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Nails of the Week 4 and MAC makeover

Wooooo exams are over!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy, soooo happyyyy! Although I have lots of dissertation work in, at least I don't need to spend every waking moment revising like at least the past 6 weeks. I was a bit naughty anyway and did my nails this week, it's silly to revise with no breaks or fun! And bejewelled nails are good to inspect at boring times such as on the bus instead of playing with your phone. I was in the mood for pink this week- no black at all! I also rounded my gels just by filing the sides, they look shorter but I think the shape is nicer! I added the sparkles at Blingee.


I just did the other hand leopard but didn't have time to do anything to the ring finger! Below are some pics from some amaaaazing nail blogs I found, they're photos from salons in Asia. I wish I could go there! As I'm applying for things to do next year, I keep looking at placements there but most mean you actually have to pay to do some kind of internship?!

The cartoon nails are from aminail and the gemmed nails are from Cynful Nails. I forgot how I came across them I'm afraid! Straight after my exam yesterday I had a MAC makeover too, where you pay £25 and they do your full face for an hour, and you get to buy £25 worth of products! The earliest appointment was at 1pm so I went straight there after my exam, in which I had the classic exam failure: my calculator ran out of battery! It wasn't too terrible as I just chose the questions with the least calculations but it was definitely an FML to the max moment. I had the makeover at the House of Fraser concession and I think the girl might have been called Julie, she was great! She did really smokey eyes because I said how my MAC makeovers always end up with pink and purple eyes, and she made my eyebrows really wide which I think I'll adopt! 


I made a reeeally long video too showing what I bought and talking about the stupid burglary. Looking forward to blogging again! My timetable is a bit annoying this year as I'm working on my days off, and I have some lectures in buildings on main campus which is not great as it's always so busy!

A day in the life of revision

I may have to put out a search warrant for my sanity. Help! I haven't done exams in over a year and a half so these are a real test (no pun intended!). In Sweden I did have tests but they were in a classroom; nothing compared to the exam conditions here where you have to show your ID and sit in a huuuuge hall. I didn't used to mind exams but now I'm finding it hard to fit all the things I've revised into one answer. I hadn't left the house for a week until today as I was revisingrevisingrevising and was having crazy cabin fever! I have two more exams next week on Thursday and Friday so I'll try to get out and revise in the library on some days, although here they are insanely busy right now. The 24 hour library is manic! I considered changing my sleeping patterns totally to avoid the crowds but I think daylight is a key contributor to your sanity. I can't wait until Friday!! It's my housemate's birthday tomorrow and she's had/has an exam nearly every day this week, poor her! Don't worry, I have some secret surprises for the big day tomorrow and we are going out next Friday. I popped into town after my exam today for an eye test and tried to book a makeover at MAC but could only get one at 1pm! So I'll go straight there after my last exam, then possibly have a little sleep in the makeup and hopefully it will last until the evening when we actually go out! I suppose I was going to spend £25 in there anyway as I have a few things on my wishlist, and the makeover will be like a bonus. Always great if you're unsure what shapes/colours suit you.

My new camera (well, second hand off eBay) came on Monday and I was going to do a photo on the hour post a la Rebecca of The Clothes Horse, but they would have all been photos of my revision notes, so here are a few that sort of sum up an average terrible day at the moment!

So I did get new gels in the end, mainly because I couldn't communicate that I just wanted them off to the nail technician! However I did learn some Vietnamese. They cut back my middle finger cuticle too much though and it was really sore! I got some of this cuticle cream as my natural nails are now sooo weak. It's OK, but I think a hand cream would do fine with extra attention paid to around your nails. I'm keen to do my nails again but there's no point in wasting supplies if I'm going to be indoors. However I bought some fabulously large gems in the Paperchase sale today!

My other housemate has no exams this term (lucky!!!) so it's just the birthday girl housemate and I going revision crazy together. We only have one laptop between us since the burglary too so we have some breaks where we watch a Youtube vid or stupidly waste time, for instance last night when we made an early 2000's playlist for her birthday party for about three hours. Not a constructive use of time! But very, very funny. It's here if you care to see!

