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Nails of the Week 10

I might go back up to Manchester tomorrow so I popped to my local high street to infill my nails at my favourite salon (just a cheapie, bog standard place for those who ask!) and get my eyebrows waxed at my favourite place. In Manchester everywhere near me seems to thread so I've just been going with that as it's better for the skin around your eyes, but waxing feels so much better to me! Threading only seems to look fine for a day or two.

I also had a look in the discount stores like Savers, which I think is the equivalent of Home Bargains, and Poundland, etc. I got the St. Moriz in dark to see if the coverage is better than the normal one, and this Sally Hansen topcoat for £2! I also spotted these Katie Price lashes which are exactly like MAC 43 lashes, which I'm guessing Katie probably wears and based them on! I got these Brit Rocks (lolll) ones too that looked like the fullest cheapie pair on the bargain shelf. My favourite double lashes by Eylure are £7 now, eeek!

I got Barry M's new shade Peach Melba on my nails and it almost errs on the granny side as it's very terracotta in some lights, but I like it when it looks more like a neon coral. I stuck a few things on after trying the Maybelline heart polish I got in Poundland but I can hardly get any of the sequin hearts out! Big failure. Now I'm going out tonight but I have no idea what to wear and haven't brought a lot home with me! Better go exfoliate, I did a very dodgy tan on my legs that needs to be removed!

Revisiting Summer

My wardrobe isn't as big as my sister's, who accepts all my castoffs willingly, but I do have a few things that I don't take to Uni that I just sorted through. Hopefully there will be nice weather over the exam season, and then during the week after when you recuperate! If you've read for a while, you might know that I used to be a vintage fanatic and spent loads of time on eBay US hunting secondhand summer dresses. Now I don't really have time for those dedicated searches but I have a stack of dresses I've just been looking through. All the above are vintage apart from the Topshop cherry dress. I'm not sure if I'm too old for the one on the right as it's a teenage Jessica McClintock Gunne Sax dress, very pale and embroidered. Maybe if I wore it in a bit more of a boho Kate Moss way? 

I also have the floral playsuit that I wore on a blogger trip to Paris, it needs some alternations though! It seems handmade in the first place as the metal zip is a bit weak and the stitching has came away on one of the straps.

I also have this super cute romper/playsuit I got on eBay US too. The vintage clothes on there are less 80's than on the UK site. I'm quite long-waisted so this playsuit is a bit short, and also the bones have moulded into a funny shape from storage. Do you know any way to shape them back?

Haha I also got these cuuute tissues from New Look and had to show them!

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If you're free this bank holiday, I made another video of a little haul and haircut you might like to see. At the hairdressers they usually dry it straight so I won't wear it like this but I went to Nicky Clarke in the Mailbox instead of Umberto Giannini in Selfridges for a change and really liked it, I would go there again! Happy Easter everyone!xx


It's a no, Mary Jane

So my Topshop Mary Janes arrived but sadly I'm not keeping them. They are SO HIGH! Nothing wrong with height but I feel like I'm going to break my neck! The platform isn't straight so the surface area of the sole is smaller than where the platform begins, so they kind of look a bit stripper-ish compared to my Forever21 Mary Janes that have a chunky heel and solid platform. 

Oh well! They do feel lovely but I think I would fall down loads of stairs so I'll keep looking for a new pair of going-out shoes. I might just dye or paint my Miss Selfridge heels black as they only problem is that they were grey so dirt won't come out properly. Or maybe dye them coral pink! Have you dyed any shoes? They are a canvas material so I bet you can get proper shoe dye or maybe fabric paint would work?

Barry M Pink Nail Effects!

Hiii! Are all you guys in the UK loving the weather? I haven't worn black in months so I am very happy to feel so summery! I popped to my local high street today with a few errands (cut keys, pick up packages, visit the bank, etc) and I also had a little makeup shopping list. I want a few Sleek things but it turns out my local Superdrug doesn't stock the brand, so I hit Boots to check out their things and they're doing 3 for 2 across makeup! I wanted the Collection 2000 Lasting Finish Concealer and the 17 Beehive lipstick, and I had a little look for Barry M's new peach polish and spotted this.

