Monki Pastel Flatforms <3
It's really hard to walk in a single woman's shoes -- that's why you sometimes need really special shoes!


Hi everyone! I currently have very straight hair as I finally used a Groupon voucher today for a keratin treatment on my day off! I was toying between just having the afternoon off but I've been so busy recently that I really need a break!! Hopefully there will be a 2012 holiday for my friends and I!

Last Saturday I spoke at The Only Way Is Blogging on the PR panel! My job is not strictly PR as in-house marketing really differs in the way that I have to be more sales focused than brand focused, and I'm the blogger lady at Motel. If you are considering a marketing career, it's an interesting thought to really home in your applications as, if you like figures, analytics and strategy then I'd look towards marketing but if you're more brand value/image/ethics related then I'd look towards PR.

I had no idea what to expect and was really worried I'd say something silly but answering all the questions was really fun! I hope people don't feel blogging is scary as really your blog is yours so you should do whatever you fancy! My favourite blogs are about people, not retail/products/brands/sponsors, but that's just what's on my reader. I love reading new blogs and the more down to earth and personal, the better in my eyes!

I was in London again for Social Media Week, which had mostly free talks and seminars held by Google, Nokia, and all sorts of companies in the industry. Students were welcome too so if you're career savvy right now, you should look out for events like these! I ideally would have gone to many but as I live in Bristol, I could only really pop over for one day. I met loads of people and put forward lots of comments which is something I would never have done in lectures in the past. As I'm with Motel for longer, I'm really growing in confidence with representing myself and feeling the fear but doing it anyway! Talking in front of 100 or so bloggers at TOWIB was nothing but rewarding!

I was on Twitter on the train that morning and spotted a tweet about the more! Media Network event from Lauren of The Cosmetics Kitten who had a spare ticket. The event sold out really quickly and Lauren kindly gave it me so I attended that in the evening, thank you Lauren!! About 30 girls (funny how there were no boys) 'speed dated' every member of the more! magazine team, from the editor to the intern, chatting for two minutes about absolutely anything, although of course a lot was career related. It was great to meet other people within the fashion industry and they seemed like the tightest knit team! I asked about how they all balanced their creative inputs and it seems they all know the more! voice so it flows perfectly. There were also jobs in sectors you wouldn't necessarily know of that are worth exploring such as advertising and sales, which I know there are lots of graduate jobs for in publishing. From chatting to the girls around me it seemed everyone thought the event was so valuable and we all got a really fantastic goody bag too. No random perfume samples here! The nu: notebook was a lovely touch as the event was aimed towards journalism.


Then there was fashion week! Oh wait no, first there was the Motel Sample Sale! Often as Motel is such a small team, we all chip into adhoc events and I helped at the sample sale in our London showroom on the Thursday. If you're thinking 'What sample sale?!?! Why wasn't I there!' then you are not following Motel on Facebook or Twitter, which are both run by me! I am the one sitting there writing all the blurb and running the competitions and Fiver Friday. Yes, on a Friday we make a few items only £5! They typically sell out in about 15 minutes so keep your eyes peeled.

Ok enough about Facebook, but the sample sale had hundreds of things from £3, including things online right now for £50+, so it's totally worth the visit next time! If you're wondering what a sample sale exactly is, although you may know this, a few months before each collection launches (we have eight a year at Motel) we get to see the first 'draft' of every item (usually around 50). Then the buyers choose what's in, what's out, what needs to be changed, or what needs to be added in a different print/colour (usually prints at Motel!) and then they go into full production. We then have time to plan how we are going to show them to Motel fans! As samples aren't always the final finished garment, we cannot sell them along with all the stock, so we hold a sample sale! That's why there are unique, exclusive items that never went into production. 

I don't mind mucking in and was flyering on Oxford Street at one point and basically saw everyone I've ever met in my whole life!!! How embarrassing haha! Some dude even offered me a job flyering for his club and I was like 'I have a job!!' Still, the next day chic points had to be high as we hit fashion week! I had lots of help from my babelicious interns and a few of Motel's student ambassadors, who flaunted Motel like a dream team all across Somerset House! These lovely girlies have blogs too so from left to right is Laura, Melita, Sarah and Katie, and shout out to unpictured Taz who had ah-mazing American flag Litas!

We went to a few shows (Felder Felder above - yay for earthy rust colours, they definitely suit my hair!!) and had lots of celeb spots, the best being Pixie Lott who said she loved Motel! I was a total lurker and asked for a picture too, mostly to show my brother who has one of her more leggy snaps as his iPod background. She is gorge!

And this is what I wore, photographed by Motel's photographer and web team-er Lora and above student ambassador Melita! The dress is Motel but it's er, not actually online yet! The print is of a clouded poppy field with a scuba neckline, so cool, with the Freya Fur Coat (<< that's Motel's outlet shop). I also wore my Miu Miu tea cup shoes of course! I was going to go for creepers but when else am I going to wear these shoes?!


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