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The Look Show Westfield Stratford 2011!

Afternoon all! I started writing this from my Birmingham home town as I was up here for yet another fashion show on the weekend! But last weekend I was the luckiest girl alive as Look Magazine blogging competition winner Fritha of The Fish Tank invited me as her plus one to The Look Show at the new Westfield! I haven't been to any Westfields before so I was extatic to be attending the show and seeing the brand new shopping mall.

I headed to London on Saturday morning and was not prepared for the HEAVING shopping centre; it look me about half an hour to get from the tube and across the mall to meet Fritha! I'd love to go back there on maybe a Tuesday morning as it is an absolute shopping heaven. Every shop is a brand spanking new flagship store with things like Twitter mirrors and staff iPads! I met Fritha at the Look Lounge which was a pop up shop with handy computers, and we went off to leave our things at the hotel! Yes as part of Fritha's prize, we had a hotel stay at the Premiere Inn inside Westfield; it was lush! Westfield was still manic though so we stopped off for a sandwich, had to convince a security guy that we did actually have show seats, and then hit the catwalk!


We had the most amazing seats on the front row! I'm not sure how it was a few rows back but being so close to actually see the makeup and the details made a huge difference and it was just like shopping - it was so inspiring! I have tried to best share my favourite looks with you which has resulted in a huuuge AW11 shopping list for me but sorry if the photos are a mish mash, I don't have the best camera! They seem to get better as they go along but I'll link to the proper Look catwalk show image for each outfit too, where you can buy the items featured and see them a bit better...

So the first exciting thing that I found out the day before the show was that Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud was walking in it! Fritha and I were oohing and ahhing as Sarah strutted out looking super tall and fierceee. Her walk matched all the other models and she was wearing a gorgeous dress - for the latest Occasion Dresses visit Kaleidoscope!

Each shop featured in the show had a section and some we had to guess if we didn't notice the teaser video on the catwalk screen. My first lusting was after this boxy Warehouse coat as it's so not my style but it just looks great with ankle boots and bare legs. I find Urban Outfitters hideously over priced and not great quality but I love the chunky scarf with this red shirt and midi skirt. Also love the fluffy scarf, and the one over the dress from Dorothy Perkins.

The entire show made me absolutely crave brights as the colours looked so fresh! Love this bright red coat from Oasis even though again it's not my style, but the cute orange skirt is! I'm after a really cute little shift skirt this season. Also all the long tops under dresses caught my eye as a great way to wear dresses in autumn, but thinking about it, I don't have many dresses now! I'm planning on sorting out my wardrobe tomorrow to unearth some forgotten treasures hopefully. I had a delve through my wardrobe this weekend and spotted a faux fur gillet, which was worn over a leather dress at Mango.

Now we're onto the fun things! Holey moley just look at these brights! The acid yellow colour with the pink was from New Look, which is definitely a random pairing to have in your wardrobe, but somehow it works! Again I love the cute shirts worn under dresses, and definitely want a bright blouse like this yellow Forever 21 one. Top of my shopping list is a shirt like this one from Next to pair with cute skirts and ankle boots - I must have a shirt somewhere in my wardrobe! I really want to pair one with a cute black bow, my hair bow cravings are returning guys...!!!

There were a couple of absolute stand out looks for me at the show, the first being this Forever 21 wonder outfit of a colour pop blouse, furry sweater (which Fritha and I both bought a version of!), faux leather skirt and nude mary janes. I want all of these things in my wardrobe right now!!

Also half way through the show I saw Alesha Dixon was in the front row opposite! I'm not an Alesha fan but I am a celebrity spot fan! Lolll at the lady filming with her iPad, that just looked weird! 

As the show went on, my lust factor hit the roof! I could imagine wearing this abstract pencil skirt from Monsoon to work with maybe a cropped jumper. I really do need some autumn colours in my wardrobe like the coral and mustard look here from H&M because it's full of pink and nude summery things! I'm lusting after anything in this mauve blue and green, they're lovely together! Also we were discussing our dislike for polo necks but I can feel a few more midi skirt investments coming along for autumn after my summer maxi dress craze!

Dionne Bromfield stole the show with her singing performance in the middle of the show; she was wearing such high heels and singing!

This H&M swing coat looked amazing on the catwalk and I actually own that floppy hat! It was interesting to see the Limited M&S collection as they're trying that big push towards younger people- this bodycon dress is definitely hot stuff. I love this turquoise skirt too from Miss Selfridge, one of my favourite shops!