I wasn't really into the black nail effects as I think leopard looks better and the effect isn't really great itself, but it's not like I've tried this so I got the polish in the 3for2 deal. I quite like it! I know I haven't done a very good job but people on YouTube have gave me some great tips. It was a good coincidence that I was wearing Revlon's Blue Lagoon which looks fab underneath! However I think the novelty will wear off fast, so I'll give it to my sister, who liked the black one before, or sell it on as I know it's going to sell out. I saw it in my local Boots but not the nearby Superdrug, so I'd check your Boots fast!

On top of the 3for2, Boots are doing the £5 facial skincare voucher!! I LOVE this Sanctuary hot cloth cleanser, much more than Liz Earle's, and it comes with a cloth too so if you get the voucher, it will only be £5.20! I have another voucher but I'm keen to hunt down the Oilatum moisturiser and then I don't really need anymore skin stuff. I also got an electric toothbrush, not sure why that is in the photo!

The benefits of living near a cheapie highstreet are all the discount shops, and I got some Poundland bargains. I can't buy too much as I will have to bring it back to Manchester and liquids are heavy, but I got some shavers for only £1 (of course, it's Poundland!) and also these gems which I'll use on my nails. I got the Carmex from Superdrug but Poundland does discount Rimmel/Miss Sporty/Revlon/etc and I got this Maybelline polish with sequin hearts. Lots of Asian nail art has sequins actually inside the gel nails when the gel is clear, so I'll try and imitate that with this polish hopefully!

I'm getting my haircut tomorrow so I'm excited to hopefully get my hair out of my eyes! I need some kind of fringe/shape around my face. I also made a little video below showing the nail polish when it's first put on xx

The Various Threats to Drying Nail Enamel!

Hahaha I just had to show you these nail protectors I bought on eBay! I read in the 'Miss' section of one of those hit and miss lists in a magazine ages ago that where were such things as nail bubbles that you put on the end of your fingers to cover your nails while they're drying. Immediately I was like hey yes, these are right up my street! I looked for them everywhere but had no luck, but I was browsing nail dryers on eBay last night and came across these! I was going to get a fan dryer as I didn't want to get one of the UV lamps that are like a mini sunbed for your hands as I'm so fair and do my nails so often, and I spotted them! They're just plastic clips with shields that sit over your nails! Haha they're so funny, especially the description on the site; I'll keep you posted on how they turn out!xx

Topshop Wishlist

My shopping habits changed since being in Sweden and all my CSR classes mean I think more about my purchases. I match them with everything else in my wardrobe and try to ask, ' If I didn't buy it, in a month would I really care?' If I LOVE something, I have to have it and find a way to source it through eBay/the U.S., but of course clothes aren't essential and if something did sell out forevermore, you wouldn't die. So I've gone off Topshop in the past year, mostly because of the prices for the quality, so something I did like wouldn't last very long! This may not be true to everything but I find many things I buy from there don't wash very well and never look as good as they did on the hanger, and I am paying for the design and brand rather than the fabrics and components that make up the product.

Also at the start of the season, everything was a bit new and I went in a few times to find loads of mustard, sleeveless stuff! I don't fit the Topshop 'girl' in style and size, as their things seem a bit more androgynous and quirky than I like to be, and they seem to fit the clothes to a shape with a bigger bust and smaller hips/butt than me, but that's not to say you can't find gems if you aren't their classic size. I wore my Leigh jeggings until they went to the baggy point of no return, and I've been wearing a swooping nude cardigan with a crochered/lace design across the back for the past months, which I loooove but it is now so bobbly and worn that I think it looks on the tatty side. I've had dresses from there (maxi and bodycon) that have gone bobbly at the right side where I carry my bag, even if it's a small going-out bag, but similar dresses from Motel/American Apparel/etc are fine at the side. So I am very wary of Topshop clothing; not that I need to be because I can't afford anything anyway! £30 for a thin jumper? And with the surge in cotton prices and global production prices, expect retailers to raise prices even further!

