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Hello Bristol!

I'm currently sweltering in my new room in Bristol! I have almost unpacked but I left unpacking clothes until last and now don't have much room left! I'll show you some pictures or maybe do a room tour when I'm finished. I start work tomorrow so have got some time to sort everything out and prepare; very daunting as I have a new job in a new city and I'm living in a new house and I know no one! I'm living right in the centre in a huge old house (see I even have a fireplace!) and as a few people have moved out and in, I'm living with six boys! There are two girls but they are not here right now, although I met one before and she was lovely. I am the total opposite of those girls who prefer male company and don't have many female friends, I've never understood that! I'm definitely used to girly gossiping and both spending the whole day getting ready to go out and watching makeup YouTube videos together and talking about celebs and walking round the house bra-less, etc. Not that you can't do any of those things with guys but it's just a bit different! I've never lived with guys apart from in student halls in Sweden, but all the guys here seem great and we're all 'professionals' so it's a different sort of lifestyle! Who knows, it could be just as good as living in an all girlie household. Not sure a request of a topless Ricky Whittle poster in the living room will go down as well as in my old house haha!

I'm still in uni-mode in my head so it doesn't feel like I'm not a student anymore, staying in the same place for up to nine months. I am mourning the loss of student discount and will craftily try to flash my card while covering the date. In a few months I expect to wonder where the summer has gone, as I'm used to a few months at home! However I won't have to read any journals or rush any essays so I'm eeeexcited for tomorrow! As a student you don't have much routine, so working 9-6 could mean I'll have more time in the evenings with my laptop. Also I'm so close to the shops! I'm on a self-imposed clothing and makeup ban though as I've never worn anything in Bristol so practically have a brand new wardrobe at the ready. I also need to demolish the overdraft, let alone start paying back student fees which are gaining interest as I type/you read! I haven't been on here much recently as I was moving home to Birmingham and then here, and I managed to squeeze in a 3 day holiday, which I booked the day before! I'll do a post on it as I took photos of every outfit and had an excuse to wear all the super summery things I bought over the past few months hoping they would tempt fate to get me to a beach!xx

Go Wild!

Hi everyone! At Manchester the union isn't really used apart from for an end of term night called Pangea where Academy 1, 2 and 3 are open and all the union rooms and courtyards. Usually the 4,000 tickets sell out and we haven't been too bothered about going before but this year we had to sample everything before we graduate! The theme was 'Go Wild' and it's taken quite seriously by all years. I went as a leopard and copied a YouTube tutorial and got this mental catsuit with a long tail that I had to hold for fear of people pulling it haha!

My housemate Sophia made her parrot costume 100%, it was so fab! She had a swimming costume and stuck loads of feathers everywhere with huge ones as the back and little ones on her face, so pretty! Haha we made a video but it was a bit strange because it was just us saying 'hello, we are in costume' and had no real point! But here are some stills from it, was a great night! There were incredible live bands and singers all over the place as the union was like a maze, so cool to hear songs they'd normally play in clubs but live! All kinds of societies were promoting too, like one to do with body confidence handing out flyers saying 'You are beautiful!' aww!


Hi guys! On the weekend I went to a festival in a park right by my house and the reason for the website pic above is that I randomly won a ticket! My housemate tagged me in a picture on Facebook and then they put up a status saying they were looking for a Selina, and they had actually messaged me but my Facebook doesn't work! I get notifications about ten years later. Part of the prize was to have your face in the Parklife wall, can you spot mine? It's like a Where's Wally, I've pointed it out at the end of this post! I also made a video of the day at the end too.

My housemate Sophia and I got there bright and early but as we were in the queue, a literal plague struck and it started absolutely chucking it down, and then started hailing! Some girls in front of us only had sandals on and soon it was a big rush to get to the front of the queue, so we shared our umbrellas with them and hurried to get in!

 After that downpour, the weather was fine! We hit this vitaminwater free photobooth but Sophia wasn't too happy when it created an album on her Facebook of 'great memories' hahaha. This was in a weird field where everything was all hippy dippy and a bit random. Why there were halves of baths, I do not know!

I wore a H&M bright coral maxi dress with a H&M cardigan over the top, and thankfully I didn't throw away my furry New Look booties after winter as they were perfect for the mud.

The first day was quite sunny and we had some looovely noodles at the wagamama lounge, you know we love to eat and party! Also a nice change from the greasy burger stands, even though mine is always vege! The big green ring below was a light up one from the Desperado's tent that lit up in the dark, I don't usually wear huge lime green rings haha.

The festival is one that all students go to so we didn't really consider the line up as top priority, but it was fab! Katy B had bright red hair, a girl after my own heart.

And this was Kelis! It was a dance festival so she was some light relief and said loads of weird things like how it was more fun for her than us watching, which didn't really get you enthused!