I had a bit of a mind blank when I came to revise because I don't remember how I used to do it! I always write out neat, colourful notes though to start with; I can't revise off a page of plain notes! I need to make triggers to remember each point.

I might have to join the Blackberry world because almost every person I know has one. I have this Nokia X6 phone that they actually sent me and I think it's worth quite a bit of money, I'm not a technology buff though! I've had it for a year but they sent it to try rather than blog about, but now it's a bit useless as the free music download thing has ended. Also I didn't pay my last phone bill as I had to cancel all my bank cards when they were stolen, and now Orange has blocked my phone! So I can't ring up for help because I can't make any calls! I'll have to borrow a friend's phone and possibly sit on hold for ages, urgh. Anyone who's texted me in the past few days probably thinks I'm not interested or very rude! If I did get a Blackberry (the lilac one of course), I'd bling it up like this phone. I originally had Paperchase cupcake stickers but got this jewelled sticker from a cheap shop near the Bullring; sadly it's all peeling off!

I need so many felt tips to revise! I think the pen you use in an exam is very important too. Today I didn't finish in time and was writing so speedily near the end. Annoyingly there's always some that leave the exam early- I never do this! Ever! How can you finish in time and be 100% sure your answer is perfect? I don't think I've ever finished an exam early, ever, apart from maybe for Further Maths A Level when I accepted I really would not be getting a great mark and couldn't possibly answer anything!

The camera I got is the same as my old one but a little better (a Samsung Nv15), and it's pink! I have pink everything. Everything. Though I really don't want to graduate while still being in my overdraft so I'm trying to drastically curb my spending this year. This starts by continuously going through all my products, makeup and wardrobe to revive forgotten items, and making my things feel really special. That's if I do actually graduate; please pray I haven't failed any exams!!!

If you do a fashion or textiles based degree (I do Management and Marketing of Textiles), you need a subscription to Drapers!! I was very pleased to spot a printed tweet from Reena of Fashion Daydreams!

And also Motel as the winner of the short order and quick response award! Remember you can get 20% off with my code in my sidebar <<< and I get commission if you use it! I went into Topshop today in the Arndale Centre and spotted the floral dress with the mesh cut out's across the middle that I posted about a few days ago. It is pure love but I can't buy any clothes at the moment! Sob! On Youtube they have a tag called 'Project 10 pan', where you don't buy makeup until you've hit the metal pan at the bottom of a product on ten different products. I wonder if I should start Project 10 Hole, where you actually wear your clothes until you wear them out!

It took me about ten million years to re-read my issues but at least they offered some examples for my exam answers! Not that I could fit many in though, a two hour exam goes so quickly. In Sweden they were four and a half hours long!

I'm still trying to eat more, even though I'm not hungry most of the time! I'm on an avocado kick at the moment, though this picture is not very attractive. In fact I'm feeling a bit ill right now because I just watched the Channel 4 programme, The Joys of Teenage Sex, and some of the stories and people on it were shocking! Also you teenage girlies (and guys?) out there must remember that just because there's a programme shouting that all teenagers have crazy sex lives, remember that's not the case, and you don't want to abuse your morals because it seems everyone your age is getting it on. Wait for a special person :)  they will come along! I think if I'd watched that programme when I was younger, I would have felt like the whole teenage population was disease riddled and could give Samantha from Sex and the City a run for her money! Have you noticed that I never talk about guys on this blog? One reason is that it's probably a bit more private and I don't think it's a topic people want to read about on here anyway, but also it's because guys are not the centre of the universe, put yourself first! Finding someone who is worthy of your fabulous self takes a lot of time and mistakes, so invest it in yourself rather than with loser boys. All this tiredness is making me feel quite righteous so I'd better go; today I found out that I really, really need glasses and despite just getting the cheapest pair without trying them on, I can't wait to get them and see better!!xx

MAC x Wonder Woman is my saviour!

