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Nails Done, Hair Done

I'm going on holiday to Madrid in two days ahhhhh!!!! I am so excited but also quite stressed as there seem to be a million little things to do and I have to go from Birmingham, so I have to do everything in advance. Hmmm. My solution recently though is to pack lightly on purpose, as if you try to pack a 'normal' amount, it will always feel like you have forgot something. At least if you pack lightly, you know you will only be dealing with a little load! I have eight dresses for 3 and a half nights though, oops.

So in prep, I got my favourite EVER polish put on, which could well be the last time I have gel nails for a while. My nails are so weak and thin underneath, they definitely need a break finally! I might get my gels off for a few weeks and obsessively apply coats of strengthening polish and oils. The polish is W7 Fluorescent Pink 2 (the 2 is very important) and it's a half fluro coral, half hot pink which is impossible to photograph! This is almost the right colour.

Then I've been curling my hair lots recently as I had a silly brain wave when I was fed up of my hair being flat on the top. No amount of backcombing would solve the problem but then I realised why don't I make sure the top section has curl to it so it naturally doesn't lie flat anyway... duh! Also curls seem to make your hair look longer too!

I just got a new Denman brush in the epic Boots 3 for 2 deals on right now so that should spruce up my blow dry as I've had my usual two brushes for years now, even though I do clean them (just wash them in a bowl of soapy water!). Then I really want the ghd air hairdryer and Peacock Collection styler with the purple plates -  I love Katy Perry!! Anything mermaid related and I'm in. In fact anything celebrity related and I'm in; I still haven't had the guts to wear Viva Glam Nicki!

This is the colour of my hair right now as I'm still topping up with the £1.29 (previously 99p!?!) Superdrug dyes that are only meant to last for a few washes, so I use a small bit with most washes. I thought for a time they were being discontinued (oh the horror!) but they've just improved the packaging and er, upped the price. No worries though, these babies are my saviour!

Now I must go and write more lists and most likely forget everything ahh! Now where is my passport...

Busy Bee

 Busy busy, lots to do! I've got a hectic week ahead and have to stay tip top in the brain, bod' and soul! No I don't know what I'm talking about either but I'm trying to go back to my healthy eating ways and get lots of shut eye, which I never do. There's the Motel press evening this week which I am equally excited and nervous about as I've organised it again! Our team for the web is quite small so I can guarantee you I'll be cleaning the loos in the morning and be all dolled up in the eve! Well hopefully; last time I had about 5 minutes to throw on my dress and a bit of lipstick! Then I've got my hols next week which can't come soon enough, I've already got all my outfits and more! Hopefully everything will work out, especially as it's sunnyyyy <3


I had a scoot around town this evening as I had a return and wanted a little overview of the shops too. I try to go to H&M as much as possible as they always have things in for such a small amount of time and nothing seems to touch the sides in the Bristol stores, despite not stocking the Trend collection. I really want to try the black and yellow fade daisy print matching set! Anyway, I bought a little crop top in Topshop and some conditioner in Superdrug (John Frieda Radiant Red) and was feeling OK but a little wary. It's that scary time of a 5 week month where payday feels close but there's still over a week to go and you never know what might hit! Also I always end up stumbling upon great buys that if I want, I will buy.

As it happens, these aren't too bad! H&M lured me all round with the cute Divided things but then I finally found some gold cuffs! I saw the giant ones a while ago and even spotted the gold hair ponytail cuff (but when do I ever wear my hair up?!), and sadly missed out on the thin gold bracelets a while ago. I spotted these cuffs and bit the bullet with two as you can squeeze them tigher for the perfect fit for your wrists! As I have a peach blazer, I'm going to roll up the sleeves and wear these matching cuffs all spring long for definite, with gold hoops too!