Funny how my second favourite look of all is also made up of a leather skirt and colourful top! Love the clashing heels too from Miss Selfridge. Wearing clashing clothes/pattern mixing is something I'm trying to master at the moment! Also try womens clothes by ellos.

Finally, I also loved this zesty Miss Selfridge skirt paired with a textured lace crop top, and the navy skirt paired with pink. Now that my hair is darker and redder, I LOVE blue! The bright pink cardigan over the blinged up dress looked amazing (and we have a sparkly sequin dress coming into Motel for Christmas that has my name alllll over it!). I haven't worn trousers for months but this M&S look with the hat has made me think I should look into trousers again.


Here's a little snap of Fritha and I, although she has much better versions on her blog! Isn't she hot stuff! We met up with Lily of LLYMLRS and Gem of Gem Fatale who said they were looking out for red hair haha! Finally meeting Gem was like seeing a friend I haven't seen for ages, even though we've never met, she's so sweet! We HAVE to meet again! Fritha and I were also joined by Emma of Milkteef and Hannah of Away with the Fairies for some cheeky cocktails! Then later all the Look winners and their plus ones had dinner at Bumpkin in Westfield and we all happened to order the £40 bottles of wine hehehe! Here's a video of my outfit and some show clips!

So a huuuuge thank you to Fritha for inviting me to the show and congratulations to the other winners, it was so, so lovely to meet you Sarah, Sarah, Jade and Cassie!

London Fashion Week SS12

Hi guys! Gosh I don't know if I'm coming or going as the past week has been so busy! I went back and forth to London on Thursday and Friday and again on Saturday as Fritha invited me as her +1 to the Look Show at the new Westfield! I'll talk about that tomorrow but for now I'll bypass my Thursday in London where I had Motel meetings and I accidentally spent loads in Forever 21, and talk about fashion week! I've only been to fashion week once where I traipsed round loads of shows in my killer heels and there was a LOT of queueing. This time however I was there for Motel as we were taking street style snaps and I went one show, and it was great!

It may have been because I got there on the first day but I'm sure this season's fashion week was much calmer than normal. I was really excited for my one show as it was in the main tent at Somerset House, so I got to London nice and early and hopped on the tube. I changed into my Miu Miu shoes in a random fake Apple shop nearby and walked about a centimetre a minute to the main venue as those shoes are damn high! The day was really sunny and warm but the place almost had a beachy vibe where everyone was laid back and soaking up the atmosphere rather than creating it. Sure I spotted a few crazy outfits, but everyone seemed to take a step backwards and be wearing something more subtle. As I was navigating the cobbles with my heels, I heard a call from Kristabel and met a group of friendly bloggers! It always feels quite nice to stick together and we had a little chat before I dashed into the Caroline Charles show.


I've been to a few shows before but I only applied to a few morning ones this year on the off chance I'd get a ticket. I presumed I was standing so I walked all the way around the edge to near the catwalk entrance, but there I found about 5 rows of benches free! I still stood near the top though so I could see and lets just say I will definitely buy a straw boater hat in Spring! I looked along the front row and love to wonder just who everyone is - probably writers of the magazine articles I read every month and I'd never know!


After the show I simply hung around on my Blackberry before the fantastic Motel photographer came, and people keep coming up to you for photos! I wore all Motel of course, which was the Talia Lace Top and Mandy Rockies Skirt, which the photographers loved! I knew they always look for interesting prints, and loads and loads took photos of just my Miu Miu teacup shoes too. My bag is 

We shot some SERIOUSLY amazing looks for the Motel Blog so do keep checking the coverage there over the next few days, I'm so excited to publish it all! These photos are all by the Motel photographer and all round amazingly lady Lora English, whose snaps are so lovely. She also got some of Nicola Robers entering a show!!


It's quite hard to locate any photos taken but I met The Style Scout and Mr Newton, who nearly got ran over when he took a photo of me near the entrance and then said 'They photos are great but the wind is blowing the skirt between your legs' hahaha! I am certainly not chic but I recommend heading to fashion week to everyone! Just put on your favourite outfit and soak up the atmosphere with a friend!