My housemate just said she can't be friends with my anymore after I exclaimed my extreme delight that MAC are repromoting the lipstick Marquise D' in the 2011 Wonder Woman collection, first seen in the Redhead part of the Blonde/Brunette/Redhead collection in 2009. I LOVE this lipstick! It's been included in loads of my Youtube monthly favourite videos and at first I didn't even like it very much when I got it from eBay this summer. That was mostly because I didn't think a Lustre would last as they're so soft, but it truly does and it's the PERFECT natural colour for me. It is a 'sandy cream peach' rather than the colour it looks in the tube. If you're a redhead, check it out! I think I prefer the original MAC packaging though, I'd be a bit embarrassed getting this out of my bag! As someone said in the Temptalia comments, the packaging is a bit McDonalds. I might get three of the lipsticks as backups and probably the Lipglass in Emancipation to match too. I've been contemplating how I'd get hold of another lipstick for the past month as mine is getting low. I didn't even notice Marquise D' was in the collection until one of my favourite beauty bloggers Dainty Dollymix posted it in her wishlist! I like the Mighty Aphrodite blush duo too but I think my purse will be a little light after that shopping trip! The question is, do I get up early on the day and order online from the website or do I go down to a MAC counter?

Pics from Temptalia.

Wishlist of desperation!

Oh gosh, revision is sending me insane! Just the thought of two weeks more of zero fun makes me a feel a bit mental. I'm either going to quit my life or spend lots of money! Or I'll actually just revise solidly, accompanied by my revision essentials: Ribena, choc and lots of felt tips. I have to get my room really tidy, check all my emails, and do everything possibly distracting, then I'm on a role! I'm also on holiday from work over my exam timetable, which is OK but I do love my job! Especially as I do a mini shop during my shifts, checking out all the new stuff. I'm quite keen to try on some 'palazzo' trousers that everywhere is bringing out, but I don't know if I'd wear them. It's the whole problem of having to wear them with heels, so you never end up wearing them because you don't often wear heels. I know I'll wear heels to a lecture once in a blue moon! But I know I'll get wear out of my wedges with flared jeans this season, another thing every shop has now. I'm hoping to wear them with slouchy tshirts like this Wildfox one, although I'm not sure about the 'one size' fit, does anyone know how big that is? I did an internship at a PR agency that represented Wildfox and there was a huge box with about 300 Wildfox tshirts in it!

High waisted flares could also look fab with this cropped jumper from ASOS, that I just spotted on Niotillfem looking lovely. Sometimes cropped things feel a bit weird though; I always go to pull them down! Speaking of florals, I already own this Motel dress in black but I love the floral version! I also really like the sheer shirt dress that looks great in the Nasty Gal lookbook. Remember you can get 20% off Motel with my discount code in my sidebar! However I promised myself I'd spend only the money I earn in my wages on things like clothes and makeup, and my student loan on all the sensible things like rent/food/books etc. So back to revision it is! I can't wait until January 28th!!! But then it will be dissertation central. Uh ohhh!

Forever young

I was in The Times today on the Young Times page! How cool! I gave some style tips for 2011, I'll put it up properly when I get a new camera, sorry for the webcam picture! It also features some blogs I love: LLYMLRS, Male Mode, WishWishWish and a new blog to me, Behind the Seams. What a nice boost in the middle of all these exams! Revision is just annoying me now, I almost wish exams were sooner! Let's get this show on the road! My housemate and I went to Yo! Sushi today because you can get a 40% off voucher code online. One of the perks of being vegetarian is that I'm not too spoiled for choice in places like that with loads and loads to choose from. Now I'm off to watch the new series of Snog, Marry, Avoid, one of my favourite programmes! I went to MAC today but it was so hectic I couldn't swatch all I wanted, will have to go back after exams. I've bargained with myself that I'll revise until 11pm and then I can read the latest Elle. I'm so excited to go shopping for this season!xx

