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Miss Uniform

I haven't posted a picture of myself in so long! Today was such a lovely day and my lectures finished just after lunch so I don't have an excuse not to share what I've been wearing constantly for just about the past month; coincidentally the Miss Selfridge coat that I got in the Christmas sales and some jeggings I got at the start of term. It's been so cold recently that my skirts have stayed stored away, and throwing on jeggings is so much faster than finding tights and shoes, especially as I've been wearing nude flats too, and they don't look quite right with black tights. I also ditched my skirts because this coat is quite short and my skirts are very summery and bright! So nothing is quite working right now apart from a cute coat and standard jeggings. My Topshop Leigh jeggings are too stretched out now but I got these Miss S. ones quite tight and they're lasting so well! And they were around £20 with student discount. I tried on the jeans that were basically the same but around £38, but these are better and a lower price! Nothing makes you feel more chic but still casual than dark skinnies. Funny how I used to live in skirts! This blog is however four years old, so some things have gotta give!

Also check out this webcam magic mirror Miss Selfridge have on their site where you can 'try on' the clothes, just hold up your hand and wiggle your fingers over the 'buttons' on the screen haha! It's a shame the Manchester store is so teeny because it's totally winning over Topshop for me right now, and I can't think of any other high street shops I'm liking. I did manage to get the H&M skirt I was hunting down though, I'll show you asap! Hopefully tomorrow if the day is just as lovely xx

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