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Nails of the Week 8

Hi dolls! Some more nails for you, I'm already thinking about my next. These are cream/nude themed, with a polish called Linen by W7 which was kindly gave to me at an internship I did last summer, and crystal gems and pearls from eBay. People always ask me which eBay sellers I buy my nail things from but really I buy from any! I just search for the seller with the cheapest prices and quantities once postage is added. I also look in markets/haberdasheries, and some places like Poundland or emo shops that sell gems to stick on phone cases. However, if a gem is sticky underneath, it will not stick to your nail with glue/varnish! You have to peel of the sticky bit, as it's usually a little sticker itself on the back of the gem you can pick off with an orange stick or nail file.

And thank you for the lovely comments on my last post, you guys really are very kind and at the moment I'm especially loving all interaction on here and over Twitter and YouTube because I am so bogged down with my dissertation. The deadline is next Friday! I have other projects too and I work in the week so I have to juggle my time carefully. This year though I've survived because I made myself adopt better sleeping patterns. Nothing under 7 hours! And no watching T.V. on my laptop in the dark before bed unless I know I'll get lots of sleep, as I might as well be sleeping then! I've found it's not actually that hard to go to sleep once you put yourself in bed, and if I set my alarm clock when I will only get around 5-6 hours sleep, I switch it off anyway! I make ambitious plans to get up and study but then end up getting a lower quality of sleep for another hour when I snooze, so the key is scheduling in your sleep! I don't mind writing my dissertation right now but I have other assignments too, and it's not a real dissertation as it's only worth 20 credits, but it's still 10,000 words. I'm thinking more strategically as a lot of people are panicking and emailing ourtutor loads, but I need to put as much effort into my other 20 credit modules or else it won't matter in the long run if I get an amazing mark for this piece of work, but low in everything else. Time management is the key as the goal is to get an amazing mark in everything! *touch wood*

Also here's the video on my favourite products in March that I just uploaded! I also just made an '11 Most Reached For Products' video as I was tagged by the lovely Gemma. I don't really have a big enough blog (despite being four years old, woah!!) to say 'I get loads of emails/comments/messages' about something, but I do seem to get a fair few YouTube comments asking for a hair styling tutorial, so I'll leave my hair to wash on Friday afternoon and will film when I dry it. I'm still a bit apprehensive of YouTube haters and it's not nice when someone clicks 'dislike' on your video but, like real life, you can't win 'em all! I'm also still using the wash in/wash out Superdrug 99p hair dye in 505 Mahogany; it's in a little grey bottle and is often sold out, so if you don't see it, it does exist! 

Face of the Night 1

Hmm I feel a bit weird posting pictures of myself and especially just of my face but I took some photos of my makeup last time I was out! Beauty bloggers post close up pics all the time but I don't wear particularly interesting makeup in the daytime, but at night I pile it on! With makeup it's almost like a continuous addition of products; gone are the days when I went to a club with eyeliner, mascara, powder, and that was it! I spend just over an hour putting it on, although lashes take a good ten minutes more! Here are a few tips that created my routine...

I've said this a million, gazillion times but MAC makeovers are great! They're £25, after you get to put that £25 towards products, and you can take away a face chart listing all the products used. I've had loads and they provoked a turning point from when I was putting on makeup that I sort of gathered and like most people, at first I just felt a lot better with loads of black pencil eyeliner! When you get a makeover, think about the colours they've used, take photos of the eyeshadow to study the shapes they made (was it darker in the corners? darker in the crease? heavy under the eye?), and pick which features they've emphasised the most. You can give a theme or idea for your makeup but usually I say just anything is good!

When I was younger, most of my makeup collection was made up of craaaazy bright colours and glitters. If you have a smaller budget and shop in Superdrug/Boots, invest in flattering, nude shades at first that you can use all the time to really get your moneys worth. 

I spend so much time just blending my eyeshadow, I have a few brushes from Make Up Store (in Sweden), No. 7, and even fluffy blending brushes I found in Poundland! The key is just to layer shadows very, very lightly and blend away. I take a clean brush at the end and blend even more!

I always do my eyeshadow first, so when I've got no other makeup on and especially no eye liner or mascara, I look really terrible! Don't give up! If something looks quite strong or strange, continue with the rest of your makeup and you can blend it out later. And that way, shadow doesn't fall on my foundation! And once I've done my foundation, I'll go back and blend my shadow some more!