Pink Thursday

This is my first post on my new laptop!! I've totally forgotten what I was going to post today though, but I have some new buys to show. And it's pay day tomorrow! Although I must remember I need to pay my rent and bills and get back into the black, and also have enough for next week before my student loans come in! So therefore no shopping! Well I saw it's 2 for £7 on Umberto Giannini products in Boots and I really want to try the Backcomb in a Bottle. That's already about £5 so I might as well stock up on conditioner too! I'll probably get an intensive conditioner or hair mask and use that as a conditioner each time I wash my hair, which isn't that often! Maybe every 4 days. I have a webcam with this laptop too so I can start making some YouTube videos again, and it might encourage me to take more photos in general. You know I am a woman of action, and I did dye my hair with a wash in/wash out Superdrug own colour! It's got rid of any blonde I had and now it's a super shiny, bright copper/red colour. I'll review the dye maybe tomorrow! I want it just like Judith Bedard's here.

I was at work today and on the train I read an amazing book from the suggested reading list for one of my modules, all about weird ideas that work in business. Did you know M&S use the same technology that silk screens patterns onto their bedsheets to screen butter onto all their sandwiches?! How cute! My day started quite strangely though because my sister made me a cup of tea while I was in the shower that I thought tasted kind of weird. I put it down to her not adding sugar, but then she asked me if I liked the tea when we were getting the train to town (her to go shopping), and then revealed she'd spiked it with some coffee!! She said she thought I needed help getting up haha, no wonder it tasted gross! Yeah she thinks she's soooo funny...!

Tomorrow evening I might be going out which will be light relief from all of this revision! Also I can't decide whether to get my gel nails done again, because I either need them taken off or replaced. I'm not exactly doing anything fun in the next three weeks apart from revision and exams, so it feels like I'm getting them for nothing, but I'd have to spend about £10 having them taken off anyway! It's just because I fear my nails underneath are very weak now I've had 6 months of gels, but it will take me a few weeks to get them back into shape. I don't want to bite them off during exam stress! Maybe I'll see how they're looking and then decide if I want a new set of gels. Natural nails would depress me a lot!

Work Wishlist 2

I can't wait for this Spring!! Just a fresh start and new modules and a new routine, it will be so nice when exams are over! It is the last few months that I'm a student though, and that's a little sad to think about. I get paid on Friday and I am counting down the hours, minutes and seconds, seriously! Not especially to buy anything in particular, it just signifies all the overtime I did at Christmas has paid off, and I can stop resisting the shops. I think I'm going for lunch on Friday with my Dad in town so I may have a little wander over to some makeup counters, or pop into a few shops. My Mom set herself a 2010 resolution not to buy any new clothes for a year, and she didn't! Well she bought one dress but she literally bought no other clothes at all, and my Mom is super fashionable. She got loads of charity shop buys and found a lace dress a few months ago for a couple of pounds, and no joke, it's Susan Boyle's dress!!! The dress that she wore to her first audition and apparently wore to travel across half of Scotland in that day (I only know because my Nan was reading her book!). Haha how funny! My Mom doesn't quite look like her in it, don't worry!

Anyway, I was at work today (Birmingham to Manchester and back- that's dedication!) and a few new things have arrived in store. I wish the sale would hurry and go because some of the new stuff is looking very promising! I can't find a gorgeous printed jumpsuit I spotted today on the website but it's got a lovely blue and camel print. I'm not in the market for a slouchy jumpsuit though, I already have some floral hareem trousers from Zara that fill that void!

