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October Favourites!

Most YouTube beauty gurus do monthly favourite videos and since June I have too! All the gurus own so much makeup that it's good to see what they're actually using each day. I usually list all the products I'm using but last month my daily stuff didn't really change so I've picked out a few things I especially liked! The video is at the end of the post after some swatches.

Gucci by Gucci Eau De Parfum perfume
Eyeko Extra Glow cream
Collection 2000 Lasting Colour Lipstick in '11 Orange Punch'
MAC Blonde/Brunette/Redhead LE Lustre Lipstick in 'Marquise D''
Miss Sporty Perfect Colour Lipstick in '020 Strip Tease'
Frizz Ease Straight Fixation Smoothing Crème

Since I got the keratin blowdry, I don't need to wash my hair for maybe 4 days! So on the 3rd-ish day I'll put in a bit of the Frizz Ease smoothing cream and it makes it fresh and defined again on the middle and ends.

Guy LOVE this perfume! I got it as a Christmas present a few years ago because the Blondie advert was amazing and it gets loads of appreciation, I tell some stories in the video. I'm on an Eyeko press list and they send me surprise stuff sometimes, but I actually turned down their offer of the Extra Glow cream as I have the original one but got it in the post anyway! Turns out it's amazing! Very flattering on pale skin and in photos. Also comes in a huge tub. I'm not an Eyeko ambassador where you get a free gift when you buy something and the blogger/vlogger gets a bit of money but if you google it, you'll find someones code!


I always have at least three lipsticks knocking around in my bag and one in my pocket at work, and these three were on rotation all month. First is a cheapie Collection 2000 lipstick in Orange Punch that I've meant to buy for ages but kept putting it off as I have a few similar. I finally got it though and it's an amazing bright orange/red that lasts ages and doesn't get dry. If you go to MAC and get colour matched to a foundation, if they give you an NW shade then orange lipstick will look great on you! MAC did a Blonde/Brunette/Redhead collection ages ago and I have the MSF so couldn't resist getting one of the lipsticks off eBay too. I got it in the summer but wasn't too impressed as it doesn't last too long and wasn't that fun, but now it's the perfect natural colour. I was checking out MAC nudes and instead of buying Shy Girl, I got the Miss Sporty (!!!) dupe for mega cheap. It's a sheer, glossy nude and I say how I wear it in the video!

The order of the labels is the opposite to the picture above!


Below is the Eyeko cream (not blended), Orange Punch, Marquise D' and Strip Tease.


Just above Orange Punch in the pic below is the original orangey-red lipstick I got from Makeup Store in Sweden in 'Dare' on the right and Rimmel's 'Coral Queen' on the left. My lips are quite pigmented so sadly Coral Queen looks really red on me, but it seems to look really bright on other people! I'm still trying to find the perfect bright pink/coral.


I might make some daily vlogs this week as I've got some big assignments due and it's not much fun! We went out last night but my friend heard good things about a bar called Mohos, but it turns out she read it in the Spanish way and it was actually Mojos. Both clubs were on the same road and we weren't too impressed when Mohos had a lack of good music and boys in general! Mistake of the century! Also if you don't follow me on Twitter you are missing moments such as the said housemate put my status as 'looking forward to a night out in my trackies and uggs! :) xxx' hmmmmm!!!! I can never leave my laptop alone, and once they texted some guy I really wasn't interested in asking if he wanted to go for pizza from my phone, and then when I didn't reply ever he sent me loads of stuff saying I was horrible and he'd see me around campus eeek! I don't look at anyone when I get the bus to Uni!

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