On the second day we woke to CONSTANT rain ALL day ahhhh! Mark Ronson did a really good set even though it was a total mud bath and you had to wave your umbrella around.

We also saw Darwin Deez who you might know off the New Look advert, and they did loads of funny Napoleon Dynamite-style dances in between some songs haha!

wagamama had an interactive wall where you could 'paint' a picture with a spray can (although nothing real came out of course!) and Sophia made this masterpiece of Belle and Ariel, awww!

Since it was a student festival, the mud baths turned into mud wars and people were wrestling each other in their underwear! One girl who must have been totally out of her tree managed to walk into the centre of the circle before realising where she was, and a totally muddy man floored her as she made a run for the side, poor girl!!

We ended the festival with Mystery Jets as we'd had so much dance and drum & bass all weekend! We spotted a security guard having a snooze at the side haha.

Did you notice me in the picture? How strange!

And here's a little video collection from the festival. Thank God it wasn't camping!

The Pull and Bear Party in Spain!

Hi all! I didn't think I'd be doing so many posts today but all this free time is really boring! I've emptied my GoogleReader, watched all my YouTube subscriptions, and sorted my whole room! What else is there to do?! Actually I have three issues worth of my Elle subscription to catch up on and I'm thinking the July cover will go straight up on my wall right next to Rosie for LOVE magazine and Britney on POP. I've been wanting to write the post about my mini trip to Spain for the past WEEKS but any motivation to blog had to be channelled right back into revision. Thank you for all the lovely and helpful comments on my last post already, I'm looking forward to Bristol so much!

So the event was around two weeks ago and just before, I got an email from the Pull & Bear team asking if I wanted to be part of their party at the store in Plaza de Lugon in A Coruña, Spain. My housemate studies Spanish and was like go for it, and I was like hmmm I have exams the week after, but you can't say no to an opportunity like that as there would never be a similar one again! Many people wonder how bloggers get to go to events but usually I think 'ooo I haven't had a crazy cool blog email recently' and then some kind of amazing opportunity will pop up in my inbox, it's just very random. I think the P&B team were looking for a very 'English' blogger, which sounds a bit funny but I think with my hair colour and the sort of thing I usually wear would contrast against cool Spanish style. I hope that makes sense and doesn't sound strange!

I'd never been to a Pull & Bear store in my life, I only knew they belonged to Inditex who also own ZARA, and judging by their website I knew the party would be super cool and very fashion, darling! There were various famous bloggers DJing (more on that later!!) and my task was to dress a male (!) model in the window in a style challenge against an Italian blogger. I, of course, know nothing of male style but I know how I'd like a guy to dress and thought it would be fun! When I was checking out the blogs of the other guests, they are all very much party bloggers who do appearances at events and work with brands a lot, so very different to my style but I thought if I went with loads of enthusiasm and confidence then it would be a great night!

I got two planes there in the end and wore some palazzo trousers from New Look and my Wildfox white t-shirt. The palazzo trousers were super comfy to fly in though I tripped once up a step, doh! I recorded my outfits in the video at the very bottom of this post. I travelled back and forth to Sweden when I studied there sooo many times so I am very used to flying by myself, and my housemate and I were discussing how we feel like international women of mystery when we do! I had to avoid all the airport makeup concessions like my life depended on it and soon enough I was in Spain where I had a driver to take me to the hotel! I felt like a total celeb!

I had a little think before the trip of which shops would be there that aren't in the UK, and I hoped there would be a Sephora in town! I got to the hotel but the internet in the room was super slow and I needed some food so I took a little walk around the town. It was about 9pm and I spotted a few people with Sephora bags, so I asked in a few places for directions and found it right next door! As I walked in, a lady started talking to me in Spanish and I was like 'Ahhh I don't speak Spanish I'm afraid!' She said it was a private party and true to form, the place was heaving and there were drinks and nibbles hovering around. I made my way to leave but then a man told me it was a discount party and I could shop away! I'm thinking it was for Sephora club members but it worked out great for me as I had my eye on the Make Up For Ever HD foundation that Kim Kardashian uses. I talk about the foundation in a video of all the clothes and products I picked up over there here, as sadly I'm not too fussed with the foundation, but I was very excited to get it.

After browsing around the store, I wandered around looking for any supermarket open that late. These huge bugs were in the Zara window! When I asked people, I kept being pointed in the direction of the supermarket Open Cor, but to me it looked like a car shop from the outside so I didn't go in until the fifth time I passed it, haha!

I saw this shop when it was shut and couldn't find it again the next day, damn!! I cannot quit my hair-bow addiction I'm afraid! Also as I was walking around, I spotted the Pull & Bear store right by my hotel. I did an extreme double take because in the window was my name and my blog!!!