I also had a bit of buyer's guilt about my return! I never have buyers guilt, I believe in treating yourself as you only live once, but I bought another pair of American Apparel riding pants!! I got the Easy Jean with a gift voucher I had from Christmas, which I was hoping would be the denim version of the riding pant but my ordered XS were too small. In the store though the S was massive, another XS was too big, and the XXS was insanely small. What is this crazy sizing! American Apparel's things are all cut slightly differently so I couldn't get a great fitting pair and was thinking they would stretch out anyway as the easy jean are just made of light stretch denim. As I had a return (even though you're not meant to exchange online things in store - eeek more guilt!!), there was nothing else that I could justify the price for and as I had got the jeans with a voucher, I got the navy riding pants instead! They're just as navy as the jeans and riding pants are THE. BEST. Definitely worth the price (though always shop when they have a discount code running - sign up to their emails!). I tried on some jeans in New Look just before too and shopping for jeans/trousers is the worst thing ever!!! Especially when the changing rooms are hot and the denim is stiff and nothing fits and you were wearing tights that you have to keep putting on and taking off.

Haha ramble! I'll try to cure my buyer's guilt by waking up earlier tomorrow to take a photo. Even though there are only so many days in the week that I need to actually get dressed, I don't think two pairs of riding pants is too bad as it's almost like owning two pairs of jeans. That's my story and I'm sticking to it :)


Ooo so the good news is I have found a potential outfit photo place in my newish house! I was a bit happier about it than these forlorn photos but it shall be a work in progress! And a first outfit is these Jordan Jeans that I wore on Saturday, of course by Motel despite a million copies. As I know the design team and see where all the styles come from, it is frustrating when other high-street stores rip off your things!

However I probably wouldn't have dared get these jeans without seeing loads of the girls at work and loads of fashion bloggers and customers wearing them and thinking 'hmmm maybe these jeans could fit into my wardrobe!' They are in fact extra flattering as they're like jeggings with the waist of a pair of jeans, and you can sort of twist the stripes so you can have curvier or straighter legs. Rather than man-repellers, these are actually man attractors too! Although I don't care too much about that unless it is a Juan or Jose on my holiday to Madrid haha!

New Look nude body, Jordan Jeans, JC Litas


Clockwise: Salvita Bralette and Becka Skirt // Gold Rush Dress // Double Cross Dress // Reverse Geo Print Dress // Mint Clutch // Raina Tropical Butterfly Dress // Leopard Passport Cover // Zoe Tropical Butterfly Dress // Raina Aztec Dress // Forever 21 Makeup Bag and Bottles // Eylure 202 Double Lashes // New Look Feather Print Wedges // MAC Viva Glam Nicki // New Look Steve Madden Aztec Wedges // St Moriz Tan // Venom Cut Out Dress // Day Glo Dress

I think I mentioned I'm going to Madrid soon! You know I was dying to book a holiday and after trawling through websites for weeks trying to first find a good Easter deal, we found a cheapie trip to Madrid and plan to partypartyparty!! I have saved my pennies this month to hit the shops just before and get a new outfit for each night, most of which will probably be Motel! Have you seen our new arrivals? An insider note: the new Aztec print is selling extra quickly and won't be replenished for a few weeks so get it while you can!! I have my eye on maybe the Aztec Kimmy Skirt and I loooove the new Tropical Butterfly Print - it reminds me of last year's floral print that I wore to death.

Then I had a cruise around Nasty Gal, which I don't really considering seriously buying from as in the past everything I've ordered has been cheapie China quality and I've heard horrific customs stories. However I love everything bright and neon!!! I'll try and take no little black dresses away as this holiday is really to start off the summer.

I'd have to try on the white Reverse Dress as it looks like a top on the ASOS model but she is 5'10! Any light coloured dresses ring huge alarm bells with me though as someone would definitely spill something on you.

Then there's some wedges from New Look which seem necessary as wedges always remind me of summer! My friends and I all chipped in for one hold suitcase just for shoes and hair products haha! The feather print nude ones are only £25 and come in more colours, I must find them in store ASAP.

I just need to find a cute bag now as I love clutches but they scare me to death! Actually on the weekend I somehow removed the chain strap from my bag and left it behind so had to take it as a clutch bag and it's a miracle I hung onto it all night!! I also wore my Litas and they're slightly more distressed now shall we say, but still fabulous! Isn't it funny how the more we spend on something, the less we use it? When you think about it, it doesn't really make sense! If you have been to Madrid, please tell me your party tips!

