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Last Friday Night

Ooo it's nearly February! January has gone extra quickly which I guess is good for one of the most boring months. It's all my siblings' and my dad's and my best friend's birthdays in Feb and it's fashion week and there's a blogging event too so it should be busy! I'm even on a panel at one, what the hell am I going to wear?! I'm not planning on buying many/any new things this month as I'm a bit overwhelmed by the things I already own. There are not enough days in the week to wear my clobber!

On Friday I actually went out! I don't go out a lot in Bristol for a couple of reasons but I saw an old friend and went to a teeny basement club, just the way I like it. I wore the cream Elsa Dress by Motel of course, even though I have LOADS of 'going out dresses' but I rotate them so they each get some love. I already have the plain black Elsa but cream is really flattering with any bright pop of makeup and or bright hair like me. After talking to Zoe of The London Lipgloss on Twitter I was thinking of getting some of the current Motel collection and maybe making a video to show my favourites? We have all the samples at the office and sometimes you get a better look than just seeing it on the web model, and I have all the hours in the day to consider which I loooove the best!

Creepers Take 2

OK slight change in my creepers! My leopard ones were just that bit too big so I formulated a plan and sold them on eBay and got a new pair with the Paypal money! If you're worried about buying creepers, mine sold for £60 on eBay in less than 24hrs so you can always resell if your size isn't right. I realised I'd got a UK men's 6 which turns out to be a UK women's 7, and I'm a 5.5! Definitely make sure you're ordering ladies. It's really hard to find small sizes but I ordered mine on Sunday here in a UK 6 and they came today on Tuesday with free delivery, amazing! They are a bit big too but that's because they're so stiff and my ankles aren't very big, so I'll just wear some socks. Also the 101s are reeeeally heavy; I was worn out after 20 mins of walking! Can't wait to wear them with Riding Pants! Check out this great video for outfit ideas too x

River Island Wish List

Pink Leopard Top // Pink Rose Jeans // Dark High Waist Jeans // Printed Pencil Skirt // Black Floral Sweater // Black Tropical Pencil Skirt // Neon Lazer Cut Clutch // Black Stripy Blazer // Aztec Flourescent Leggings // Black Floral Leggings

Right now... right now... resisting temptation and stepping away from the website... argh! So I'm trying to save money like crazy in order to go on some holidays and generally get out of here and away this year but it's rather hard at the start of the season with all this lovely newness. There are loads of things I'm loving right now and I'm like a magpie to prints. How good would the floral sweater and leggings be together in a nod to the pyjamas-in-the-daytime and head-to-toe-prints trends? Very! Absolutely perfect for maybe a Thursday at the office. However I'm mentally visualising if all these things were suddenly sitting in my wardrobe right now and how I could always wake up and wear something else in there. I've got a couple new things that still feel jazzy (internet shopping ftw) so I'm moving on. Tough stuff! Miss my River Island discount!

Hi to my bathroom

My Blackberry is practically left in a ditch now I have a work phone and recently I've been obsessed with the What I Wore Today app, where you basically upload outfit photos. It's a no frills site so you don't have to have a tip top edgy outfit, but you end up stumbling across some really cool people and find great new blogs. I love finding really new blogs that don't have perfect camera photos with a boyfriend/tripod yet and just show a normal girl's great style, just like the old days. Lots of blogs seem quite similar nowadays! I've been logging my outfits here for a few weeks as I am eternally awkward infront of a tripod, but I might take a leaf out of Laura of A Daisy Chain Dream's book and not try to scrutinise my photos (I met Laura recently with lovely Hayley of Ceriselle and she's a babe!). Treat yourself how you would treat a best friend right! For now, WIWT is my go to obsession though.

So maybe next week I'll set up my tripod permanently and maybe make some videos again but right now here's a few snaps of my general outfits recently. Above is the debut of my Riding Pants woo! It's like wearing a Spanx/legging hybrid and they're so truly high waisted, it's great. Favourite purchase in a long time! I wore them with my Topshop Allegras, a metallic H&M jumper and a gold H&M collar necklace and rip-off arty ring.


Outfit 1: Wildfox Tee, River Island Leopard Skirt // Outfit 2: Topshop Floral Dress (you can still get the skirt)// Outfit 3: Forever 21 Fluffy Jumper over H&M pleather skater dress // Outfit 4: River Island fur coat, New Look kids snood, new glasses (!!!), Jack Wills floral leggings (Christmas present), Topshop leather rucksack (This was a Saturday, I was going to the supermarket!) // Outfit 5: H&M metallic jumper over H&M pleather skater dress// Outfit 6: New Look studded peach body, Oasis silver skater skirt, Topshop studded headband x

Extravagant Purchases

Hi Dolls! So I received some exciting thing in the post this week, veeery exciting! First was some American Apparel Riding Pants! I had my eye on the suddenly-super-popular Disco Pants but when trying them on at the Bristol store, they sort of flattened my bum and gave me a big bum-to-ass hybrid which looked the size of Brazil! I'd grabbed a pair of Riding Pants to try out of curiosity and they were much better, and it's so great to find something truly high waisted! I was going to borrow the discount of a Motel girl who is also a stylist but American Apparel randomly emailed out some 30% off codes so it was fate! I know they have a reputation for taking ages to deliver things and mine came in 6 working days, which is OK but I don't see why they can't have faster delivery options. While working in e-commerce now, it's quite interesting to monitor other brands, as I probably got that discount email because that week I had been checking out this expensive item on the AA website - websites are veryyyy clever that way!

