Nails of the Week 18
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Things I'm quite liking

Hi all! OK tonight I am stressedddd! Super stressed. A lot going on and so little time, so I keep rearranging things and ahh! I don't quite know if I am coming on going, probably because I went all the way home on the weekend and had to stay indoors because of the snow! Damn. I feel a bit like I need another weekend. When I screw my head back on though, here are a few things that I'm into right now...

Shirts with metal necklaces! Or neck bars? I've been wearing my H&M gold necklace under any random shirts I have, and you might be surprised at the amount you own. Off the top of my head I didn't think I owned any shirts, but this is a really random Urban Outfitters shirt that is a very strange shape but it's fine when just showing the lace collar!

I've also been using my Topshop leather backpack eeeevery day since I got it online before it was in every store. Love! It fits all my useless but essential baggage and also because it's black, it always feels very clean, inside and out, whereas sometimes bags can wear quite quickly and you might end up with a few pen leaks inside.

Found this shoot of Doutzen Kroes for Muse Magazine and I looove the fluffy jumper with the random print. Reminds me of our Baroque Print at Motel! Fluffy jumpers are the best, I wear my white Forever 21 fluffy cropped jumper all the time.

I'm into storage at the moment as I'm not spending money on new things so need so show some love for what I have! I just saw Gemma's posts on Gem's Maquillage of Makeup Mixups and I think I might try it! I have no idea how I'll ever get through all my lipsticks/blushers/eyeshadows.

I found this picture on Tumblr and I need to get my flared jeans out and make the most of them! I will turn it into a trend... hmmmm.


The Wildfox Summer Lookbook has been released too! I'm on constant watch for the 'I'm really a mermaid tank' so hopefully this means they're doing even more mermaid things (and hopefully not a distressed sweater for £150 again!).

Also please could you take 60 seconds to sign this petition to help increase work towards the prevention of domestic violence? I just saw the petition on Liberty London Girl and can confirm from recent personal experience that Refuge are a fantastic charity.

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