I was on the cash desk today and spotted some seriously lust worthy shoes. Sadly they don't have them on the website either: they do have the black leather pair but the nude, suede pair I saw in store are ten million times nicer! It's the fact that they have a thin straight heel and are pointed with a flat front sole (not turned up like the black pair), but also have the studs in the back. They are a little 90's and a little bit minimalist and kind of remind me of something an editor would wear to fashion week with bare legs. You have to see them in real life! They remind me of something Elin Kling would wear- one of my favourite Swedish bloggers! I'm trying to maybe form some more sophisticated outfits at the moment, or at least I'm inspired by really great quality pieces that have an interesting cut or colour, but are simple and show off the person, rather than the outfit. And Elin shows a great tan and body can make everything look great! Your body is like a canvas; if you make sure your makeup, hair, nails and skin are in lovely condition, your outfits will look so much better! If you do study editors like Anna and Carine (or that should be ex-editor!), they are usually in super high heels with bare legs, and generally showing quite a bit of skin! I think fashion nowadays is a bit sexier, and that the traditionally 'tacky' and 'wrong' can be now edgy and fabulous, and so right; just look at Abbey Clancy on the front of Glamour this month! I think people are considering how a WAG-like body may look hot in underwear for a lad's mag, but could look even more incredible in high fashion. Pamela Anderson is a fashion icon too!


I also need a new bag, I have no idea when I'll get mine back! And I don't really want to use it anymore anyway. Like most things, this nude bag is better in real life but I like the way the shoulder strap is really short, or you can put it over your arm. I LOVE nudes and couldn't really satisfy my craving during winter but I'm definitely into nude accessories this Spring! I had a flick through Glamour on the train today but my Elle is waiting for me in Manchester, meaning I'm still clueless about SS11 trends! But if the '70s are in, I'm going to be veeery keen to try on a pair of printed flares. I have high waisted flared jeans, but printed trousers would look amazing with wedges. However, I certainly don't just wear wedges to a lecture every day, and I'd have no idea how to tone down the trousers. Hmmm!

I was also eyeing up these nail foils that we just had in. I've seen them used on so many blogs that the idea isn't too exciting, but I just saw this picture on zoeclaudia (one of my favourite tumblrs!) and this detail looks so cute!!!

My Blythe Life

I'm feeling quite positive right now, but that makes me nervous, like something bad is going to creep up on me! I probably shouldn't seems as it's exam season and I don't really have any valuables at the moment, although I have officially hijacked my Mom's laptop. I'm hopefully doing interviews for my dissertation tomorrow so that's coming along OK, but I still have a lot of work to get through. It's also payday on Friday but I might try to convince myself that I'm not going anywhere special until the end of January once exams are over so I shouldn't go on a shopping spree! I need to buy a new camera myself anyway, although I know I'll buy my faithful Samsung NV8 again second hand off eBay for about £20, it will be my 4th one I think! I've had it for years and it gives great focus when you don't use the flash, which I never ever use for blog photos, and the video quality is good. The bad thing is the flash actually pops up like a super old school camera; a bit ridiculous really but like I said, I never use it!

I took these photos of my Blythe doll as soon as I got her in the post in the summer and feel I should finally share them! I was waiting until I bought a nice outfit for her but I didn't see one online that I liked, and most sellers are in America. On Etsy you can only search which sellers post to the UK rather than are based in the UK, and I didn't want to spend £10 on postage for a little dress! I sized up Barbie dresses in The Entertainer and asked in many comic book shops, but nowhere in 'real life' sells dresses I can get my hands on.

I got the doll because, if you've followed my blog for a while, you'll know that I always use their pictures and I think Blythes are really cute and retro and pretty, and I've wanted one for ages! I bought one off eBay after doing a little bit of research, you want to be wary of fakes! Mine was from this eBay seller from Hong Kong and the shipping was fast and they seem genuine! I may not be 100% accurate but it seems they release about 10 styles of Blythe each year, so actually it's quite easy to go through the archives and pick which is your favourite. I believe they first made them in 1972 for one year, and you can get those Kenner dolls for lots of money if you spot one on eBay, but Takara started remaking them in the 2001 after the This Is Blythe book was released.

