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Fashion Work Experience Opportunity!

30 Day Clothing and Accessories Challenge Day 29

    29. Something from your favourite store

 This was a tough question!! I can't decide if my favourite store is H&M or River Island, but if River Island had H&M's price points, it would seal the deal. I do have a soft spot for River Island as I worked there as an SA for nearly a year, and I love going in and seeing the new or move-on lines and how they are merchandising the store. I got this black maxi skirt with slits up the sides for only £20 a few weeks ago and it is a staple already! It goes with everything! I wear maxi skirts SO MUCH it is unreal. Well fitting trousers are too hard to find and it's too hot for tights yet. I got this Forever 21 top when I visited home for the birthday and it's my favourite at the moment; a bit Wildfox inspired I think!

I also snapped up these boots of PERFECTION in River a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for some chunky ankle boots with a little heel but all the nice ones in Topshop are sold out or are too expensive. These aren't real leather so they were only £40! They're hanging them on the clip hangers so move quickly because I predict these will sell out at that price. They are so comfy too! I can't wait to wear them with tights so I definitely need to bust out my huge bag of a million tights ready for a few weeks time.

It's been extremely busy at work at the moment so I haven't had much time to blog and I am having huge sleeping problems as I'm sure I heard a mouse in my room at 5am on Tuesday! I stayed in my housemate's spare bed and last night too but he is not in tonight so I am braving my room! I am listening out to every little sound and am definitely not paying rent until it is sorted; our neighbours had pest control in yesterday so I'm thinking they will all visit our house instead aaaaargh!!!

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