Good eyebrows make eye makeup look sooo much better! If you get a MAC makeover, they'll draw them in to a shape that is most flattering to you, so study that!

Watch YouTube makeup videos! Not all will suit you but you can easily find someone with similar colouring, eye shape and skin tone. 

Also if you find your undertone, you'll always pick colours that suit you! In this Michelle Phan video she goes through loads of ways you can find your undertone, and then you can choose warmer or cooler colours. That's why I always buy coral pinks and steer clear of things with a lilac/blue tone, although I can get away with some neutral things like a bright pink!

I don't know it all but those are some tips that have made me feel confident enough to wear a lot of makeup, and therefore spend a lot! But if I spend a lot, I want to know it's right, so utilise those makeup artists on the counters! Haha also do you like my dressing gown?! It wasn't tshirt time yet!

I always wear a really smokey eye and since my last makeover, liner around my whole eye and in the water line. I'm on a makeup ban at the moment but a Boots 17 blush has been haunting me since I saw it before work when buying a meal deal, developed an immediate love, and promptly walked off because I'm not allowed! Well I bought it last Friday haha, and Boots was just closing but I pleaded with the lady and she let me run in and grab it! Since watching a tonne of Kardashian related programmes recently, I wanted a really bright blush so your cheeks really pop.

But I forgot to do my lashes before these photos! I wear Eylure double lashes, and once you go double, you can't go back! I wore some Girl's Aloud Nicola's the other day and they felt like nothing!

Also no hair bow! I'm trying to ween myself off them and train my hair to stay off my face; it's hard though! Here's the products I used:


Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Retrospeck
MUA shadows 10 and 18 (only £1!)
MAC 'Venomous Villains' Maleficent Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo in My Dark Magic
Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake in Vehement (used as black shadow)
Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Static all over the shadow 
Sleek Original I-Divine Palette ( the purple)
Sleek Circus I-Divine Palette (the BEST black shadow- so dark!)
Bourjois Little Round Pot Eyeshadow in white in the inner corner and as a highlight
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero (need to rebuy this, mine is so tiny!) 
ELF Cream Liner
Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Liner
L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara
Duo Glue (bought at MAC)
Eylure Naturalites Double Lashes 
Rimmel Brow Pencil in Hazel
MUA Clear Mascara used as brow gel 


Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
LOréal Paris Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer
MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW15 and NC15 mixed
ELF  Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter in a V shape under my eyes
MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Light/Medium


17 Blusher in Brickie as contour
Topshop Cream Blush in Flush (not pictured)
17 Blusher in First Flush (looove this!)
MAC Mineralise Skin Gradient in Redhead 


Blistex Lip Massage
Sephora lip pencil
Benefit Cupid's Bow
At home: MAC Marquise D'
In the club: Natural Collection Apple Blosson
At home: Barry M Toffee Lip Gloss
In the club: Collection 2000 Hotlights lip gloss in Star

Nails of the Week 7

Hi beauties and cuties, it's been nearly a week! Unfortunately my Typepad Account was suspended because my credit card unknowingly expired so I ended up missing a payment! Yes it's a bit ridiculous that I have to pay to blog when there are so many free hosts out there and also that Typepad only accept credit cards. I wish I'd started blogging on Blogspot but four years ago I only had access to my huge home computer and I remember it just totally crashed it! Ah those were the days!

Anyway, I've been itching to blog because this site is almost like a diary and I need to post things when they happen! I got my nails done the Friday before last and still have them like this because they're too perfect to take off! I would stick 3D things onto them but I've had bejewelled coral nails lots before, and at the moment I'm craving nude nails with crystals. I'm going out on Wednesday night which will be only the third time I've had a weekday night out for my whole final Uni year! Right now I'm weighed down with my dissertation so I just need to plod along with that and it means I'll spend the whole weekend on it. I might pop home though, I have a friend about to have a baby and I must see her bump!

These nails actually have real glitter on rather than a glitter polish, and they're all different colours despite some being similar. The technician put a clear topcoat on and then dipped a brush in a pot of glitter and lightly tapped it so glitter fell onto the nails. I think the chunky glitter looks great! It seems a bit neater when the glitter is more spaced out than usual glitter polishes which can be quite overloaded, not that that's a bad thing!

I was out on Friday and I look some photos of my makeup and all the products I used as a sort of Face of the Night, and spent the whole weekend doing my diss, very boring! It's going to be a hectic month with loads of hand-ins but I'm finding the way to survive is lots of treats and snacks! What gets you through essays?xx

River Island Super Haul!

