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Swim 2012

I feel like I've mentioned this a million times or not at all but I am stillll in the process of *hopefully* booking a girly holiday with my friends and I need need need a break! Sometimes it's just one thing after another and right now I'm in wisdom tooth hell; my mouth is so sore. Ouch! I don't have a dentist appointment for a few weeks so I hope it will go down, staying in with sugary treats probably doesn't help the situation! However today I did have a nice cook up of a bean chili and loads of roast veggies and stocked up on lots of good stuff! I have a busy week ahead with a few visits to London so need to be feelign tip top.

I've been browsing the shops as spring fashion is so exciting but I'm not buying yet. I'm not sure what trends will stick around for good and Motel has loads of great things coming so I could practically shop exclusively there! We have a new line for March that even we haven't seen properly yet so I'm exciteddd. Bit weird that we will preview the May/June collection on Tuesday but haven't had the March drop yet! Bloggers look out. If you'd like to hear Motel news, I can add you to my updates, just comment here.

My sister always goes on holiday and I went on a mini 4 night break last year so we have promised to share holiday wardrobes for this year; think maxi dresses, skirts, sarongs, etc. I was checking out H&M though and saw this goooorgeous bikini, I LOVE it!! Next time I'm in town I'll have to hunt it down as the neck detailing is so nice and I love the nude/coral colours. They have it in hot pink and black but they are nowhere near as nice. Bring on spring/summer 2012!!

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