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Kitty meets BB

I've officially done a full week of posts every day! I haven't done that in ages! I had no lectures today so I studied it up, although I did only just see an email changing a seminar reading... right after I read the original!

I recently got a Blackberry and of course it needs a lovely cover! You know by my nails, my guilty pleasures are tacktastic gems, rhinestones and Hello Kitty, so I had to have a blinged up case. But I already have enough nail art to last throughout my whole lifetime, so I figured I'd make my own. I got a cheap case off eBay, although it's for a Curve but I ended up getting a Bold so the picture hole is in the wrong place, oh well!

I had a little look at a few YouTube videos and found quite a good one, though sticking on gems is pretty straight forward! You need a file to get the backs of rough gems totally smooth, super glue (be CAREFUL you don't glue your hands!), a cocktail stick and some bluetack to stick on the tip, scissors, and all the gems you have! Mine are accumulated from eBay, haberdasheries, Paperchase and markets (the Hello Kitties are eBay). The girl in the video I linked above uses broken jewellery- great idea!

Just use the cocktail stick with the little bluetack end up lift up the gem, put a little glue on the back, and stick it down. Simple!

I had a sticker of gems on the back of my old phone which I cut and recycled, and just kept sticking in a random order. This is how far I've got but I'm going to do the whole back! My housemate hates it haha, but like I said, all this stuff is a guilty pleasure and I can remove the case for serious occasions :)

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