You probably know by my many Work Wishlists that, like most sales assistants, I have constant favourites in my shop, especially when payday nears! Spending hours hanging, sorting and searching for clothes means you consider everything, not only to advise customers, but you look at everything as though it's in your own personal wardrobe. Since studying in Sweden last year, I still love knowing exactly what's in the shops but I'm a much faster shopper as there seems to be so much out there! In Sweden I had access to very few shops so the high street always seems so jam packed now, and it's much better for my purse that I only sway towards things I really love and consider purchases much more.

I've been waiting for absolutely ages to get a bunch of things from my River Island store as payday is every four weeks and I had some vouchers to spend and I had to wait for a time when the store was quiet enough for a staff purchase! This isn't often so last week I managed to do a dash and grab in a spare five minutes and got everything I've been hovering over in one swoop! I also made a video haul which I'll embed at the end of the post!

The thing I've been wanting for a million years is this crochet 'barrel' bag, which sounds like a disaster but it's the most perfect size for Uni, especially since my last school bag was stolen and I've been using a baby one since! This just fits my notebook and all my daily extras, but it's not quite A4 size, which is fine as I use an A5 book! I cut some more holes in the shoulder strap so it sits a bit higher near my hip, or I just carry it on my elbow when shopping/getting on the bus! And the River Island tag isn't slap bang in the middle like a lot of the bags.

Do you recognise these studded flats from a previous wishlist too? I've been watching them like a hawk in case they started selling out but numerous scanner checks left me safe in the knowledge that I'd get them one day! The stretchy bit at the back is a bit uncomfortable at first but I haven't seen flats like these anywhere, apart from maybe Louboutin loafers, but I think these are cuter!

I impulsed on these stacked bangles too because as historically known, I find it a real chore to accessorise. I still feel ridiculous with things gangling around but I'll try to teach myself!

I'm really undecided about these jeggings as I already have a dark Miss Selfridge pair and the floral pair I got last week (which are online now here!) but which to keep: the light pair or mid blue pair? Commenters on YouTube said that the light pair would be good in the summer, but I don't usually wear cooler colours like light blue, even though they are a definite blue in real life rather than white like in the photo. However I could wear the navy pair right away, although I might as well wear my Miss Selfridge pair? I could keep them both but four pairs of jeggings is maybe a bit much? The weather is making it seem like I'll be living in them anyway for the next month at least as it's still cold and rainy, until I can get my skirts and maxi dresses out!

I also ran a few errands in town and checked out the River in the Arndale as they have more stock, and I eagle-eyed these hareem jogger type trousers that were in the sale a few weeks ago but sold out in my store. They should have been taken off the shop floor but they must have mistakenly been put behind another line as they didn't have sale tags, yet I knew they were £10 really! These are not like anything I already own, apart from maybe some hareem floral trousers, as they're practically joggers. They're high waisted with a tie string and zips, and they're cut quite slim and are tighter at the ankle, so they're not MC Hammer style but more high waisted trousers in a super soft material. They are like wearing pyjamas! They make my bum look even more like the size of Mexico though so I'd wear my Topshop swooping cardigan over to cover the back.

And then major impulse of the century- I bought a bikini!  I'm not even going on holiday! We had this in our store but it sold out and I love the colour; it doesn't photograph perfectly but it's a fluro coral/orange/pink that will look greeeat with a (fake!) tan! And it has cute little gold cube beads on the ends of the ties, and the roses are all enhancing, which is only a good thing! I even already have a bikini from River Island that I got when I worked in a Birmingham store in the summer; at least I can mix and match the bottoms!

I might take one pair of the jeggings back tomorrow, ah I can't decide! I might try them both on and see. Here's the video where you get a close up of the buys:

And the video from the River Island Jeans Swap day is online! Haha major points if you spot Gemma and I in the background of any shots!

florals and jeggings, what's not to love

I think the recent absense of skirts and tights in my daily outfits has just crossed over to leggings and jeggings! I spotted these River Island floral jeggings in the Arndale store and bought them without even trying them on. They're are perfect for Spring when it finally arrives, although it's definitely lovely recently! Still super cold though but I wore these yesterday with my Miss Selfridge cream coat. They're very thin and stretchy so they fit your legs well, but the stretch around the waist means they fall down easily; a belt is definitely needed! I went to my River store early today before work with a huge shopping list so expect a haul tomorrow, I bought a tonne. These floral jeggings aren't on the site but they have the same styles in plain colours, light blue and navy (which I bought both of today!). I'm sure they'll be up online in a few days!xx

Kitty meets BB

I've officially done a full week of posts every day! I haven't done that in ages! I had no lectures today so I studied it up, although I did only just see an email changing a seminar reading... right after I read the original!