Company Style Blogger Awards 2012

I feel like the most rushed around girl in the world at the moment but the absolute whirlwind highlight of my week so far was the amazing Company Style Blogger Awards! I only headed to London to literally hit the awards and head back but it was the most perfectly polished event on in a long time that had no agenda but to have fun and celebrate blogging. I have to pick and choose any blog events carefully as I don't have a lot of my own free time now I'm in full time work, but I had time for a quick spruce up before hopping on the train to debut my new Litas and my newest Motel dress! Of course I generally would pick out Motel to wear to any event hehe but I think I am in true love with this dress! It's the Goldie and there are a few more colours too, and it's so damn flattering with the long sleeves and curved paneling to sneakily emphasise a smaller waist. We've called the colour periwinkle blue but it could almost be dubbed a lilac or mauve (and I was extra swayed by Kendall Jenner wearing it too!!!). There's not many colours that look great with red hair but I think this is one! I did have a bra drama as you can slightly see it at the side so I opted for a new seamless H&M nude one I just got - very handy. By the way I do actually buy all my own Motel things with my own money (haha I can't blog gift myself!) so if I wear it and haven't got bored of seeing it for months before the collections hit the shops, it's definitely love! We currently have up to the June collection samples in the office and I am dying for summer!

And the Litas! I can confirm they are SO easy to walk in and comfortable, it's unreal. Your foot is very flat so they don't feel like heels at all, and they are very light so you don't actually notice them on your feet! The only thing is that the front is slightly curved upwards so sometimes you do rock forwards, which is a bit dangerous when dashing up or down tube escalators. I need to get some suede spray before I wear them next just in case and I'm not quite sure if I like them with socks or not. The ones I wore are coral lace but they look a bit like school socks in the photo haha!


I saw so many of my blogger favourites that I'd be afraid to mention them all and leave someone out! It was like fashion blogger soup, with a familiar face and smile at every turn. I had a lovely chat and browse of the New Look collection with Florrie and Pearl, and I didn't realise how beautifully coordinated our outfit shades were until seeing the above photo!

Congratulations to all the night's winners! I had a hold of one of the awards and they were serious glass jobbies, practically Oscar worthy! Company had some really lovely touches to the event and I know how hard it is to event plan and make everything works together! Even the lighting down to the Pink Pigeon Mauritian Mule cocktails were seamlessly chic.

I had a good ruffle through the New Look SS12 collection showcased downstairs and spurred by my recent New Look splurge below, I saw many a thing I liked! I might go and hunt these neon skinnies as, true to my lifelong habits, in spring for some reason I start wearing jeans and trousers. No idea why but it's always the same! I really fancy this neon peach/orange pair but an also eyeing lilac and neon green! I'll have to try them on and hope for a dream fit. Give me everything candy this spring!! I had a lovely chat with their press team too as it's always great to talk to other fashion industry peeps - I feel quite far away from it all in Bristol!

And so it was a dash across the tube where I bumped into Milly who helped steer me in the right direction (and wore Motel too woo!) and then off home! I went to the (superbly hot) dentist today and turns out my wisdom teeth were getting infected so now I'm in on antibiotics instead of out partying, sob!! It felt like the weirdest day and has been a long week so I'm going home to Birmingham tomorrow yay. Have a great weekend all!x

New buys & Litas!

I dashed into town this evening to return my Litas! My second pair of Litas that is! Haha bet you're thinking WTH?!

Basically, you know I've been eyeing Jeffrey Campbell Litas for so long and I'm sure anyone who reads blogs or Tumblr will too! There's just no way you could have an aversion to them, it's like I'm brain washed. They're sort of like gold dust in the UK if you don't live in central London as there's nowhere to buy or try them and I've been watching various shoe sites for months to no avail. Also it's not often you just decide to splurge, but I've been after some 'smarter' heels for work dos and the like where you want to look 'put together' but still fashionable. The timing before just hasn't been right.

But a few Fridays ago one of our fab Motel interns and fellow Lita owner (American flag pair!) told me you could get Litas in Harvey Nichols in Bristol town! For only £95!! Considering they're £120 in Office and beyond that online/with international customs, that is a great deal. They also has the taupe version which were the ones I specifically wanted! So after ringing to reserve them to go at least try them on, a very helpful man told me they didn't have them but you could buy them over the phone from any store in the UK and have them delivered! So in an hour my Litas were on the way from Glasgow and I was excited!!!


