Aussie Hair Care Giveaway!
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Aussie Hair Care Giveaway WINNERS!!

Hello! My short and sweet Aussie Giveaway is now over and the winners have been picked! I will be emailing and tweeting you for your addresses and chosen products for your Summer Party packs, yay! Thank you to everyone who entered, I was worried no one would!

In the end I could not pick out seven winners as there was so many funny and delightful reasons why you guys are celebrating right now! So I did pick 6 at random, and one special winner is Sarah of Sweet Potato Sarah because without her internet suggestion (I've been using BT Openzone for the past week!), I would not have been able to run this giveaway or blog at all for ages, or would have spent £££ on a dongle or at internet cafes! Yay! Here are the winners and a snap shot of their excuses to party:

Sarah: I'm celebrating having a second interview for a potential job this week! I've been looking for months and I'm so happy to finally have a chance to earn some cash :D

Lauren: I'm celebrating my little sister getting engaged! 

Rebecca: Well, in roughly a month's time I'll be celebrating re-freshers back at uni - does that count?? For now, it's just being at home, and trying to get free drinks in every bar in my home town by bullying my friends into doing gigs, aha!

Seonaid: I'm celebrating my 21st birthday this Sunday! I'm so excited - for some reason I feel like this is the age when I will officially be 'a grown up'. Haha! 

Helen F: I'm celebrating the fact that it's 3 weeks today until my trip to Barcelona :D 

Shannon: I'm celebrating my first ever trip to Paris! I am an Aussie, and I've been living in London for the past 9 months but I still haven't made it to Paris yet. So this weekend I'm biting the bullet and taking myself off to the city of lights all by myself. Sooo excited! 

Lucy D: This week I am celebrating leaving my incredibly boring and unfulfilling day job and going off to be ultra broke pursuing my dream of becoming a radio producer. Friday is my last day, and I can't wait to not be stuck behind a desk any more.

Congratulations ladies! I wish there was a prize for everyone xx

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