Now that was weird! So the next day I went down to the Pull & Bear store to pick out my three men's outfits for the window dressing competition later that night. The Pull & Bear team were the loveliest and most hard working I've ever met!! Haha they said they liked the way I always started videos by saying 'Hi guys'! and everyone at home found that hilarious as my housemates totally make fun of me for saying hi guys! and say I should say 'guys, hi' one time, haha!

See the pink dress on the right? I bought that, it's in my haul video! On the day I wore a new Wildfox ouija board t-shirt from the Doll Boutique sale and my French Connection flared jeans, which I got two years ago! Reminds me, I am definitely breaking them out tomorrow, I love flared jeans. I wore my Weekday leopard wedges with them too as they are so comfy.

The Italian blogger I was up against in the challenge hadn't arrived yet so I got my pick of the store! It was difficult to choose men's outfits but I love all the bright striped stuff out at the moment. I got a candy striped dress from ASOS and it didn't fit, but I saw one by Red Herring in Debenhams of all places so I might go check that out!

As soon as I got to the store, Diego of the P&B team took me to meet the models we were dressing in the window. I was imagining some Spanish man (omg!) and I met one model at the changing rooms. Now if you've ever seen or spoke to a real model in real life, you'll know that looking at them is almost hypnotising! I said hi to the model (it's all kisses on both cheeks in Spain) and he said 'ah, my brother', pointing towards the changing rooms, and I was like oh, the other model is your brother, cool! But turns out they were identical twins! I was like wow, it's like double beautiful vision! I was meant to pick between them but I couldn't, how could I?! They flipped a coin in the end and I got Daniel. Check out their Facebook!

Then the P&B team said I could pick out an outfit from the store to wear to the party! I'd spent some time thinking of an outfit before I travelled (it was going to be a lace River Island dress) but it almost made it easier to pick out an outfit from there as I could choose something I was totally in the mood for that night. P&B is like the TRF range in Zara as it's all bright colours, cute dresses, and summer essentials. In Spain, it makes so much sense, it's all clothes ready for a beach party! I picked out a little summer dress, a little bit Katy Perry style I thought, with wedges and loads of jewellery. It's in the video! I popped back to the hotel, loaded up on huge lashes, and it was time for the party!

I got to the party in good time and didn't know what to do with myself yet so I went and sat with the twins. I made a little video of them, it's in the video at the end of this post. They couldn't speak much English and I speak no Spanish so communication was so funny all night, haha! Turns out they were from Cuba and only 17, aww! They sort of seemed like a cute Jedward! Soon enough the party started filling up and everyone was hitting the mojito bar; that's the long queue in the photo! I started talking to another person making an appearance at the event, illustrator Brianda Fitz-James Stuart, who commissioned illustrations for the Pull and Bear bags, and had some for sale in-store that night; they're in the photo below. She is lovely and so talented, do check out her site! We had breakfast together the next day at the hotel, she has such cool style.


I soon met my 'rival', Andrea Ravieli, who had just came straight from the airport but was ready to party hard! He persuaded me to sample the mojitos! The other bloggers there were Gala Gonzalez and Miranda Makaroff who did a great DJ set, I think many of the people in store came to meet them as they are so famous! Even I was like omg, a bit star struck! I ended up being in a taxi to the airport with Gala the next day and I was just thinking 'omg! it's Gala'. Also there was Gerard Estadella snapping photos, so the high quality photos below were by him! He is one of those cool photography bloggers who take photos just of clubs and parties, I didn't feel cool enough to be in them haha!

I had my studded nails and two members of the lovely Pull and Bear team had fab nail art for the night too! Loving their efforts!

This is Gala and Miranda DJing as 'The Jenifols'; a little later I said hi to Miranda and that I liked her hair colour! She was dancing all night like no one was watching, she totally brought the party! In fact just being in Spain makes you want to party.

Soon enough it was time for me to get into the window (that sounds weird!) with my model! The purpose was for people outside in the street to stick big pink crosses on the window of the look they liked best. In the end there was a big rail of clothes and I just asked Daniel which he liked! We had to get the crowd to vote for us so he was dancing and blowing kisses to all the admiring girls outside and I was waving and smiling, trying to bring more stickers! We won the first round and Andrea won the second, and in the end the final round had about a thousand stickers on the window so we called it a draw! For one outfit I put Daniel in jeans and just stuck the tshirt in the back pocket, haha! The girls outside loved it.

This was when we lost the second round haha!

And this was my job for the evening!