I couldn't afford an original Kenner and knew I wanted a rehead/ginger one of course! There are a few but the best price and most versatile one (i.e. with the longest hair and no fringe) was the Pow Wow Poncho, so I got her! It did take a few weeks to wait for a boxed one to come on eBay from a trustworthy seller, so take your time. The Red Indian/South American theme is cute as she comes with loads of accessories like a poncho and woolly hat! I did take her out of the box quite a few times but kept all the packaging neat and when she was displayed on my desk in Manchester, she was always in the box! You get a stand too so you could display one outside the box quite easily, but I didn't want her to get dusty. My housemates had a joke that I should put her in my bed so a boyfriend would wake up and be like omg she's turned into a doll?!?!?! Haha not so sure that would work!

A few months ago I could not imagine graduating and entering the working world, but now earning my own money and being part of a real company is getting more and more appealing, and a Blythe doll would make a great feature on a mantle piece or dressing table if I was fortunate to have my own flat. Our student house at the moment isn't the nicest anyway, but my damp, plain walls make me not too fond of my room! Our second year house really was as good as visitors said it was! Still I love living with my friends and do have a soft spot for our little place, hopefully I'll get my Blythe back soon! Also I unofficially named her Queenie as I just love that name! Probably best I don't name any of my kids it.

These photos are from Facebook, the one below is on my 21st birthday as I got the doll as a present to myself! I guess unless you're a photographer, or even a budding photographer, a Blythe is the kind of thing you'll get and then you'll just have; it doesn't exactly do anything. But I'm like that with a lot of things, I tend to really, really want something and work really hard to get it, but once I have it, the love fades very quickly. It's like when something becomes 'mine', the attraction fades because I'm always aspiring to things better than what I own already! But looking at the doll always made me smile and it felt like something I should own! The dolls are definitely an item for some seriously disposable income though so take your time if you are considering one for yourself.

Now I must get back to work! My Mom is adamant she is selling our house this year (uh oh!) so is starting to clear out all the rooms, and she just gave me this book she found. I think I'll be needing it!

Edit: I forgot to say she was about £100 including postage!xx

check it out, check it out

This isn't what I wore on New Year but it was exactly the same apart from the dress! I had to get home myself this Christmas so I could only take one case and half of it was filled with presents! Not that I've worn anything this month apart from my work uniform and pyjamas, literally! When I went out on the night above, it was my friend's birthday and I had work in Manchester until 8pm, so I did my makeup on the hour and a half long train journey home! I literally used my Liz Earle in the station loos and got on wearing nothing at all. It involved lots of hand sanitizer and some yellow train lighting, and when I got home I realised I'd put way more on than I'd realised, haha! The more the better on a night out in my opinion though. I then threw on my dress and hot-footed it to my friends; well I got a taxi, there's no way I could walk a few streets in the Forever 21 heels!

I got the dress on eBay after seeing it on someone else in a Facebook photo I think and thought ah, that dress is Topshop! True to form, eBay did have a few on there from an ex-Topshop stock seller, there's always one! Half of Topshop seems to end up on eBay in the end. Usually their stuff doesn't fit me the best but this material isn't super tight or stretchy so it's great. I said a few weeks ago how I'm obsessed with coral and I truly am! It's a pity that the American Apparel u-neck version is totally see through! One New Year I wore the long sleeved black version as all the dresses I brought home were sleeveless and just didn't feel right. Maybe in the Spring! I went to a random emo/rock night where everyone had a fringe. Everyone!! It was really good though, the best New Year in a while!

I got these tights from a Miss Selfridge sale and sometimes suspender tights can seem a bit risqué, but these are more subtle I think. Apologies for the photo not being better quality, it was taken on my Mom's iphone as my camera was stolen as you know! The annoying thing is that I think the police may have recovered it but it's in evidence for the foreseeable future! However I just ordered a new laptop which thankfully my parents are going to put towards too. My brothers have clogged up the home computer so badly!

As I also said before, my new year's resolution is to eat more!! My problem is I don't have time to prepare things so I'll try making loads snack boxes to quickly throw in my bag, kind of a version of Graze boxes! I also want to hit the library more to get in some solid hours of work, as the hours spent at home never seem to get me far enough. And to take more photos for this blog and keep updating! I think Flying Saucer has passed it's forth year anniversary already, woah!!