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I'ma get more shine in a little bit

Omgeee why did no one tell me about the amazingness of Willow Smith's nails?!?! She may be 10 or something but she's a girl after my own heart! My youngest brother and I were just having an impromptu rave in the living room, aka play random music louder until my mom tells us to turn it down, and I am very glad I put Whip My Hair into YouTube, she has some incredible 3D nails! After my last post, some of you commented asking how you get along with long, bejewelled nails, but it's actually fine! I don't notice my nails now unless I accidentally flick one- now that is pain!! I usually glue on the gems but that means some glue is left once you've taken them off, and if you have gel nails it will ruin the smooth base. You can just use nail clippers to pick off gems when you want to change your nails. You could add them to a coat of polish before it's dried but they can chip off after about a week. But be warned, do not put a topcoat over gems! Especially if they're crystals, it will totally take away the shine.


Also face gems? Interesting! I'm just figuring out where I'm out for New Years, always such a hard night to organise! I'm not sure what I'm wearing either but I think I'm going to some sort of pop punk night? Who knows! I hope it won't be too expensive but taxis are notorious, boo! I just realised I've been taxed ever since I transferred to working in Manchester so hopefully I'll get that back asap! All this revision is killing me and I need to go on a ajor shopping spree.

 pics from glamour

A few sale buys

Hope you all had a good Christmas!! I got makeup and perfume I can't wait to use, just waiting until January is nearly over! Oh exams of doooom! I only have three but I have to finish all the research for my dissertation too so I need to make some strides. Sadly in order to keep my job for next term, I have to keep travelling back and forth from Birmingham to Manchester to do some shifts! I can revise on the train and don't mind too much, it just eats up a lot of time. No way I'm staying in my Manchester house by myself!!

My Mom and Nan hit the sales with me on Boxing Day but I didn't see anything too great. I got these St. Tropez sets for half price in Boots but I might return the gradual tan set as I wouldn't use it until the summer! The normal tan set comes with a bowl- no idea why?! To sit your stuff in? I picked up on with a crack in it anywa, fail! I got the Girls Aloud eyelash set too and considering they are usually £5 a pair, I got 5 pairs and the makeup bag with some brushes for £12.50, not too bad! I need a new bag and purse to replace mine but didn't see any I liked from the small selection out there. A lot of the sales seem to be stuff left over from summer stock and there's nothing I want! Well everything I had my eye on didn't go into the sale! All my Christmas money has to go on my January rent anyway, how depressing.

The best thing about Christmas day was the food! Seemingly opposite to everyone else, I'm trying to put on weight right now as I was so busy last term, I didn't have time to always eat properly! I can't think of a day where I had three square meals just because I'm out and about all over the place or inside trying to study. Do any of your have that problem? It's one of my new years resolutions to eat more! Now I've got to go revise and start my dissertation research all over again! Whyyyy didn't I save that document to my hardrive dohhhhhh! 

A short absence!

Hi guys! I'm really sorry but there might not be a lot of activity around here for a couple of weeks as my student house was burgled on the weekend and my laptop and camera have gone! Along with lots of other things, even perfume and my blythe doll!! It was a Christmas miracle as footprints were followed in the snow to the robbers house and they recovered my handbag and my doll! Haha the police were like whaaat is this doll?! Especially as it has the same hair as me so at least it's quite obvious it was mine. Sadly I can't get my things back for a while as they're evidence and have no computer or camera to blog. I'll try to get some things up if I can get on any home computers but revision for exams is already taking much longer as I have to start all over again! I know they are always telling students to be careful but even with our house alarm on and all our bedroom doors locked, they smashed them down. When you leave the house, especially at night, put your valuables at the bottom of your wardrobe or hidden in a drawer, and leave a light on or the TV. Don't open your front door if you're not expecting anyone, just shout through to ask who it is, as they knocked on ours to check no one was in. And make sure you fork out for contents insurance as we sadly didn't! I came back alone at about 3.30am to the mess at the house and wondered why the alarm wasn't going off and why all the lights were on, and then I saw the huge hole in the back door, so if I don't sound too sad here, trust me it was terrifying! Even when the police went, I couldn't stay in the house and went to McDonalds for four hours until I could contact my housemates. I might be able to get a laptop soon if I can get the funds so I hope you all have a safe and lovely Christmas, and ring in the new year on a high! Thank you for all your supportive tweets too, Merry Christmas!xxx

