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Hello! Hi everyone :) Hi! Sort of want to stop right here and retreat and delete as I really don't want to make this post but I want to apologise for my absence for so long! Things haven't really been great recently and things have changed a bit with where I'm staying but I'm OK! Some days it's tempting to to throw myself into one of Bristol's many rivers or drown myself in my own baths of tears but I've so far resisted (I kid, sort of). Some rubbish things happened and I'm usually an eternally positive, independent person but I've got just about no self esteem, faith and worth right now, and any trickle of hope is leaking into the cracks of a completely shattered spirit. I don't really remember what I felt like before all this and that's the worst thing as I just feel like nothing! Work is still great though so I live for the 9-5 and I've seen some home friends recently which is fab, but generally the rest of the time I don't quite know what to do with myself anymore. I had to stay with my sister for a while in Cardiff and she and her very lovely, accommodating housemates are amazing, but going to Bristol and back each day and with all my belongings under her stairs in boxes, it wasn't really a dream blogging situation! I've got a really cute room now but I don't go to Bristol town anymore so I haven't been browsing or shopping, just staying inside really! Hence why putting yourself right out there on the internet just didn't happen even though I've missed blogging.

Amist all this was the highlight of maybe the year and my mini career so far was the bloggers evening I organised at Motel! Hopefully you did see it across many blogs as I tried to invite as many as possible and I think people had fun! I had lots of help from the lovely Motel ladies and some marvelous interns and student ambassadors, and of course it was full of girly treats and the current collection that I lovelovelove and don't want to stop promoting. The event was quite bitter sweet as it fell at such bad timing but hopefully there will be another that will be purely wonderful. I'm going home for Christmas at the end of the week which I'm thinking will make it a bit gruelling to then come back down to Bristol in the new year but who knows what will happen in 2012! Half hoping that it will be nothing as I want to walk round in a coat covered in spikes.

Well there you go, nothing more will be mentioned again! I don't put too much personal stuff on my dear old blog anyway but I'll start posting again as of course with work, I am still fashion and beauty obsessed. So again I'm sorry for disappearing and thank you for sticking around, I'll just go back now to sorting my socks or dusting or whatever I seem to spend my time doing nowadays! Much love xx