Also I bit the bullet with an Amazon voucher that I had for Christmas and got some creepers! I don't think I've ever seen creepers in the flesh before even but they appealed to me for a couple of reasons...

1. Tumblr pics like these.

2. They are flat shoes that won't fall apart like ballet flats, and as I travel further to work nowadays, I want to wear something that support your feet in some way! We'll be a generation of crippled feet with all the cardboard flats around today.

3. They are a 'special' shoe that aren't heels, which is hard to find.

4. They wouldn't wear as quickly as normal ballet flats/loafers.

5. They are so big and ugly so they would be perfect with my extra girly wardrobe. I'm kinda feeling unattractive, clumpy things right now, maybe because I'm so over worrying and maybe want to appear a bit tougher.

Even clomping to the supermarket to break them in tonight made me feel like I could stomp anywhere! I wouldn't recommend getting anything off Amazon as it's so confusing to buy from and you don't know exactly how the shipping will be (mine came from Germany?!), and I was worried about sizing as many places advised to go a size up and I was ordering in men's sizes. I'm usually a 5.5/6 and I got a 6, and they're definitely too long so I'll have to get heel grips and wear thick socks! They fit fine but because they are heavy, they slip off a bit. And they are SO heavy! I assume the ones with thinner soles are lighter but mine are the real Demonia deal and super thick. Love! Cannot wait to get some super frilly, girly socks and wear them with skater skirts and crop tops when the weather cheers up a bit. I would have ideally gone for plain black but they didn't have any in my size and I didn't know when they would, and I do have a huge leopard collection so I went for these! 




Alright my lovers! I haven't done a Nails of the Week in forEVAH, and I haven't dipped into my box of nail bits either. I was favouring just plain gorgeous colours for a while but the problem is that I can't do a perfect manicure myself and only get salon nails about once a month. I'm really considering  having my gels off for good and just sticking on false nails as my nails underneath are the worst! Will it come to a day where they can't get any thinner?!  

I did clear pink with glitter tips, Cynful Nails style, with a matching assortment of bows, lollipops, roses and pearls. Nice to have big crazy nails again! My gels are fairly grown out so I don't mind putting on a load of glue and jewels on nearer the end of their run.

Also the new owners of Cinderella sweaters are Emily and another Emily, congrats!xx

Forever 21 Cinderella Sweater Sale!!!

Hi dolls! Thank you for being such babes about my last post, I'm really glad it didn't seem like I just hadn't been bothered with blogging any more! It's a working progress and I won't address it again. However of the 5% of my free time that I'm not thinking about it, I am developing 'blogger brain' syndrome again, where a shopping trip turns into a haul and everything is a photo opportunity! I have even realised my new house has some absolutely amazing walls to take photos against. I have an iPhone for work now so you can follow me on Instagram at @motel_selina and don't forget to follow Motel too at @motelrocks! Remember I help run it and also run the Facebook page and Twitter so it really means a lot if you follow there too.

Now I have a little treat for you! I know the Forever21 Disney jumpers were really popular and I spotted a whole rack of them in F21 when I went home to Birmingham for a Katy Perry gig last October. I got the navy Little Mermaid of course and I've worn it constantly! To work, as pyjamas, you name it. It washes extremely well and the transfer print stays perfectly intact. I also got my sister Chloe the grey Aladdin version for Christmas and she loves it; my sister is so easy to buy for that I love spoiling her! Lots of people have tweeted to say they love the jumpers but as F21 stores are so sparse and the jumpers are so popular, so not many people have them.

So I was shopping in the Bullring Christmas sales (and I can never resist going into Topshop and tidying up the Motel concession and placing random pieces all around the shop lol!) and in Forever21 I spotted three lone Cinderella sweaters! I don't know why these weren't snapped up already as they're meant to be sold out but I bought all three! 

Maybe it seemed greedy as even the sales assistants were cooing over the jumpers, but I bought them for you guys! I kept one and I want to offer the other two to anyone who loved them but weren't able to get one. I would love to give them away but I did just get this letter in the post and I absolutely am not in the position to be giving things away sadly! So I have 2 Cinderella jumpers that I'll sell for the original price of £16.75 over Paypal with the following postage:

UK: +£2 (= £18.75)

Europe: +£4 (=£20.75)

Worldwide: +£6 (= £22.75)

Just comment on this post and make sure you fill in the email address box, and I'll pick two names out of a hat this time next week, where you have a week to pay before a new name is picked. I though that was the fairest way! They are both size small and I'm an 8/10 and they fit perfectly. The sweaters are a comfortable, loose fit but the sleeves and length make them suited to an 8/10 and maybe a petite 12. They have lots of boob room too if that's a concern of yours (certainly not mine!). It's so worth it and I'm really pleased to start off hopefully a great year of blogging by offering something some of you might like! Have a wonderful week xx