A Short Story
Considering Mid-lengths

I want Lanvin not diamonds!

I'm a bit H&M designer collaboration obsessed and the pictures of Lanvin for H&M came out today! I think it's a great collection but knew Lanvin wouldn't be quite up my street for practicality- do I need any evening dresses? I'm also a sucker for fashion videos and the promo film is fantastic! I love models too and I started to get the urge for dresses as they all look really great, but it's easy to get swept up in the commotion! I wear the jumper I got in the Sonia Rykiel collection and have a gorgeous shirt from the Viktor & Rolf collection that isn't so suitable for every day wear but maybe when (if?) I get a job! I also got some shoes when I queued at 4am for the Jimmy Choo colletion in Gothenburg last year but that was all part of the hysteria and I was going to get a bag and even more shoes too until I stopped myself!

However on Nitrolicious you can see the prices in dollars and I think most dresses will be £100+ and t-shirts at least £40. If the clothes were sold normally in store you probably wouldn't look at them too closely so you have to figure out what's worth the hype.

If I was going to get something then maybe it would be a t-shirt, although straight fit tees aren't usually the most flattering or comfortable top you could wear. I love the huge ruffles on the dresses (especially the yellow!) and would consider a skirt but if it was in store normally then I doubt I'd pay £50+ for it! Some of the shoes are amazing too with the ribbons and I love pointed heels right now, but unless they're kitten heels then I don't think they're wearable. If I wasn't a scummy student I'd so be wearing kitten heels right now but they're a bit unnecessary for a lecture trek! BUT I just spotted they're releasing a lipstick! My ultimate weakness of the past few months has been lipsticks and I have a list as long as my arm of even more colours I'd love to buy, so maybe a little lipstick purchase is enough to also get one of the bags? Something about having the collection bag is just as good as buying the actual clothes! I doubt the queue in Manchester would be too mental so I'll see what I'm doing on the day as thankfully my campus is right on the edge of town! Actually to be honest that's probably my bank balance downfall...!


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