I recently got a Blackberry and of course it needs a lovely cover! You know by my nails, my guilty pleasures are tacktastic gems, rhinestones and Hello Kitty, so I had to have a blinged up case. But I already have enough nail art to last throughout my whole lifetime, so I figured I'd make my own. I got a cheap case off eBay, although it's for a Curve but I ended up getting a Bold so the picture hole is in the wrong place, oh well!

I had a little look at a few YouTube videos and found quite a good one, though sticking on gems is pretty straight forward! You need a file to get the backs of rough gems totally smooth, super glue (be CAREFUL you don't glue your hands!), a cocktail stick and some bluetack to stick on the tip, scissors, and all the gems you have! Mine are accumulated from eBay, haberdasheries, Paperchase and markets (the Hello Kitties are eBay). The girl in the video I linked above uses broken jewellery- great idea!

Just use the cocktail stick with the little bluetack end up lift up the gem, put a little glue on the back, and stick it down. Simple!

I had a sticker of gems on the back of my old phone which I cut and recycled, and just kept sticking in a random order. This is how far I've got but I'm going to do the whole back! My housemate hates it haha, but like I said, all this stuff is a guilty pleasure and I can remove the case for serious occasions :)

Street stripping for River Island!

Hi! First and foremost, thank you for the lovely comments on my last post! I'm so pleased I finally ordered that dress, it's a new firm favourite! I hope you had a more productive Sunday than me, I've been reading blogs all day because I have no lectures tomorrow but I feel a little guilty that I haven't done any dissertation work this weekend. This final year of Uni is a permanent guilt-fest as you always have a deadline on the horizon! Less of that though, I must tell you about Friday! I went across to Liverpool as I was invited to a fab event for the River Island store there. As you probably know I work there so it seemed very fitting and the event was for charity! Also I looove Liverpool and if I wasn't at Manchester, I would have gone there for Uni as I think it's such a cool city! And I met Gemma of Gemsmaquillage too!

So I hopped on the train there on Friday to check out the secret stunt outside the store, and even I was shocked! You could donate a pair of jeans to charity and you'd get your pick of a brand new River Island pair. The catch was that you had to be wearing your jeans on the day, and the double catch was that you had to strip off in the street!?! All in the name of charity! I arrived at lunchtime as shoppers were just hitting the town but there was already a lot of interest outside the store. The fab ladies coordinating the stunt explained the stripping requirements and asked if I wanted to join it but I had to decline! There can't be pictures of me in my knicks online! Haha for a split second I thought hmm it is for charity but the freezing cold day and my intact dignity won over- probably for the best! However loads of people were enquiring about what was going on and people started doing it! Of course I have chose my photos wisely for this post...!

A camera crew was filming and interviewing the volunteers, most of whom had handily worn long tops that day. Some people stripped right off though, especially the guys! I saw some photos of a whole bunch just in their boxers but sadly I missed that one!

Then Gemma arrived! Gem's channel is the first one that got me watching YouTube beauty videos obsessively and the first time I found it I was like omg people just talking about makeup and hair, yes this is something I want to hear! And we were both doing Erasmus study abroad years at the same time so her vlogs were really interesting for me to see from Sweden, and there's not many Northern bloggers/vloggers out there :) I knew she would be but Gemma is so fabulous! As you could imagine it's strange but at the same time not when you meet a blogger, and meeting a vlogger is even more strange yet familiar as you've already heard them speak and seen them on film but it's so cool to have an actual conversation! For some reason I didn't get any photos of Gemma apart from this one of her filming, my mistake! We were too busy having a natter about about Youtube and blogs of course but were mostly distracted by what was on display!