BUT I have scrimped and saved this year, and after a long term and insane dissertation, I have some funds to spend. I should save for when I graduate as I won't have any source of income then, but I really want to go on holiday! We'll see how the term goes as I think you need a few treats over revision, and today I had the urge to browse the Topshop site. And there's loads of great stuff! I made a wishlist:

Notice how the online shopping urges come when you're revising?! So I am always on the look out for going-out dresses and this nude bandage dress would look amazing on someone like Kim Kardashian! It's not too bad at £55 in my opinion but they've pictured it on the site modeled in a very moody way with a tshirt underneath and a slouch and so I can't imagine what it would really be like on! It's also only returnable to the website which makes it a bit more risky. Hmmm not sure! I worry about light dresses in clubs because what if some drunken fool spills a drink all over you?! It has certainly happened many a time, and you do not want to be the girl drying yourself under the hand dryer in the toilets!

I'm still not 100% sold on the sheer shirts done right up to the collar trend, but if I bought into it, I'd get this shirt. However I feel a bit arm conscious in sleeveless things, not that I have any arm issues but you seem to feel quite exposed! I'm not going to get these flares as I already have two pairs of flared jeans, but I LOVE flares. If you have seen the film Dazed and Confused, you will know what I mean! I lugged mine and some appropriate wedges all the way home so will definitely be wearing mine this Easter!

This Motel tee reminds me of a Wildfox tshirt, and I just ordered my first one too! I got a love potion shirt off eBay and it is currently sitting in the post office so I'll pick it up tomorrow! I did an internship that involves a hell of a lot of Wildfox so I've been wanting something for ages. I think this tshirt in my wishlist would be fab with jeggings and especially flares, but if I were to buy it, I'd get it off the Motel website with my 20% off discount in the sidebar! If you use it too, I get a little bit of commission! It looks really great on the model with a long side plait. I bought a few Motel things recently; check them out in the video below. 

OK here is something I am actually going to buy today! I have decided! I posted about these Mary Jane heels citing them as mary jane perfection, and they most certainly are! The only problem is that they are about 6 inches, and I am about 5'5 anyway so I would be pretty tall! Then again, I go out in Manchester where the girls wear fabulously high heels, so why not! My Miss Selfridge grey polkadot heels really are dirty beyond repair and I've been wearing them for a year, so maybe it's time to give them up. There's also a Topshop off white pair online but I think black is safer for dirt.

I can't believe I'm now a jeggings/trousers girl but I am! And I think these cropped floral print trousers are so cute. I also had the idea of maybe wearing high waisted leggings like these to a club with suuuper high heels and a very oversized crop top (not too short) as an alternative to dresses? Next time I'm shopping I'll try on a bunch of leggings and consider this further. I've seen girls wearing similar out and I guess I'm bored of clocking up a million dresses! I also want a replacement for the nude cardigan with the lace back that I'm wearing at the moment, and this cape cardigan is almost a replacement, but it looks like it would go bobbly easily.

So, I'm going to order the heels! And to qualify for free postage, I've bumped up my order with these amazing dream catcher earrings. They say they are 'large' on the site so I reckon they are huuuge! Also when I was at the checkout, my delivery address came up as my room in Sweden, awww! I'll keep you posted when they arrive.

Here's a video of some things I've bought recently from my YouTube channel. What a looovely caption image!xx

My Handwriting

I'm so excited to share this illustration by Clare of  Tweet as part of a fab blogger project! Clare is collecting handwritten notes and posts, and then is fab enough to kindly create an illustration to accompany each piece. I am attempting to step away from my hair bows but have been relapsing all week so I am so pleased there is one in this drawing! Thank you Clare! Check out the Handwritten blog for posts and pictures from some of my favourite bloggers, and maybe some of yours too. I started looping my letters when I was younger because I thought it looked sophisticated and they've stuck ever since!xx

Ring Things

So Easter has officially begun and I did my last shift at River! I don't know what I'll do on a Wednesday and Thursday now! Well, I know it's going to be time for revision and exams but I haven't done anything else on those days for about seven months. It was sad to leave, I love my job! And I'll always have a soft spot for River Island when I go shopping, that store has some serious hidden gems and the new Chelsea Girl collection is based on archived pieces. Loads of customers come in to say they used to work at Chelsea Girl (before it became River) and recognise the clothes! There's a styling competition on the website for Cosmo too if any of you are fashion students!

