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Hi all! You may or may not know that a couple of months ago, I took part in a John Frieda live web programme where I straightened my hair on webcam! Haha that sounds very random but it was to try the 3 Day Straight Spray. You can see an edit of the whole show at the end of this post which was FULL of hair tips, like how you could start from the top rather than the bottom to dry your hair so your top layer looks the nicest. I always go from the bottom and end up not being bothered when I finally get to the top layer of my hair! I made YouTube videos on how I dry and style my hair a few months ago too but here are the products that I'm using right now. Some are LOVES, some are strange and some are damn necessary, a lot like air. If you have any recommendations for me, I'd lovelovelove to hear! P.S. Bought all ths myself, no sponsor or anything (or ever!), just felt like talking about hair!

I have two sets of products, one for frizz taming and drying and one for pumping up the volume and sorting out a third day 'do!

John Frieda Frizz Ease Straight Fixation Light Weight Creme: Anyone with frizzy or dry hair will know a cream is an essential as sometimes you want to tame and soften if everything's gone a bit like straw. This cream goes a little sticky too which helps mould my curls and define them.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum Extra Strength Formula: NOTHING is like this! I've said a million times that when I lived in Sweden, I actually spent £12 on this per bottle, and the millimetre of product at the end of the bottle really does last weeks as I used to use mine up 110%! When I section off my hair for blow drying, I'll put a pump through each part (about eight sections in total) so the serum is then almost dried into the hair so it really penetrates it and drys smooth. Then I'll rub some between my fingers and run it over each curl a few hours later to define them so they hold for longer. Sometimes I'll rub a pump lightly through my hair maybe on the 2nd day to keep it sleek. No other serum is as thick as this so it goes a long way.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime: I haven't had a JF Serum in months because I was trying to use this up, but it lasts forever and ever! It's the same thing as Moroccan oil as it's got argan oil in it, and a bunch of others, but it's just too thin for my hair. It makes it soft but I prefer my hair to have hold, so I have defined curls rather than loose waves.


The main thing in my volumising routine is my Denman Dressing Out backcombing brush but I must have left it at home, damn! It's really thin so you can get right to the roots of your hair. I always backcomb my roots a bit just under my top layer of hair or else my hair hangs flat when I have just washed it. And then on a night out, I love BIG hair!

Schwarzkopf got2b POWDER'ful Volumizing Styling Powder: This comes in one box for girls and one for boys, LOL! I was tempted to buy the boys just because they're exactly the same product. This is basically a powder that you rub into your roots (I shake it straight onto my already backcombed roots as rubbing it into your hands first just gets rid of it) and it makes your hair matted. Matted hair sounds gross and it smells BAD but it really locks in your teased hair for days! And no one is really going to start feeling your scalp right?

Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume: I have heard loads of hype on this but it isn't great! When I first got it I was impressed but realised your 'volume' doesn't last until you even step out of the house so what's the point?!

TIGI Catwalk Root Boost: I have had this for a while but recently fell back in love! It's a mousse but comes in a spray can so you don't need to squirt out a huge blob and get it all over your hands. I spray it in my teased roots for extra hold but also spray a fine layer over my curls and gently pat it in, which makes then super defined and shiny. They have hold but they aren't crispy or stiff!

Schwarzkopf got2b 2sexy Hair Spray: OMG go buy this!!! Seriously!! This is my tenth can maybe? It smells like raspberries and has hold but doesn't give your hair crunch. You won't want to stop spraying it! And Boots have it for half price at £2 right now! Or maybe it's Superdrug, I'll have to check in store. Before I buy anything, I check in Boots and Superdrug first to see which has the best deal! But the new Superdrug beauty card has 10 points per £1 while Boots is only 4/£1 I believe, so you must factor that in.

TIGI Bedhead Defrizzer, Smoother, and Instant Restyler: I was walking in Bristol town and nearly bypassed a girl promoting things when I heard 'free hair product' and was like 'Well, hellooo!' She gave out some samples and also a hair scratch card (omg scratch card from heaven!) where I won a free TIGI product from a salon. I couldn't decide between a deep conditioner or red hair shampoo but in the end I got this spray in an INSANE bottle. Really this product should be in a mini bottle as it's for touch ups a few days after you wash your hair. Sometimes when you have washed your hands, do you feel like smoothing them over your frizz while they're still damp to calm it down? However you don't because you know adding any dampness to your hair will result in more frizz later! This product seems to slightly dampen your hair at first so it's just like smoothing down your frizz but it doesn't end up frizzier. I'd love this for the end of the day if I'm going out straight from work as it really refreshes your hair, but the bottle is just too mental and huuuge.

Check out the John Frieda show here and see me with suuuper straight hair haha!

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