that it's finally September and I can show you part of Emily's dissertation where she made some bloggers into calender girls! I feel so lucky to have a drawing of myself, I might always use this instead of photos in the future! I am Miss September and you can click on the pic to read the super cute suggestions for this month, including going for a Swedish fika. I feel a lot of fika is needed for this coming final year! Thank you so much Emily xx

p.s. Emily is now doing portraits in this style or a style of your choice, as well as blog banners at a flat fee of £40 each! Contact her at and she'll be happy to help! xx

a tribe of women with no men

Guys I got to 10,000 comments!!!! Thank you so much for reading and contributing to my blog, it really turns it from being just me, face to face with my computer screen, to learning about and hearing from all you eloquent, thoughtful people. If there's anything you especially like to see here, do tell and I'll make sure I won't skip past those ideas. Everything on here is a topic I would have considered even if I didn't blog and I'm not sure what is most valued so any feedback on why you return to this page is very useful. I've started emailing back some comments containing questions or interesting points as on YouTube you can reply back and have a conversation with commenters, but not so much on blogs. Someone commented some time ago asking if I'd thought about Autumn clothes and I'm going through all the FW10 runway shows right now after combing the September issues, and while I'm on holiday I'll schedule some posts outlining what trends I'll be buying into. After my wardrobe clearout, I even found some things that will be great for Autumn so I'll share those too!

Right now I'm up to 'J' in the shows on and this John Galliano video is SO CUTE, you have to watch it!!!!! The rest of the video is insanely dramatic but I'm a huge model fan and Coco Rocha and Chanel Iman at the beginning is the BEST MODEL CLIP EVER!!! No joke, please watch the first 20 seconds and you'll see! It was so unexpected :) (click through if you can't see this on google reader!)

Also how funny that it was Winnie of Diamond Canopy who got the 10,000th comment! She is too fab! xx