Work Wishlist

Ohhhhh isn't it a shame that you're not paid as soon as you work! All the Christmas overtime I'm doing won't arrive for weeks, boo! This is a shame since all I'm buying is Christmas presents and I'm trying to be very good. This month all my earnings had to go on rent and bills so I'm shopping my own closet for things I've forgotten. The sales are so close though! I'll have to check out the SS11 runways as I don't know quite what I'm looking to buy, but I'd love a new bag for everyday or work and some little boots. I've worn my furry New Look boots so much! I'm starting to worry about what I'm taking home this weekend as I'll have to take all revision books, my laptop, Xmas presents, hair stuff and makeup, and that's not counting clothes and shoes! I only want to take one case so I'll be really ruthless! I'll hopefully have some presents of my own to bring home and possibly some sale buys; my Mom, sister and I go on Boxing Day! Funny because the one shop we avoid is River Island as the sale queues are always SO long! However I'll have to check out the website because I've been lusting after these beauties for the past weeks!

Funny as the online pictures don't do anything justice but omg I certainly feel my life would be better with these in it! First are the River Island fur coats that come in loads of colours and prints- they are SO soft and generally have great sleeve lengths and hoods. The hood definitely makes them, as most vintage furs don't have hoods. I would love the white but that's risking any dirt and spills- not great if you take public transport and live in a busy city! The white ruffled coat just came in and I saw a blonde girl recently in an all white/cream outfit that looked so cute! Lots of printed or knitted cream things with knee high socks over tights and cream furry boots, I am obsessed with colours and colour theory at the moment. Obsessed! Once I finish my exams and get a good start on my dissertation, I'll do more research!

Sadly I know blue is not my personal colour and that's the only thing putting me off this navy bell sleeve '60s style dress with the lace around the hem. In real life the material is slightly textured and quite thick so it's a dress you could wear a million times. I know '60s and '70s stuff is all in for Spring and I think it would be great with knee high socks and flats. Speaking of flats, if I'm on the fitting room, these nude studded flats are really close to where I stand and they're calling to me so badly! The picture isn't very good but they have Christian Louboutin style gold spikes, and I LOVE nude flats. There's nothing more flattering and chic but totally effortless. It takes no thinking to slip on a pair of flats, and nude goes with absolutely everything. If I get some cheap travel home, I might actually get the blue jeggings as they are so much better in real life! They're quite thick, almost denim material with zips at the bottom and the blue has loads of pink in it so it's almost indigo. Again this isn't my most suited colour, however I think you can really wear any colour bottoms as they're not near your hair or face. 

Speaking of hair (haha tangent!), I'm thinking of dying my hair? Well I bought a 99p one wash dye from Superdrug that didn't actually do anything in the end, but I'm thinking of maybe going red. Not quite Rihanna flame red or mauve-y red like Cheryl Cole but a warm, dark red. I am fully aware every other girl has gone red in the past few months but I figure I already have red hair so why no just go even redder! I've had the same hair for 21 years, and have over 1000 Facebook photos to prove I always seem to look the same! Because of my hair type I can't ever get a drastic cut or style so I was thinking a different colour? I would get me out of the vintage Florence Welch box of connotations that natural red (or ginger I suppose) goes with, as it's a bit harder to camouflage natural red hair/ pale skin/ light eyes to the style you fancy wearing. Well I don't know anything about hair dying anyway but I hoped if it faded, my hair is already orange anyway! Have any of you dyed your hair red this season?

Nails of the Week 3

Hi guys! Christmas time,  mistletoe and wine are all played a part over the busy weekend,  just catching up on everything! I also worked a LOT in the new store and slightly wish I knew some kids as the River Island kidswear stuff is so cute!! I'm trying to start revising but there aren't quite enough hours in the day yet, but I did hit the library to get loads of books. The librarian was like 'golly gosh your nails!! I've never seen anything like it!' and had a little heart attack haha! After a week of plain nails I had to go a bit mental with all the things I got on ebay and some phone sticker gems that I got at Affleck's Palace in Manchester. Btw you have to get rid of the stickiness of stickers if you want to glue them down or else it doesn't work! Wet the back of them with a baby-wipe to take it away.