I was looking round the store this week for any last buys with my staff discount and I am very intrigued by all these 'palazo' trousers. When I was at the River charity jeans day in Liverpool, there were loads of girls shopping in super tall wedges and huge, floaty floral trousers looking great! Maybe if a pair were short enough they could be worn with flats, almost disguised as a maxi skirt? I could get away with wearing them to lectures with flats, they just look super comfy! I'll have to have a day in town and try on loads of pairs, the most reasonably priced ones I've seen are in River Island; have you seen any nice ones anywhere else? They would also be PERFECT on a beach holiday, of which I haven't booked yet but I am definitely planning for!

I bought a couple of things recently online and in shops, I think it was the great weather and because I didn't really buy anything for the whole of March. I was home a few weekends ago and popped into Forever21 in the Bullring after I'd met my friend, and was pleasantly surprised! I actually got some clothes, which I showed in a haul video that I still have to edit. All my editing programmes put the sound out of sync so I'm still searching for something that works! The F21 jewellery section is like nothing else and I got this ring for only £5.90. It's like an amour ring with jewels in and it moves into three different parts. Sadly the quality is rubbish as another ring I got from there broke straight away and now one part of this one keeps falling off. If I'm in town soon I'll see if they have any more in stock or see if my brothers can fix it.

It's not my normal style but you can go a bit crazy with rings; it's only a ring! I also got this black and tarnished silver ring below, almost like a 'tube' ring. I put it on my little finger for this photo though as it's gets totally stuck on my other fingers and is so thick, it won't come off! It was £4.90.

In the River Island sale right now I got this huuuge ring that has already been in a million sales! I kept seeing it and now it's only £4, so I thought it would be good on a night out with no other jewellery. The middle part is a mirror!

I don't normally buy into blogger trends but one day I thought 'I need a double finger cross ring in my life!!!' So I got this cute tarnished gold one from Dainty Dollymix, also a fab beauty blog!

I'm still not sure on this Revlon polish, it's quite milky so it can look a bit dirty and dull. It's just not doing it for me! I'll wait until inspiration strikes to do my next nails though, at the moment I'm trying to crack on with work! I've got my GoogleReader down to zero and brought home a million heavy books yesterday so I'm on the way! I sound very on track on here but I'm trying to do it early and slowly so I don't get the exam depression and desperation!

Nails of the Week 9

Hi all! I'm home for Easter! I've had the longest few weeks finishing coursework and importantly my dissertation, which I couldn't perfect enough and did a classic all-nighter in the end! I was in a zombie state when I submitted it but then I actually went to town to check out the River Island sale! I had a browse around but I've bought a couple of things here and there recently; I filmed a video which I'll upload soon. Editing takes a while as all the programmes I've found distort the sound or make it out of sync. I still haven't got back up to speed after packing up to come home, and I'm back in Manchester tomorrow for my last ever shifts at River, sob!

I'm so happy to be home though and I got my nails done at my favourite local salon today! It's nowhere special, I just get some mates rates by being polite! I bought Revlon's Blue Lagoon after seeing it on a blog I think and took it with me to use. I like having a flash of plain nails but I'm sure I'll stick some things on there soon, I've brought a few wheels of gems home. As for the rest of Easter, my plans are:

- Revisereviserevise!! I have two assignments and a lot of exam prep to do but so does my sister so hopefully we'll be at the library together.

- I've brought loads of clothes home so I'll try and take some pictures and make some videos!

- Make the most of my River discount before I leave! I have a few things to take back so might go in early tomorrow; I think I'll stock up on a load of cute cropped vests, and I really want a cropped blazer but we only have a bright orange one in our store.

- Keep up Project 10 Pan! I bought that nail varnish today but over the past months I haven't bought any new makeup! I might try to persuade my Mom to go to Bicester village with me because they have a CCO, and I just discovered a FACE Stockholm shop in Manchester, but I might wait until a really special occasion/reason to buy more lipsticks/blushers/etc when I already have a million!

- I might get a teeny hair trim as I'm trying to grow it looong again but haven't had a cut since around February.

- My best friend just had a baby yesterday and she is so teeny and beautiful! She's perfect! So I want to see my friends lots and also my family, and I'll probably stay with my Nan a lot too as a distraction from the internet to revise!