30 Day Clothing and Accessories Challenge Day 28
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Back to Vintage

I'm feeling fresh and bright today as I didn't actually go out last night! Everyone was quite hungover so we stayed in and watched X Factor (where I was tweeting from the Motel Twitter!). In the day I helped my new shopping buddy housemate choose some jeans to go with his new suuuper expensive jacket (the one that brings all the Dirty Sanchez lot to the house!) and spent £30 in Superdrug to get £10 back in points! Such a good deal! 

As I live so close, I popped in the Motel shop in Bristol, which is still a great novelty to me as I get to check out Motel things in the flesh! And try stuff on! They have loads of vintage stuff too and I spied this bag and couldn't leave without it. I had also gone for posh cocktails with my housemate at about 2pm earlier with no breakfast so swear I was shopping tipsy! 

This bag seemed to be the most perfect bag ever with a tassel and chain and being just the right size to fit a purse, phone, keys and some makeup. I find my going-out bags always end up really dirty after a while so I needed a new one and can wipe this one down. I mentioned in my back-in-time outfit post in the 30 day challenge that I don't really buy vintage anymore but I used to buy tonnes. It's mostly because I'm much better with my money now and used to buy loads of vintage that ended up rubbish. Also I was fed up of smells that you could never get out! But a vintage bag is pretty harmless and easy to use loads, and there's nothing better than a chain strap.

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