30 Day Clothing and Accessories Challenge Day 19
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It is a '70s summer

Maybe if you're a long time reader (which isn't hard because we're almost at the 5th year of Flying Saucer, OMG!), then you might know I have a soft spot for '70s style! Not exactly ABBA platforms and white disco suits but I love the tight denim but carefree styles in films like Dazed and Confused. If you like old American teen movies, check it out! The '70s were actually a really sexy era in my opinion because the jeans were super high waisted and tight, and there was all the free love of course! Watch that movie and I'm sure you'll agree, '70s girls were hot!

I had a huge obsession with flared jeans and lusted after a brand called 18th Amendment who made a bunch around 2007 and named them after old movie stars. They were super expensive but I randomly found a pair in a mall in Gothenburg when I studied in Sweden, knocked down to £45 from £240! I hadn't bought jeans in a while so I should of got them tighter, but today was actually the first time I've ever worn them! It took me a while to get the length altered and then there was no way I would wear heels to a lecture in final year as it wasn't worth the effort, and these look best with height. Mine are the Bacall jeans with heart pockets and Cheryl Cole even wore them once! You can still get them on eBay for bargainous prices.

They're quite hard to photograph but they are tight at the top and do flare out! I wore them in more of a '50s way I think, with a Forever 21 bodysuit, a New Look belt and white heart earrings which you can't see. I also wore my Weekday leopard wedges, also bought in Sweden! Now I really want to be asleep for midnight so I must quickly get ready for bed! I want to film my June Favourites video in the morning. Here's a video compilation of this outfit and two others from my YouTube channel; one outfit I didn't post on here is in it!xx

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