Excuse my dry cuticles- they're covered in glue! On the little finger I tried do cover it totally in bling but I think it would look way better if the polish underneath was the same colour as the gems and if they were in straight lines! Nails like this are seriously easy to do though, all you need is nail glue and the stuff! I obviously am not very accurate. I think gel or even acrylic nails just make even and larger bases so the polish lasts longer and you have more space to work with. In an ideal world I'd have every nail like the ring finger but covered totally in nail art! Another tip is to stick to one colour scheme and either cool or warm colours as they just look more uniform and pretty when you're flashing your hands around. Speaking of tans, looool to my fake tan hands! When I went out last week (was fab nights btw!) I had a fake tan, nails, lashes and tried out my fake hair! I backcombed the extensions and cut them short so they were about four inches long- it provided great volume when I clipped them underneath my top layer of hair! Also a tip is to use some soap with lemon in it (or lemon juice) if you have to get rid of your tan hands, it works wonders! I definitely did not go out with tango hands haha!

Nails of the Week 2

I am so pleased to have some new gel nails! I realised the last time I had them done must have been September! And I'm so pleased I changed the colour I chose in the salon from a dark blue/purple to this neon coral- it's so bright! In fact I love the colour so much that I hunted it down online and just ordered one for myself, it's by W7 called Fluorescent Pink 2. The 2 is very important as Fluorescent Pink 1 is totally different! I found the cheapest bottle was on this website that has free delivery and 3for2 on W7 so I also got a replacement lilac as my Barry M one is quite crusty and a neon topcoat. Hopefully it will give a new lease of life to all my colours! I have a random W7 polish that I think I got free on one of my internships but I've never used it as it's a milky cream colour. Not sure of the quality but my polish hasn't chipped, though some of the corners have slightly faded, probably by being knocked about. Also how tiny is the gel on my index finger! I think it was cut a little too short. Also you can see, I went for white bases as I thought they would cover the whole nail and that polish would look better with a white base, but they are just white tips! Next week I'll definitely be adding some gems to at least one nail, and my fimo canes came too- but I'm not so sure! 

If you haven't heard of them before, they're little soft sticks that have pictures running through them so if you cut a thin cross section of about 1mm, you can stick it on your nail.  I got 100 of all shapes and random pictures, from food to faces. By the way, I got these and all my other latest eBay nail stuff from this seller, but they don't combine postage and everything is much smaller than the photos show! It's a bit ridiculous that six different teeny parcels arrived on the same day from the same place. I didn't realise but fimo canes are actually TINY! I thought they'd be the size of crayons but they're the size of sweetie laces.

I'm trying to get all my odd jobs done this week before I go out on Thursday and Friday, but I'm a bit conscious exams are only about five weeks away! I had a dissertation meeting this morning (I'm doing mine on Claire's Accessories!) and then I had work and for some reason came home and had a huge cleaning session! Our house is stressing me out a bit as our landlord isn't great; remember I didn't have a wardrobe or desk for a month?! The walls in my bedroom are damp which isn't very pleasant so I was bleaching everything and now I'll have to keep my window wide open for ages or else I can't breathe! Not the best result when it's really cold outside! I also just got an email about some module options next term in the main business school, which is quite scary for me as my lectures are usually in far away buildings with a load of girls! I might do a bit of reading now and get an early night as I'm working tomorrow and Thursday, and I might get to the library tomorrow morning first thing to grab all the revision books. I also need to get my eyebrows done; there's nothing like walking out a salon with perfect brows! They're never as good when I do them myself, although I need to find a place close to me that does waxing as threading seems to last about three days!

My Christmas Wishlist

This will be a very spoiled sounding post but here is my Christmas wishlist! I know I'll only get maybe one thing off this list as I haven't actually asked for anything and this is just an imaginary list. I'll hopefully get a Gucci Flora set as I've asked my Mom for it and it's £33 in Boots at the moment! I talked about Gucci by Gucci in my October favourites video and I've received so many comments and tweets from people putting it on their Christmas list! This is possibly because I mentioned guys love it!