Haha this man took his top off too and had the worst fake tan lines!! He was definitely fake baked! As it got into the afternoon, the crowds were huge and people started stripping in groups, with everyone cheering them on and applauding. We spoke to a girl who had just done it and she was like omggg I can't believe I did it! I'm not quite sure why but Gemma and I thought there might be some laws around donating to charity as of course River might have just gave a load of new jeans to charity, but I don't think companies can do that quite so easily. Great to do a publicity event and make it for charity though, and it was so funny to see the reactions of people having a peek at what was going on. I'm going to be very sad when I have to leave my job up here when I graduate, I love River Island! Well done to all involved in the event, it was a fab day xxx

No wallflower

Hiii! Hope you all had a lovely Saturday! Today I mostly went to McDonalds which was a mistaker to maker on a delicate stomach from last night! Actually it was really good and saying goodbye to my friend was super sad!! I'm out again tonight and can't decide what to wear at all but I looove the dress I wore last night! I've been meaning to get it for ages and once I did, I didn't go out for ages so I've been itching to wear it! It's the Motel Erica dress and I have it in black too, but the floral is gorgeous, the print is lovely! I got a small by the way. I also now want the Katy Dress, so nice! Remember you can get 20% off with my discount code in my sidebar <---- and I get a bit of commission when you do so thank you to those who already have used it! I'm sure you are all happy customers as Motel is the best xx

Nails of the Week 6

It hasn't been long since I posted my last set of nails but after two days at work, the gems were a little bashed so I did do them again last night! They'll be last set before I get infills or a new set of gels, and I did pink bases with blue flowers inspired by my newest bed sheets, which you can sort of see in the Krispy Kreme post below! I have defied all laws of the universe and have somehow got ready fairly early so I can post today; still trying to not break the promise of posting every day in March! Today I was in Liverpool where I met the fabulous Gemma of gemsmaquillage, I'll tell you all about it when I sort through all the photos as there was a lot of nudity! Haha you'll see! Now I've got to wash off my tan, do my lashes and sort out my outfit, hmmm maybe I spoke too soon. I'll try to take a snap of my newest Motel dress too although I feel extremely full after out tradish' Pizza Hut lunch and Krispy Kremes, and the refillable coke in Pizza Hut was certainly utilised!! Have a fab Friday night everyone xx

A Glamour Glaze Addiction

It is officially Friday, yay! I have lots of work to do but I am taking the day off tomorrow to do some cool blog things and then go out in the evening to say goodbye to a marvy friend about to go travelling. I haven't been out in almost a month due to work or going home and I have a new Motel dress to wear and just did my nails! I'll show you them tomorrow! My friends and I only go out on weekends now because our lectures during the week are a little more serious in final year, and I even have seminars this time. I take a class in the business school which is really strange as my lectures have no guys in them usually and we never have debates or discussions. The topic is around human resource management and I'm not used to talking in class, but all my retail experience comes in handy and now it's like no problem! Haha one girl the other day asked if I got commission working at River Island?! Not exactly possible!

My friends and I have a weekly ritual now where we meet in town after Friday lectures and shop around for new lashes or dresses, and then go to Nandos or Pizza Hut or Yo! Sushi, and then get a Krispy Kreme and eat it while we're getting ready to go out! You can probably predict it takes me a looong time to get ready and I am always one of the last, putting my bag together when the taxi is on its way. This morning before work however I did things slightly early and got a whole lovely box of the new Glamour Glaze Krispy Kremes- perfect timing for the leaving do tomorrow! They're inspired by lipgloss to celebrate Glamour mag's 10th anniversary and omg, if you are a Krispy Kreme fan you must go and try the strawberry, especially if the glazed are your favourite! The blackcurrant are more fruity but the strawberry are sugar heaven. And they're glittery!

I'm aiming to post every day this March as I always have enough content but never enough time, but if I try I think I can do it! I'll also try to include more photos of myself and outfits as I've got out of the swing of them, and more photos in general.

Hmmm my hair isn't this dark in real life but you can see how impractical my nails seem! I've been on the cash desk at work this week and every other person has commented on them, I guess they look a bit extreme but they feel fine! To answer some common questions- I get the gems just off the cheapest eBay sellers, as long as you pay through Paypal you are protected and the companies are great in Hong Kong and China. And I'm not sure how they'd be on real nails! I've seen YouTubers sticking them on their natural nails so I'm sure it would be fine.

I also did a dash around three mini supermarkets today to find the Glamour with the Clinique Moisture Surge as I have a little bottle of the moisturising lotion already and they're doing a million different freebies so I had to dig round the shelves for this one! I was going to buy up loads of copies and get all the different freebies but buying the same magazine is a waste of print and paper so it's just one sample for me. I'm going to read it on the train when I go to Liverpool tomorrow, I'll fill you in then!xx