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Motel Rocks Discount Code

Hi guys and cutie pies! After three lovely years my laptop gave up last week but I just got it back from the repair shop all shiny and new! Well not quite new, there's still a load of crumpled Hello Kitty stickers all over it and now I have a possessed mouse that floats across the screen sometimes. Argh it literally just did it, my computer is haunted!! Anyway that's all sorted and I'm getting on top of the heavy final year work load and don't think I'll be visiting home too much in November. Our house is still one problem after another but work is really good up here, although all the sale stock dropped all over the floor gets reeeally annoying! There's around 67 days until 2011 and I'm 75 posts off 900 so I'll try to reach that by the end of the year!

If you come straight to my main page rather than read through a google reader or bloglovin', you might have seen the Motel discount code I put up about a month ago here in my sidebar <------ I've mentioned Motel a few times this year because since buying up U-neck American Apparel dresses in my favourite colours, I had to hunt a new shop for good 'going out' dresses; by going out I mean going to a club! Do you remember that Motel dress that everyone had when it first started getting popular and it was black and white striped with pink roses? They're always featured in Look magazine (just me or has that got a little bit on the thin side?) so I ordered the navy rose one from ASOS last October to Sweden, but literally I've worn this dress to everywhere possible! Out with every group of friends, on the infamous Love Boat, even on dates. I wore it on a date last night aaaah! But if you wear body-con dresses, Motel is the place to go because the high street doesn't meet up to their stuff. I just got a little H&M dress of similar style to the mesh one above because it was quite cheap but the material is really thin and stretchy, and the skirt hem does that thing where it ripples when you stand still but stretches when you walk, so I know it will stretch even more over time. I had a Topshop dress a while ago too and it got all bobbly on the side that I carry a little bag. Motel dresses never go out of shape and now I have five! I have a few different groups of friends that I go out with here and at home so I rotate my dresses often, although I know people who wear one outfit once! They do other dress shapes and clothes too but I've only ever bought dresses, and um I just ordered one from the sale! You can still get the lace insert and the mesh insert dresses that I have below, I know the lighting isn't great but I wanted to take the photos when I'd put on my going-out makeup, even though you can't even tell!

I got in touch with Motel to see if they would give a discount code because I'm in their Facebook group and they posted a status saying everyone who ordered a dress that night would get a free tshirt and tote bag if they commented, and I'd just ordered a dress so I commented that I had. They replied saying it was only things bought after the status was posted which was fair enough and I said I loved the dress that had arrived anyway, but then the next day I got a separate parcel from them with the tshirt and bag! Keeping in mind they don't know I have a blog or anything so that is how they treat a random customer, they are the best! I got a discount code for 20% off full price items for you guys and I get a bit of commission with is nice as I was going to post about the dresses anyway since I have loads. If you were wondering about sizes and styles, I usually get an S but with the black one with the lace insert (the 3rd in the pic above), it is a little big on the waist, so I recently got the mesh insert dress (the 4th) in an XS, and that fits well but is quite short! I'd say they were true in the XS being an 8 and the S being a 10, so maybe order more than one if you're still not sure and use their free returns policy! The dresses come in different lengths, like the rose one is not so short but could be pulled up a little if you wanted it short, but as the mesh one with the lines is an XS, it's pretty short! I remedy this by wearing tights usually or the ever useful cotton cycling shorts pushed up underneath so they can't be seen. We don't want any flashing! I got the rose maxi dress at the start on eBay during the summer when I was going through a maxi dress faze, but I wouldn't wear it to a club and I have worn it in the day with my lace H&M cropped jacket. Maybe it would be good for a dinner or something, but I don't go to many of those unless my housemates and I are feeling lazy! The dresses are great quality and I've washed and worn them many times; a word of warning about the lace insert one is to be careful it doesn't go a bit off centre during the night as I recently spotted in a few Facebook photos! 

As I say quite a lot, when going out in a city like Manchester you want to avoid wearing the high street if you don't want to risk bumping into the same outfit! And Motel now offer free delivery and returns, loooove! Here's a lil video from when I went out last week from my YouTube channel, and if you enter JERVIS at the checkout on the Motel Rocks site you'll get 20% off full price items, and free delivery! Do tell me if you've bought anything and how it is, I've got my eye on about five other dresses!

My Keratin Treatment

Hiii! Finally an evening to blog, sorry it's been so long! As I said before, the internet has only just been set up in our house and I've got loooads of work! I'm trying to start early though and divide it up over the weeks, which is probably better in the long run but it means I have work to do every day. I'll get back into the swing though! The picture above was from my lovely holiday in Newquay and the first thing I did when I got home was get a Keratin treatment on my hair, or sometimes it's called a permanent or Brazilian blowdry. Basically your hair is made of keratin so it's like turning your hair into new hair! They shampoo your hair loads and then paint on the keratin on dry hair, which kinda looks like gel. Then they straighten it in and you have to keep poker straight hair for day, without tucking it behind your ears or putting glasses on your head or else you'll dent it! One day I did wake up with a few kinks but I just put the hairdryer on it a bit to make it straight again. I was going to get it done for my birthday but it's around £150! Toni and Guy quoted me £200, and seems as it only lasts around 3 months, that's way too much!

But luckily I happened to ask when I was getting my hair done for my birthday at Umberto Giannini in Selfridges and they needed models for their training! Woohoo, must have been good karma! On the day I did have four different stylists doing it though, most for the first time, but it went really well and I washed mine out after only 2 days so it would keep some curl. The treatment takes out all your frizz; literally my hair just won't get frizzy! For the whole of freshers week it rained and rained, but it didn't matter! Before it took around three hours to do my hair from wash to finish but now I could even leave it and it would be fine. And after a month it's still great! I've mainly been wearing my hair with big curls on the ends or back-combing it a bit on top. Drying take 20 minutes! Ultimate hair freedom! I made some videos of my natural hair and when I just had it done, and then after it was washed out, but I've included my September Favourites video too to show what it's like now how I wear it. A few people said there was nothing wrong with my natural hair but I'm not realistically going to ever wear it out like that, it's too crazy! And I always think that the unexpected will happen and feel much more confident when my hair is done, hence why I spent 3 hours doing it each time I washed it for the past three years!