The others on the list are things I'll probably end up buying for myself or they'll be knocked off my shopping list in favour of something else! I have a truckload of things I want from MAC but I've narrowed it down to an MSF in Light Medium and Pro Longwear concealer in NW15 as I know I'll get the most use out of them. I'd also love some sets from the Tartan Tale collection like the Buff and Line brush collection and the Vain and Glorious lip bag. It's much cheaper to buy the cult brushes in the sets at Christmas and I especially want the 187 for stippling and the 219 to blend shadows in the crease. I have quite inset eyes so I always cut the crease! A slightly cheaper brush alternative is the Sigma Tapered Face brush which looks perfect to contour cheeks with. My Urban Decay Primer Potion is running low so I'd love a MAC Paint Pot in Painterly or Rubenesque to wear every day. I'm also dreaming of a Nars Orgasm set!

I've heard great things about the L'Oréal Paris Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer (what a mouthful!) and may get it next year as it's not exactly Christmassy, but as I'm travelling back and forth for work and revision, a huge makeup case would be really handy! I just found this one through a google search but a pink one would be even better. I could do with some storage for all my nail polish as they're currently all stuffed in a box with all my other nail stuff.

I'm just about one wash from running out of conditioner but I really want to try some Moroccan or argan oil as my hair is almost back to it's normal frizzy self! But really I'm a big fan of Christmas bath stuff and would be happy with anything from Lush; I'm loving Snow Fairy at the moment although it's still not a big enough incentive to get me out of bed and into the cold shower!

What's on your Christmas list? Or your Christmas wishlist! If money was no object, send anything Miu Miu my way!

The Weekly Gloss

I just wrote this post and the final spell check malfunctioned and I lost it all!!! 2500 words! It took me three hours to write! I'm so upset, if you're thinking of blogging with Typepad don't because it always causes me trouble and the features are so outdated! If I could turn back time I would 100% go with blogspot, and to think I actually pay for Typepad! Omg FML!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ARGH anyway I'm determined to start the week with calmness and serenity!! Godddd that is so annoying!!!! My hands are aching from typing but I really enjoyed writing this post so I suppose I can enjoy writing it again! Not the best ending to a weekend, despite the fact that I really value weekends this term. In my second year, I worked every Saturday and Sunday so I love having some free days! I mostly spent the weekend in bed with my laptop working and blogging. Every Sunday I go through all the images I've saved in my inspiration folder across the week and pick out things I want to try. I'll gather some clothes and makeup that I especially want to wear and will lay them out so I can grab them in the mornings. So here is what I'm looking forward to this week...

Last week... I spent most of last week recovering from the deadlines I had the week before! It feels like I haven't accomplished very much school-wise, but actually I had a poster presentation due for Thursday that was cancelled on the day because of the snow. I worked some overtime too because our store has been re-done and it's looking amazing! We now have kids clothes too which are super cute, and I'm working quite a bit this week as the Christmas rush starts. I get paid on Friday but all my money should go right back on Christmas presents; I'll post my Christmas list this week but it's more of a wishlist as I won't get half the stuff on there!

This week... I'm realising I really need my eyes tested soon, they are so bad at the moment! I'm also working four days instead of my usual two but I don't mind because of the new store. I haven't been on a night out in over two weeks and I'm going out twice this week! I can't wait!! The first night is the birthday of one of my housemates from second year and she's coming up to celebrate with us! Also another of my second year housemates and a few other girls are coming I think so it should be really good! Hopefully as I'm working so much, the week will go really fast. I'm also thinking about next year and applying for some programmes of my dreams for when I graduate- wish me luck!

Coral... I'm obsessed with coral at the moment!! I finally had my nails done on Friday and I was looking for a mauve colour like the one Rihanna wears in the What's My Name video on rounded gels. The technician brought out a dark blue/purple colour instead which I was going to just have but then I spotted an amazing neon coral on the shelf and changed for that- it's gorgeous!! I'll show you tomorrow in my nails of the week. I'm fighting the urge to use all my new nail things as they are so perfect and shiny at the moment, and a clean pop of colour is really effective. I was inspired to dig out my coral American Apparel u-neck dress which for a moment I feared I'd left at home, but I might wear it this week! The dress is quite transparent and very tight so I'll have to head down to M&S for some magical underwear as I want to avoid VPL at all costs! I've seen terrible VPLs all over town with maxi dresses recently! Even though I am low on funds, I naughtily just bought a Topshop coral bodycon dress I remembered from a while ago as I found it for cheap on eBay! I really hope it comes in time! 