OOTN Video: Lace Elsa Dress, Amy Childs Hair and Blue Eyes

I was out on the town by 9pm on Saturday night, so very wrong! I went out in Bristol with some housemates but as they are all boys, they start early and finish early in the morning, so I had to get ready super early to go to bars first. I had a really great Saturday though because I got my hair done! I've been using non-permanent red tints but the bright red flashes wash out straight away and I already have red hair so there's no point! So I bit the bullet and requested an Amy Childs colour at Regis in the Bristol Galleries and it was fantastic! My stylist was called Anna and I actually talked to her all the way through and I never seem to get past the 'are you going on holiday?' at hairdressers usually. I've found my local salon!

The dye used was a mixture of a few and I know Amy Childs uses a colour called Goldwell 6RB but she is naturally blonde so this mix was perfect for me. The fade will be OK though as it will just be a version of my natural colour. Really exciting just before fashion week!

Also it means I can have a revamp of my makeup and wardrobe and try some new colours. No way would I wear blues with my old sandier colour but on Saturday I buffed a little of this AMAZING Nars shadow in Outremer that I got from HQhair at the edge of my usual black shadow.


It is so intense! The colours in the video are a little off as it was night (barely) but I wore my new Motel Elsa Dress! It is GORGEOUS! I am so biased as remember I work for Motel but then again I'm so not as this dress is perfect in so many ways! The lace is so detailed and lovely and for Motel, this dress isn't super short! It's definitely going to be one that I wear to every immediate social occasion until I run out and can rotate it again. Do you do that and end up with the same outfit in loads of recent Facebook pictures?

Are any of you going to fashion week? I'll be there on the Friday style spotting for Motel so say hi if you see us! I'm freaking out a bit as my mouse woes have turned a nasty corner as I met one face to face tonight! I'm thinking I'll have to move out as this is such an old house so they are inevitable, but I don't have time to move house aaaargh!

Fashion Work Experience Opportunity!

I have now wrote a book on fashion interning, containing  75 pages of my top tips and insider advice for aspiring fashion interns!
As your manicured helping hand, The Fashion Internship Guide offers all the advice on how you can gain valuable experience to build your CV, cultivate your USP, create a fantastic application, and excel in an interview; propelling yourself towards the working woman or man you wish to be. 

Download it here now!

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Hi Dolls! Now you know I am an absolute advocate of fashion work experience (and proof it gets you a job!) as I wrote an extensive internship guide; well I have just launched a project at Motel Rocks to seek Student Fashion Ambassadors! You will gain key fashion experience to make your CV dazzle and it's amazing if you don't live in London so do not have as many internship opportunities. We are looking for ambassadors studying at UK and International universities to represent Motel on campus. See the Motel Blog here for more! You cannot pass up this opportunity if you want to work in the fashion industry. Good luck!

30 Day Clothing and Accessories Challenge Day 29

    29. Something from your favourite store

 This was a tough question!! I can't decide if my favourite store is H&M or River Island, but if River Island had H&M's price points, it would seal the deal. I do have a soft spot for River Island as I worked there as an SA for nearly a year, and I love going in and seeing the new or move-on lines and how they are merchandising the store. I got this black maxi skirt with slits up the sides for only £20 a few weeks ago and it is a staple already! It goes with everything! I wear maxi skirts SO MUCH it is unreal. Well fitting trousers are too hard to find and it's too hot for tights yet. I got this Forever 21 top when I visited home for the birthday and it's my favourite at the moment; a bit Wildfox inspired I think!

I also snapped up these boots of PERFECTION in River a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for some chunky ankle boots with a little heel but all the nice ones in Topshop are sold out or are too expensive. These aren't real leather so they were only £40! They're hanging them on the clip hangers so move quickly because I predict these will sell out at that price. They are so comfy too! I can't wait to wear them with tights so I definitely need to bust out my huge bag of a million tights ready for a few weeks time.

It's been extremely busy at work at the moment so I haven't had much time to blog and I am having huge sleeping problems as I'm sure I heard a mouse in my room at 5am on Tuesday! I stayed in my housemate's spare bed and last night too but he is not in tonight so I am braving my room! I am listening out to every little sound and am definitely not paying rent until it is sorted; our neighbours had pest control in yesterday so I'm thinking they will all visit our house instead aaaaargh!!!

