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I've just realised all my nail polishes are running low and very gloopy- does adding a few drops of nail varnish remover help? I don't like spending loads on actual polish because I love a colour for about a week but then the million other colours out there will grab my attention! However I saw a few bloggers had gone to a Models Own x Wah event for their new nail pen and I've been meaning to get one for ages. As I was ordering, the postage was nearly the same price as the pen so I bulked up the order! This glitter polish is my new favourite, although golden pinks always look different in different lights; sometimes flamingo, sometimes neon! The nail pen however wasn't the best buy. I've been really into colour theory recently after realising just why some people look so put together. Extensive Tumblr surfing and makeup videos has made me ditch everything blue toned, and if you make all the colours in your outfit the same tone, it immediately looks somehow better. Think of how silver suits blue and gold suits red. I might do a post on it when I find out more!

As for the pen, I always tend to use an old liquid eyeliner brush dipped in black nail polish for my details, especially since most people warn of the cheap nail pens on eBay and the like. I might go back to that because this pen is too hard to use!

The main brush is huuuge, like as long as my actual nails! It says it's meant for lines but I'm not too keen on nail stripes, especially in black. Might be cute when they bring all the other colours! I'm going to cut it in half as the nib at the top of the pen is too blobby and a short brush could be the happy medium.

You can see below after the first use that polish doesn't stop bubbling out of the top nib so every stroke will start off with a blob. When you replace the lid you have to put a TEENY pin in it which is just about impossible and it all gets a bit messy. I might visit home next week as I need to get my nails done so badly; there's remains of weeks of gems and they're all wonky! One snapped off and I got a replacement done at Nails Inc. (the only nail place I knew in Manchester) and it was £7! For one nail- what a rip off! I've got a massive order of cheapie 3D nail stuff from eBay coming from Hong Kong, I can't wait!! I just got some mittens with bear faces on them from River Island that I was eyeing up for ages and I randomly found a pair last week even though they sold out! They can be fingerless with is perfect for cool nails. I had to hide them until the end of my shift hehehe. I've had some hellish assignments in the past weeks and had a few nights of going to sleep at 7am and getting up at 8. Trying t0 put in 110% for final year as my worry is that I'll be on the cusp of two different grades and will think 'if only I had put in one more hour of work!'!!

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