I'll also be wearing some coral lipsticks as I'm on a big coral kick right about now. I've pulled out No17's Dreamy, a creamy bubblegum pink, and Barry M's 147, a flamingo pink. I've got an OCC Liptar in Divine with is an amazing neon coral pink, but the formulas mean they are so time consuming to put on with a lip brush! Sometimes I'll blend a little over my lipstick to make the colour brighter. I also have these coral earrings I got in a River Island sale in the summer which I might wear to work; they remind me of strawberries! Rihanna is my ultimate colour inspiration right now; I want my life to have the colours from the Only Girl in the World video!


Pics from DirtyLittleStyleWhore tumblr

Makeup... I've also been really into bright blush at the moment, I'm going to film my November favourites beauty video tomorrow hopefully! Makeup that comes off throughout the day is the bane of my life and so I've been using this Topshop cream blush in Neon Rose under powders to make blush last longer. I put loads on but by the time you get out the door it seems to tone down perfectly and it lasts all day! Llymlrs has this colour too and it always looks gorgeous, love her blog!

I got this Lush lipscrub last week and can't stop wearing it, I put it on when I start doing my makeup in the morning to get rid of dry bits but I swear I just eat it for breakfast! I've also been inspired by tonnes of pictures recently to have much thicker eyeliner; I'll have to get a new one as this Rimmel liner is wearing thin! When I go out this week I'm planning on doing bright cheeks and lips with only black eyes, I'll probably use the black from the Sleek Circus palette that my sister Chloe got me my birthday and an Illamasqua eyebrow cake in Vehement (not on my eyebrows though haha!). I'll also layer a hot pink Barry M lipliner under my lipstick so it's brighter and lasts the night! I have to plan everything in advance as I even have recurring dreams that I'm not ready for things; I always dream I'm in a club with no makeup on!


Pic from Zoe Claudia tumblr

Lashes... I keep mucking up eyelashes at the moment and I go all butter fingers and end up getting glue all over my hands, my eyes and the lashes! I go through phases of being really good at putting them on or just being hopeless. I've ruined two pairs of Nicola x Eylure lashes recently and managed to salvage one so I might buy another pair as I can get them at work with my discount. Or I'll wear my Eylure double lashes which are like two pairs sewn together! They are SO long haha!

Hair dye... Remember when pastel hair streaks were an online trend early this year? I dabbled with pink in Sweden and even bleached a bit of my hair (it didn't work) but I might dust off my dye this week and have a few streaks! Nothing major, just maybe a couple or ends of a little section of the underneath part. Something really subtle though! My housemate has had a blonde and then purple section this year and it looked great!

Pics from DirtyLittleStyleWhore tumblr

Food... Our house this year is slightly on the manky side, even if it is small and cute! My bedroom walls are wet with damp and our kitchen is teeny tiny, so I haven't been enthusiastic about cooking this term. I'll be really busy with school and work this week though, so I'll try and stock up on some quick things and make sure I take loads of vitamins! I'll definitely need the calming primrose oil, in fact I need an overdose of it right now!!!!!!! 

Body... Now that my nails are so lovely after finally being re-done, I'll try to keep my hands in tiptop condition by moisturising them loads. As I'm going out twice, I might apply a layer or two of fake tan, although you might consider me crazy if I go out with bare legs this week! I used to always wear tights even in the summer but now I think that I can wear tights when I'm older and might as well be happy with what I've got now! Plus a layer of tan only warms up my skin as I'm so fair and St. Moriz has a green undertone so it's not orange. It's only £2.99 from Savers and works a treat! It just gives a little bit of extra confidence.


Hair... Speaking of fake, I'm a little hesitant to admit I bought some hair extensions! I used to think fake tan and hair looked terrible but that was back when it was so obvious and tacky, but nowadays girls have such subtle and lovely tans and clip-ins that you don't notice! I waffled about this in a YouTube video I filmed on Friday evening! I'm not going to have the hair showing anyway, it is only as long as my shortest layers. I bought a humongous row for only £6 and I've sewn a few layers onto some comb clips. It's straight now but I'm going to curl it up a bit and my plan is that I'll backcomb it and clip it under the top layer of my hair. My thinking is that I can backcomb the fake bits to save me from backcombing my own hair for volume and damaging it! I've took a flash photo to compare the colour and hopefully it will blend in with my own hair when it's hidden. I didn't get real hair as the idea and the ethics make me feel a bit funny and it would be about £30!