However, they were too big! Nooooo!! I swear my feet have shrunk over the years as in heels I'm now a small 6, but the Harvey Nichols UK 6 is a US 9, which actually directly converts to a UK6.5. Once laced up they were fine but I could fit my finger down the back of the shoes right to the sole so really they didn't fit, and you don't want to be spending loads of money on something that isn't perfecto! So I rang around again and had a smaller UK 5 pair shipped from Manchester and they are spot on!!! So if you're a small UK 6 or UK 5.5, go for the Harvey Nichols 5 (or 8M on the actual Lita shoe). I now have two pairs as Harvey Nics wasn't open after 6pm today for my return so ring up on Friday morning and the Bristol store should have a size 7! Or I've spotted them on their website again with only a 7 left here. I'm afraid I won't sell them on here as Paypal is so dodgy nowadays! Eeek I'm so excited to join the world of Litas and they will get their first debut at the Company Blog Awards tomorrow! I'm so surprised I was nominated after everything that happened in the past few months when I didn't really blog at all but the boost the nomination has given me is enough, I love blogging!! I'm going to be strutting all over the place, can't wait to get these on my feet!

I'm quite worried as I usually come home from clubs with atrocious shoes so I'll have to buy some strong shoe protector spray. At least these are slightly distressed to begin with! Also in person, Litas look MASSIVE when you hold them but on they don't feel high because of the platform as your foot isn't very arched. I like dancing in super high heels as you sort of tip-toe though so that will be different. *Prays Motel Rocks will be getting Jeffrey Campbells in soon... ooo did I just type that? Hehehehehehe look out!*

I also had a little raid of New Look to get a few fresh things for my wardrobe as sure, I have lots of clothes, but they do get a bit 'old' after a few months of wear right? I hate it when tees go stretched in places and jumpers go baggy. I picked up some flats to walk to work in and was looking for a new bag so I plumped for this clutch and will put some holes in it for a strap! Also they have a big range of lace socks in all different pastel colours so I got some pastel peach ones for my Litas, only £1.99! Then I raided the teenage section, which is my secret shopping tip! Their kids clothes are all oversized or cropped so anything between age 12-16 will fit me if it's a top or jumper (lol forget about jeans!). I got this cropped lace vest and neon knit for super cheap, and you just have to roll up the sleeves a little so they seem cropped on purpose! They also have the jumper in neon yellow which I'm eyeing... ooo! Very nearly bought MAC Viva Glam Nicki lipstick too as the makeup artist insisted it would suit me loads but I'm pretty sure she said that to everyone that day!xx

Glossy Brushes

Hey dollface! Now then, now then, happy March! I've spent the past week off the radar as my wisdom teeth suddenly decided to make a break for it and my cheek swelled right up!! I went to some emergency dentists but they just said they were coming through so I now have a lot of sympathy for teething babies. Waking up after sleeping on that side of my face was agony! They've calmed down a bit today so *touch wood* they'll stop as life has to go on as normal! I went to a few events last week for work and powered through with either pain killers or wine but by the weekend I couldn't chew so no treats for me! A lot of yoghurt and soup.

I'm in a strange bloggers rut where I feel like I read loads and loads of my favourites and loads and loads for work but don't get my teeth into many blog posts nowadays! I think I've subscribed to many snappy bloggers in recent times and not so many wordy ones. Can you recommend any wordy blogs even if they're your own? I love ramble! I've got lots to post about but it's late now as I met my sister for dinner to finally give her her birthday present: American Apparel disco pants! I will live vicariously through her as I have the riding pants and I'm not great at toning things down, as I think disco pants are gorge when paired with things that can normally be quite casual. Also I booked tickets for the Drake and Nicki Minaj day at Wireless!! Also I booked a holiday to Madrid too! Not my beach destination but that can come later in the year and this can just be for party times. Also this week I'm going to the Company blog awards and for my first ever massage (Swedish) and the dentist an hour after (sob!). Also I bought Litas!!! OK enough already, here is the point of this post as I'll go into all of that tomorrow. To be honest it was more of a mental list so I don't forget my head! Wondering what to do with sweet GLOSSYBOXs and their stuffing? Use them as brush stands! Night night sleepy heads xx