Hello September

Hi all! Sorry for not posting here recently, it's been one of those weeks!! I had a really great Bank Holiday Weekend after rushing to the train station in the pouring rain on the Friday and jumping the ticket barrier as my ticket didn't come out of the machine, and then having a great night in East London! I saw two of my oldest friends who were then sharing a room in student halls so it was jam packed with clothes and shoes, heaven! I should have snapped the Jeffrey Campbell Foxywood shoes my friend Vanessa wore in leopard print that she got in the Office sale for £30! Litas are still permanently on my wishlist. As I was on the train, it went past Reading Festival where I could see the stage so closely! Haha I do believe that basically means I went this year :D


Then I travelled back on the Saturday morning with Nicole Scherzinger stuck in my head after all of us singing it really loudly when someone's Mom picked us up from the club in the early hours, blasting it out of her car! My great friend Ellie visited that night so I showed her the parts of Bristol I know now and had such a great night! The week before the council let loads of amazing grafitti artists paint all over a street leading to town for the See No Evil project, where it covers huge buildings and there are all sorts of beautiful things, not just graphics and cartoons. However my favourite is the crying Frankenstein, aww he looks so sad! See more pictures here. As I was walking home one day I saw them setting up with boxes aned boxes of spray paint cans, and apparently the girls who live opposite me are the ones who wrapped the tree up in pink and purple! The day after there was a huge street party and rave, Bristol is so cool.


I did plan on getting some sleep on Saturday but I was too busy sorting my room and things, and ended up going out on Sunday night too with another new girl housemate! We ended up in a basement club full of 17 year olds in bralettes and bodycon skirts, where the glasses were so filthy that I had to drink alcopops all night! The novelty of a Bank Holiday is amazing now I work 9-5 and I don't think I've done three nights in a row in my life!

Then the week has been busy at work planning fashion week and competitions and student promos and all that jazz! I can't wait to show you all the Motel items we have arriving in the next few months and the amazing lookbook, I don't want to bombard the blog with Motel stuff though so I'll point you in the direction! The buyers were deciding on the Christmas collection last week and I tried on some items to show them how the fits were - trying on Motel things is a dream for me! I have a LONG autumn wishlist!

I haven't had a moment in the evenings to even check my emails but I've got everything sorted now for hopefully a smooth week, even though I don't feel very well! Tomorrow I'll be on honey and lemon all day and will try to relax in the evenings. September still feels like a fresh month of change as half of me is still in a student mind frame, and I'm excited to see how Bristol changes at the students get back. Quite a few blogs I read (especially foodie ones) make monthly goals so here are some things I'll try to begin/keep up during September:

1. Make Lunch and Dinner - My 'professional' house was pretty grimy from the day I moved in and now the recent sightings of Minnie and Mickey mouse in the kitchen really don't make me want to cook anything! I have cooked something hot maybe three times in two months? Don't worry I do eat, but I spend a lot eating out and buying fresh things for just that day. I always eat out on vouchers and deals but it would be much cheaper to bring food to work, so I will try! I also want to keep up with the smoothies with my new hand blender. It's hard because I live in the city centre so can't get to a big supermarket, but I could definitely shop better food-wise and buy fewer Boots meal deals. I love eating out with a magazine though! I went to a Thai/Chinese place this week and had amazing tofu and tried a melon bubble team, inspired by Winnie! I love trying the weirdest drinks (much to my old housemate Sophia's annoyance hahaha) and this was lush! Like a slushi with sweets!

2. Go to the Gym! - I told myself I wouldn't be one of those people with a gym membership that never goes, but I am! I only went to that one Legs, Bums n Tums class that left me hobbling for days but I'm not so sure how to use the machines so I'm still hesitant to go! I've booked a low level spinning class for this week so hopefully I'll learn how to use the bikes and can go in my own time rather than to just classes.

3. Hit Fashion Week! - I'll be covering London Fashion Week for Motel so I'll be around! I'm not sure what to wear but I'm thinking we will be flaunting Motel! I'm not sure what day I'll go down either but I think it will be the first day.

4. Sort my room - Now I have got into a Bristol routine, I need to adapt my bedroom more so the same things don't end up thrown on my bed each morning and the things that I don't use aren't out on any shelf/display space. I'd love some new makeup and product storage but that will have to wait for a few pay days as it's not a necessity, but I dream of perspex Muji makeup draws!

5. Get back into nail art - I try to dress my version of 'smart' for work, which is maxi dresses and well fitting things, and crazy 3D nails just isn't part of that! So I'll try to get back into nail art at least and start using my nail tools and accessories again. I also need to get out of my coral polish rut as I haven't tried a new colour for months.

This post has worn me out but my head is so hot that I can't sleep! I'll maybe watch some YouTube videos and try to get an earlier night ready for the busy Monday mornings. My friend Ellie just booked us Katy Perry tickets for October, ahhh!! I am going to wear so much glitter!