Accessories... I've worn a hair bow everyday for the past five years!! I'll wear my larger Gina Tricot bow to work this week and of course my usual H&M bows every other day. I'll also try and wear some rings but you know I always forget to accessorise! I also think sometimes an outfit looks better with just a dress, hair and makeup as the focal points. I've pulled out these rings to wear though from Tanya Burr, Nasty Gal and River Island.


Outfits... Clothes-wise, I'll be wearing my work uniform (skinny jeans and staff t-shirt) most of this week so don't need many outfits! I really fancy wearing my Christopher Kane x Topshop alligator t-shirt though as I haven't worn it since Sweden and it makes you feel really cool! I am certainly not cool but I can try! I also might wear these Monki sky print trousers/jeggings as I'm a bit hesitant to wear them normally but maybe with my New Look furry boots they will look like leggings under my coat. I've also pulled out this chunky Zara camel jumper with elbow pads and this Topshop knitted cardigan thing with all lace down the back. I might wear some cream tights too and these leggings with criss-cross cut outs with black tights underneath! I've been wearing my velvet leggings too much this term!

Shopping list... Thank you for your recommendations of nail polish thinner- I won't be adding polish remover now! I can't find any in Boots or Superdrug so I may try online. I also really want a Yankee Candle as my room is so dull and my Keratin treatment has nearly washed out so I need a new conditioner! Eeek back to square one, how can I smooth my kinks and frizz?! I reeeally need my eyebrows done right now so that is first on my list, and as my rent is due I will try and not buy anything else!

Annoyances... I thought of loads of annoyances in the original post but now I can't remember them- how ironic haha! Typepad is definitely one!! Also my laptop is getting to old age and I have no comma and full stop keys, so every time I want to type one, I have to copy and paste it from somewhere! As you can imagine, this makes writing posts/assignments take ten million times longer!!

By the way, once decided, I lay out the clothes and makeup I pick out on my chair and dressing table (well, chest of drawers) so I can easily grab them in the morning. Haha I'll have to come back and reference this post so I remember all my plans, should make it much easier! I hope your week starts well, do tell me if you're planning on wearing anything, I know many bloggers ask this at the end of posts but I love to hear! It's almost like me reading other people's posts xx


Knitted bands for all

I think something becomes an official trend when it is sold in Primark. A trend like when every other girl on the bus has one and you start to think 'why don't I have one?!'. I love spotting trends and knowing what's selling the best; not just for my degree but I just love to see what girls are wearing! I swear teenage girls nowadays dress so much better than I did at that age, probably because your money goes further with the likes of cheapie Primark and Peacocks. At work I'm always people watching and some girls look so great even just out shopping! I don't have any need to dress up for lectures or anything and only go all out if I go out at night, but I know that if you have to wear a uniform at school all week, then you put all effort into looking great on the weekend! However you can always look eye-catching if you make sure everything you buy is the best version of itself and maybe spend a minute putting on a bright lipstick or some cute hair accessories. I've spent years trying to figure out how some girls just look naturally great!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to checking out the SS11 collections soon, but in the summer I was excited to wear chunky knits this season, especially Prada style knitted headbands! I got one from Warehouse in September when it was still hot but haven't worn it until now! The main problem was that I don't ever tie my hair up, usually because it's less time consuming to leave it down and I'm a bit conscious of having my hair pulled back. I just feel a bit more comfortable with my hair down when I'm travelling around as I do a side plait all the time but never put it up. In Sweden I did but it was a bit different in that tiny town and literally every girl has a high hair bun there! Check out Fritha Louise's (of The Fish Tank) fantastic tutorial on how to get a Prada beehive- it looks great!

I've seen a million girls in knitted headbands right now and they look really cool; I especially like them with big messy hair. They're actually really warm and I've been wearing mine every evening at home when the heating goes off! My Warehouse one was actually a straight, thick band like the Prada look but it didn't look right with hair down so I sewed a gather in it to break it up a bit. I'm still a bit conscious of wearing stuff on my head even though they're a definite trend, hands up if you have a knitted headband?!

Images from tumblr and by me, the leopard is actually my dressing gown hehe.