It is a '70s summer
A maxi from a mini wardrobe

Nails of the Week 15

Hi all! Ah these were my nails a week ago and they are growing out fast! I have my graduation on Friday so might try to go to a salon after work to get my gels soaked off and go the next day to get new gels on. I haven't bought a new dress or shoes or anything, I just want nice nails!

This is my favourite polish ever, W7 Fluorescent Pink 2. The '2' is important! I would look into their polishes further but I really do have about 75 already. Not healthy! However I have my eye on some Konad plates and just ordered some brushes so there are other ways sneak in a few new things. On my ring finger is GOSH lavender and some roses off eBay. Any seller will do, I just order off the cheapest.

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