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Hello September

Work Outfits Video Collection 3

Hi all! I uploaded a collection of outfit videos yesterday that you might like to take a look at! Videos can be a bit hit and miss as I always watch them back and there's a little thing wrong like a bit of hair sticking up or your underwear drawer wide open in the background, haha both frequently happen to me! 

I'm making some more for this week and did one while the handy man was fixing the lock on my door this morning at 8.30am! This is also the said handy man that came into my room when I first moved in while I was just chilling in my bra, as you do, and walked right over to me without even noticing! That embarrassment seems to have disappeared though as now I have a lock, yay.

I just had my nails infilled and painted a fluro coral but I'm craving more of a pink. The salon didn't have a nice pink so I'm toying with repainting them myself. They will never look as perfect as a salon painting though! Maybe I'll be extra careful. I still haven't done much nail art recently as I still don't want my boss to think I'm a bit loony! I am also aching all over from the gym class yesterday and can't quite walk up stairs! Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of stairs everywhere.

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