And soon after was the twins trying to get me to salsa dance and many more mojitos, and then party was over! There was the band Mendetz too and some sort of famous motorbike team at the store, so it was a huge event. Here's a video of the night which makes it look amazing, I can't believe I was there! See if you can spot me! Haha this of course isn't my video, it's by Alex Antolino:


So cool! You can check out interviews with all the bloggers on the P&B Pull the Metal blog. The next day I had some time before check out and my flight home so I asked for directions but could literally smell my way to the beach. It was beautiful! I sat there for about half an hour in the sand as the waves were too choppy for a dip and it wasn't really hot enough, but I love beaches. When I went on many family holidays to Weymouth when I was a child, I used to sit in the tide and pretend I was a mermaid!

So all in all a world wind trip! Below is my fellow blogger Andrea and a compare who got the crowd going. The night was a feast for the eyes, I'm sure you'll agree!

Below is the vlogs and outfits I filmed over the weekend, ah I had such a good time! I know there are Pull and Bears in London, Liverpool and Northern Ireland, and now I'll always have a little soft spot for them! Thank you to the whole lovely Pull and Bear team, and I hope you enjoyed the post xx

Nails of the Week 13

I just had my eyebrows threaded, it's been so long! Next on my personal to-do list is getting new gel nails. I haven't had my nails redone for over a month so my gels are growing out so badly!! I just kept my last Wah! design over exams and the studs lasted really well; I must get my hands on Seche Vite! My little finger looks a bit wonky here but it's OK in real life. I went out last night to celebrate exams being over and did not want all the growth of my natural nails showing so I painted them with Model's Own polish in Pink Fizz from River Island, which I seem to have now misplaced! I didn't have the heart to take off the remaining studs so I just painted round them. Also check out my tell-tale fake tan signs, my hands are always terrible even though I use a mitt! Having a fake tan is more about the feeling you get from having one rather than the look in the end, I'm sure you fake bakers understand! Although I go to great efforts to avoid streaks, etc, I'll maybe make a video soon now I have some free time.

In my exam yesterday, two guys sat it dressed in head to toe animal costumes haha! One was a pink pig maybe and his suit certainly looks a little grubby; the invigilators were not amused! I'm going to the end of term club night and there's thousands going, and the theme is 'go wild' as in jungle themed. I'm going as a leopard and thought the ultimate costume would be a leopard catsuit with huge hair and face paint but I was incorrectly sent a hideous orange, lycra leopard suit, argh! I ordered the one I wanted from another site pronto and thankfully it is the actual one from the picture, but now I'm a bit dubious as it is very full on! It's like the one Kim Kardashian nearly wore for Halloween but like she tweeted, maybe it's "a little too sexy for the kitties"! Then again you are only young once!xx

Finally Finished!

Woohoo I've been fantasising about writing this post for weeks! And years! My exams are finally finished so I am now a Management and Marketing of Textiles BSc Hons graduate! It's been four long years at uni and finally everything is wrapped up. Sorry if you're still doing exams, I don't want to sound smug or anything, just happy! I'm nursing a slight hangover today and just spent a few hours clearing out my GoogleReader, so nice to just read blogs and feel no guilt! There is nothing worse than deadlines hanging over you so no time is free time. When you are studying, you are a student 100% of the time! I'm spending a couple of weeks in Manchester going to the end of term club nights and festivals that I booked ages ago until my student house contract runs out, and I really want to please go on holiday for a few days maybe?!

I have to pack up my things and take them home next week but I'll stay up here with a suitcase of stuff (which will involve very strategic outfit planning!), and then and the end of June at the soonest available time, I'm starting a job in Bristol! I've been looking and applying over the past months on top of my uni work and River Island work etc as I can't afford to have a free summer and don't really want to rely upon my Mom (especially with 3 other teens in the house), and I found a dream marketing job with one of my favourite brands! I didn't get it through my blog or anything, I applied along with all the other candidates and I study(ed?) marketing and did marketing internships so they played a big part. I wrote a guide to finding and applying for internships last year if it's the sort of thing you're thinking about. Some people did comment that doing small/menial tasks may not be rewarding, but the main gain of an internship is to learn about the processes around you, rather than you doing things, as you don't really know how to do important things yet! And there has to be someone in a company to do the odd jobs like posting, scanning, tidying showrooms, etc, so it's handy that you can help out the company while you gain from learning. You can also get contacts, get used to working 9-6 (not 9-5 anymore!), develop your professional manner, prove you have dedication, and observe many roles in the company to decide what you really want to do. 

If any of you are from Bristol or know Bristol, do please tell me anything you'd think I'd like to know as I am clueless about the city! I just put a deposit down on a room right in the town centre in a huge house with a million other people so fingers crossed everything works out! Now I'm going to throw on some clothes and get my eyebrows threaded, they have been neglected for weeks!! Good luck to any of you who still have exams, I hope this  post wasn't too sickly if you are still studying hard xx